Is facial resurfacing harmful? Detailed answers from experts

by Johnny Jacks

Facial resurfacing is considered an effective method to help you overcome most skin problems such as wrinkles, dark spots, pitted scars… However, many women still have doubts about the safety of this method.  So is facial resurfacing harmful? Join Beauty Spa to find out the answer right in the following article!

Learn about facial rejuvenation

Facial resurfacing is considered a process of changing skin and promoting the production of new cells to help you have a younger, smoother skin. Performing facial resurfacing methods also promotes collagen production, heals skin lesions quickly.

What is facial resurfacing?

Skin regeneration is an extremely hot method and is trusted by many customers today. Before going into the details of the problem of facial resurfacing harmful, you need to know what the concept of this method is.

Facial resurfacing, also known as a skin peel, promotes collagen production in the skin. From there, this method will remove old cells, dead cells, damaged to bring a smooth, whiter and younger skin. At the same time, facial resurfacing technology can also reconnect broken connective tissues and stimulate the production of new, more perfect collagen for the skin.

It can be affirmed that the method of skin regeneration can overcome many skin defects. However, not everyone is suitable for this method. Therefore, customers can refer to some more cases that need facial reconstruction below.

In what cases should facial reconstruction?

  • Skin is dull, dull, less smooth
  • Dark skin after acne treatment, large pores
  • Damaged skin due to poor quality cosmetics
  • Skin is aging, appears crow’s feet, wrinkles, sagging …
  • The great benefits of applying skin regeneration methods
  • Skin regeneration helps promote collagen production for healthier skin, better absorption of nutrients from skin care products.
  • Reduces clogging of pores, removes dirt for clearer pores
  • Control sebum and tighten pores
  • Peel off the old skin layer, support the regeneration of new, youthful skin with better elasticity

Is facial resurfacing harmful?

Harmful facial resurfacing no longer depends very much on the method that you use. Most modern facial rejuvenation procedures at spas are harmless because they have been studied and tested for a long time. These technologies also help you regenerate to own younger, smoother skin.

However, if you re-create facial skin with medicinal alcohol or peeling products of unknown origin, the results are completely opposite. These methods have many potential risks of thinning the skin, irritation, even causing skin cancer.

Therefore, you need to be very alert when choosing products and facial resurfacing treatments. It’s best to seek out reputable and reliable experts, doctors or beauty salons for the most accurate advice.

The methods of facial rejuvenation with modern technology are not only harmless but also help you remove dead cells and eliminate toxins. In addition, the skin will also be implanted with nutrients to stimulate collagen and elastin production to help reverse aging.

At this point, many customers also wonder if they should regenerate their facial skin? Does facial resurfacing really work as rumored? Readers please read the content below.

Should skin regeneration or not?

According to dermatologists, you should regenerate facial skin when your skin is suffering from dry skin conditions, lack of collagen, roughness, darkening, dullness.. These are all skin cases. Need to replenish collagen and regenerate smooth skin.

However, for customers whose skin is still smooth, bright, healthy, smooth, you can refer to some other skin care methods or consult a dermatologist for advice on regeneration methods. skin suitable for skin condition.

At the same time, whether or not facial resurfacing depends a lot on which skin regeneration method you choose, whether it is suitable for your skin condition or not. Therefore, you need to choose safe and quality skin regeneration methods and materials that do not affect the skin. And the best way to safely and effectively regenerate skin is to go to reputable spa and beauty salons for more detailed advice by doctors.

Methods of facial rejuvenation

There are many different facial rejuvenation methods on the market today. You can specifically refer to the following as:

Skin regeneration with Chinese medicine

This is a fairly traditional method and there are many products on the market today that are often labeled as skin regenerators. Usually these drugs are made from natural ingredients, herbs as well as packaged in bottles.

For some customers who want to save costs, make it simple and easy to buy, Chinese medicine for skin regeneration is the best choice. However, according to some experts, traditional medicine has not been tested or appreciated. Therefore, when using Chinese medicine to regenerate the skin, you need to learn carefully, consult your doctor before using to limit the bad situation.

Using natural ingredients

Instead of worrying about how well traditional Chinese medicine regenerates your skin, you can also own smooth, bright white skin with extremely effective natural mask formulas. Many women often use ingredients such as fresh turmeric, aloe vera, honey, passion fruit or green tea to make masks and apply masks.

Because natural materials are also extremely cheap, safe, and do not contain harmful chemicals. At the same time, it also provides nutrients, vitamins and minerals to the body. Therefore, you can also refer to masks to care and regenerate facial skin with fresh green fruit.

However, this method brings results not quickly, can be said to be quite long. Therefore, if you choose to regenerate your skin with natural ingredients, you should persist in doing it for a long time to see your skin improve.

Reconstruction of facial skin with cosmetics

Using cosmetics to regenerate facial skin is also one of the extremely popular methods today. Many cosmetic products today can improve skin imperfections. At the same time, it can also regenerate brighter, smoother skin.

Although different cosmetic brands will use different formulas and ingredients to beautify the skin. However, most cosmetics contain substances such as vitamin C, Retinol, BHA, AHA, .. All these substances are used to treat scars, acne, stretch skin and remove cells. dead skin cells without causing skin irritation.

However, before choosing cosmetic products to regenerate facial skin, you should carefully refer to the ingredients to avoid situations that are not suitable for your body. In addition, you should also find out where to buy genuine goods to avoid buying fake fake goods.

Skin regeneration needle roller

Surely the method of needle rolling to regain smooth, perfect skin is no stranger to everyone, especially beauty believers. This method is also extremely popular and used by a large number of customers.

This method uses rollers containing very small and sharp needles to penetrate the epidermis to create small lesions. From there, it can form collagen and stimulate new skin cell regeneration. However, you should be careful when using the roller because if you do not know how, it can affect the skin dangerously.

Own smooth, pink and white skin by laser method

Using laser is also one of the most effective methods of skin regeneration in recent times. Currently, many beauty salons use modern laser technologies with photothermal light that penetrates deep into the epidermis and definitively treats skin conditions.

At the same time, this method also only creates small areas of damage without affecting the epidermis. However, to achieve high efficiency, you should choose the most reputable and quality laser shooting address.

At this point, you have also grasped the knowledge about skin regeneration. However, many questions arise whether skin regeneration with natural ingredients or home methods is really effective or not. Let’s follow the next content below.

Is at-home facial resurfacing safe and effective?

According to experts, it is difficult to achieve effective and safe facial resurfacing at home because many customers today do not have enough time to take care of their skin as well. such as persistent use of facial rejuvenation methods.

At the same time, skin regeneration requires you to have thorough knowledge as well as know how to choose methods and regenerating cosmetic products suitable for your location. Therefore, there are now many conditions of skin regeneration at home with allergies, irritation, redness or severe inflammation. This is the result of customers not having enough knowledge to regenerate their own skin.

More specifically, beautifying the skin with natural ingredients needs you to persevere for a long time. Therefore, for customers who are impatient to quickly own bright and flawless skin, this method is really not effective.

Therefore, the best solution for all customers is to regenerate skin with modern technology at the prestigious quality spa below.

What is the safest method of facial rejuvenation today?

As analyzed, facial resurfacing is not harmful because of the method you choose. Currently, regenerative incubation is considered the safest and most effective method of skin regeneration.

The outstanding advantages of facial regeneration incubation technology:

  • The process is done quickly after only 60 minutes, providing nutrients for smooth skin, preventing signs of aging.
  • Improves most defects such as dark spots, dark spots, rough dry skin, etc.
  • Brighten skin naturally, lift skin tone after only 1 treatment
  • Safe, non-invasive and painless during the procedure

As the name suggests, regenerative incubation will help you regenerate new, healthy skin, full of vitality and overcome skin imperfections.

At Beauty Spa, the regenerative incubation process is carried out properly with 15 steps. During this time you just need to lie still and enjoy professional care from experienced professionals. Modern technology along with full equipment and machinery is also a big plus when you choose facial resurfacing at Beauty Spa.

Every customer who comes to the spa will be examined and consulted by a specialist for the most suitable skin regeneration process. Besides regenerative incubation, Beauty Spa also provides many other beauty services such as:

  • Restore skin with seaweed serum
  • Incubate white blood bird’s nest
  • Luxury Skin Care
  • Suction lead to detoxify the skin
  • Microalgae seaweed…

Through the article, you must have got the answer to the question of whether facial rejuvenation is harmful. On the market there are many products as well as skin regeneration procedures with attractive advertisements. You need to be alert to choose for yourself a reputable service to ensure safety and efficiency when doing it!

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