5+ good functional foods for the heart

by Johnny Jacks
The rate of people suffering from cardiovascular disease is constantly increasing because of unhealthy and unscientific lifestyles. Besides the traditional treatment methods, the use of functional foods for the heart is also an ideal solution to prevent the symptoms of this dangerous disease. Goodheathplan will help you learn more about this functional food through the following article.

Mechanism of action of functional foods good for the heart

Cardiovascular system is an indispensable system in all our life activities. It is not only the foundation that determines the state of the body, but also helps maintain human life. To have a healthy body, it is necessary to protect the cardiovascular system from all agents that can harm its circulation. And heart-healthy functional foods can completely take on this role.

The reason why it is possible to keep our hearts healthy is because this product can supplement the body with an extremely rich amount of nutrients. These nutrients will contribute to slowing down the oxidation process, promoting the circulatory system to work more efficiently. Not only that, it also fights free radicals and reduces blood cholesterol levels to a significant extent, thereby regulating the body’s blood pressure.

Using functional foods good for the heart in moderation can protect us from many dangerous diseases related to heart disease such as atherosclerosis, blood fat, heart failure, stroke, stroke, or heart attack. high blood pressure. Thanks to the ability to strengthen the immune system and the speed of blood circulation, these products can also maintain an abundant source of energy for the body, repel all fatigue and moodiness caused by lack of oxygen.

For people who are having many problems with the heart as well as the blood circulation system, functional foods for the heart are one of the most effective solutions to contribute to improving health. Not only contributes to the prevention of many harmful risks to the body, but it also ensures the maintenance of the necessary amount of red blood cells in the blood, providing enough oxygen to help stabilize the functions of the organs and meet the energy needs. for all of our activities.

Some heart-healthy functional foods are recognized for their high effectiveness

Functional foods good for the heart are products that not only help supplement nutrients but also contribute to the prevention of many other dangerous diseases. However, not all functional foods can bring many benefits to the body and still ensure safety for consumers’ health. Here are some recognized cardiovascular support products that bring high efficiency that you can refer to:

Co Enzyme Q10 & Evening primrose heart tonic tablets

One of the leading heart-healthy functional foods today is Co Enzyme Q10 & Evening primrose heart tonic. Researched and manufactured using the most modern and advanced technology, this product can provide the body with abundant nutrients that are good for the heart. Using pills in moderation will help us have a healthy body, no longer have to worry about heart diseases.

Ingredients: Functional foods containing many nutrients mostly from nature, essential for heart health such as Co Enzyme Q10, evening primrose oil, fish oil, soybean oil (containing EPA & DHA), vitamins E and some other excipients such as Gelatin, Glycerin, Vanillin, Nipagin, Oxyd,…

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Origin: Products are manufactured and distributed in Vietnam.

Uses: Thanks to the composition containing a large amount of Co Enzyme Q10 – the main source of energy for the cardiovascular system, this product can enhance blood circulation and keep the heart muscle healthy. Not only that, all-natural fish oils also help to quickly reduce fat and bad cholesterol levels in the blood, prevent diseases such as high blood pressure, heart attack and symptoms that can lead to heart failure, accident or stroke.

Usage: The product is only suitable for adults. Should take 1-2 tablets / day or use according to the dose prescribed by the doctor.

Thanks to being extracted from essential nutrients for the heart and compressed in capsule form, Co Enzyme Q10 & Evening primrose heart health supplements can be easily used and absorbed by the body. user body. Long-term and moderate use of the product will bring significant effects to the heart.

Kenkan Nattokinase 2400 Fu . Oral Support for Stroke Prevention

Thrombosis, also known as blood clot, is one of the main causes of human stroke. When this harmful agent interferes with blood circulation, many functions of the body’s organs will be severely affected, leading to many health consequences. To prevent this dangerous situation, Japanese nutritionists have launched the Kenkan Nattokinase 2400 Fu functional food.

Ingredients: Inspired by Japanese family secrets, this product uses a very high concentration of soybean yeast extract to dissolve blood clots. So its ingredients mostly contain soybean yeast powder and soybean yeast powder, besides it also contains fish oil extract and some other good ingredients for health.

Origin: This functional food originates from Japan.

Uses: The nattokinase enzyme extract contained in the product has long been considered a “panacea” to help prevent stroke in the country of cherry blossoms. Supplementing with a large amount of this enzyme not only dissolves blood clots that are blocking blood vessels, but also strengthens the walls of blood vessels, promotes circulation and improves our health.

How to use: Every day just need to take 2-3 tablets can stabilize the health of the cardiovascular system.

Produced by advanced technology and extracted from the secret “medicine” from Japan, Kenkan Nattokinase 2400 FU product can completely prevent blood clots and reduce the risk of stroke. With this functional food, you will no longer have to worry about dangerous cardiovascular diseases or any other side effects, because its ingredients can ensure absolute safety for users’ health.

Omexxel Cardio Excelife Tablets

The heart is an organ that works non-stop to maintain our body’s life. However, over time, the heart’s activity will no longer work as smoothly and efficiently as before. To protect the health of the heart, in addition to eating right or exercising, you should use more functional foods to support this organ. And Omexxel Cardio Excelife is the ideal method for you.

Ingredients: The feature of this product is grape seed extract, a nutrient that has the ability to prevent cholesterol oxidation superior to vitamins. In addition, the ingredients also contain substances that help produce energy Coenzyme Q10, some vitamins such as vitamin K2, vitamin B6, vitamin B9, vitamin B12, and some other ingredients.

Origin: The product is manufactured by a closed process at Excelife Technology in the United States.

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Uses: This functional food has the ability to enhance antioxidant defense, protect arteries from all harmful agents and stabilize the blood circulation system thanks to its effective use.

of grape seed extract. In addition, it also contains CoQ10, which reduces the risk of heart disease, and other vitamins and minerals that contribute to the health of the cardiovascular system.

Usage: Oral tablets are only suitable for adults. The recommended dosage is 1 tablet / time, 2-3 times a day and taken before meals for the best effect.

Omexxel Cardio Excelife oral tablet is considered as the most popular cardiovascular functional food on the pharmaceutical market. The product has undergone thorough research and rigorous production from nutritionists from the US and is recognized as having the effect of maintaining the health of the cardiovascular system.

Hato Gold Jpanwell Cardiovascular Functional Food

For those who are experiencing cardiovascular diseases, Hato Gold Jpanwell oral tablet will be the first effective treatment solution. The product offers many benefits for the health of the cardiovascular system without any other side effects. After a long period of use, you will notice a significant reduction in the symptoms you are experiencing.

Ingredients: Each oral tablet contains many natural herbs such as Korean ginseng, grapes, ginkgo biloba, Maca extract, black sesame, and other excipients such as nattokinase, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, vitamin B2. B1, eicosapentaenoic acid, magnesium, DHA, Co Enzyme Q10.

Origin: Functional food originating from Japan.

Uses: Thanks to the ingredients that come from nature contained in the ingredients, the product can support the cardiovascular system well without leaving any side effects on health. It contributes to increasing blood flow, stabilizing blood circulation throughout the body and preventing any clotting or blood stasis that interferes with circulation. Long-term use of the product helps prevent heart and artery diseases, and also protects the body from heart failure complications.

How to use: Should take 2 tablets / day, take with warm water to achieve better results.

Produced by a special formula, Hato Gold Jpanwell oral tablet helps prevent all types of cardiovascular diseases, minimize symptoms of shortness of breath, heart attack, chest tightness, … and promote the activity of the body. The circulatory system is more efficient. It can be said that this product to help maintain health and add energy to the body is the ideal “savior” for those who are having many problems with the cardiovascular system.

Ich Tam Khang heart support pill

Oriental medicine has long been extremely popular in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, thanks to its completely natural ingredients that ensure absolute safety for consumers’ health and still bring high efficiency. . And Ich Tam Khang – an oriental medicine product that is a combination of modern traditional medical knowledge, has been clinically tested for its great effects on heart health.

Ingredient: Features of this oriental medicine product are two rare herbs from the nature of royal wisteria and dan ginseng. Besides, it also includes L – Carnitine and Magnesium and some other auxiliary ingredients.

Origin: This functional food is prepared and produced in Vietnam.

Uses: The natural herbs included in the composition will protect the heart and artery walls from many types of bacteria and contribute to the dissolution of blood clots. In addition, this product also helps prevent many dangerous symptoms that can seriously affect health, typically atherosclerosis, blood vessel blockage, high blood pressure or excess bad cholesterol.

Usage: For people with heart problems should take 2 times a day, 2 tablets each time. For the elderly should only take 1 tablet / time, 2 times a day. To take full advantage of the product, you should drink it after meals and persist in using it for at least 3 months.

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The impaired pumping function of the heart muscle will lead to many unpredictable consequences for our cardiovascular system. Ich Tam Khang cardiovascular support pill will be the ideal method to help the body prevent any bad events that can happen to the heart. The product is extracted from natural herbs to ensure no side effects, completely suitable for people who are or are at risk of heart and blood circulation diseases.

Hopefully, the functional foods that are good for the heart that Monkey introduced above will be useful for your treatment. Before using the product, you should carefully study its origin, ingredients and usage, at the same time determine your own condition and do not forget to consult your doctor to choose a product for yourself. best fit.

Some notes to remember before using functional foods good for the heart

Cardiovascular functional foods are more and more popular in the pharmaceutical market thanks to the great effects it can bring to the body. However, how to choose a safe product for health as well as how to use it effectively is still a strange concept for many people. Here, Monkey will reveal to you a few important notes to keep in mind before deciding to use functional foods:

Check product information: You should choose products from reputable companies or well-known brands in the pharmaceutical market to ensure safety for health. Also, before buying, you need to read the ingredients of the product carefully to confirm that it is suitable for your body condition and is effective for the symptoms you are experiencing.

Consult a doctor: When you realize that your body is having health problems, the first thing you need to do is immediately go to the nearest medical facility for timely examination and treatment. Do not rush to use functional foods, but consult a doctor or nutritionist to know which treatment method you are suitable for and which products to use most effectively.

Use the right dose as indicated: One of the first things to keep in mind when using functional foods is the dosage and how to use it. Using the wrong dose and wrong way will leave many unpredictable consequences that you will certainly not want. To ensure absolute safety for health, carefully study the product’s instructions for use and strictly follow the recommended dosage.

Do not rely too much on functional foods: No matter how many uses, functional foods cannot meet the nutritional needs of the body. Therefore, for conditions that are suffering from cardiovascular disease, besides using products that support the heart and circulatory system, you need to have a healthy and scientific diet, combined with types of exercise to maintain their own health.

There is no denying that cardiovascular products can bring countless benefits to our health, especially for those who are suffering from heart-related problems. However, functional foods are not specific medicines and do not guarantee long-term effectiveness. To ensure that your body is always healthy, it is still better to prioritize adjusting your daily nutrition.

Thus, Goodheathplan introduced you to the mechanism of action of functional foods that are good for the heart and some of the leading prestigious products on the market today. If you find this article useful, please share it with your friends and family!

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