Is drinking red bean skin whitening real? How to drink red bean juice

by Johnny Jacks

No less than other beans, red beans possess a large amount of nutrients that are extremely good for health and skin. But few people know that red beans also have the effect of whitening the skin. Therefore, the method of drinking red bean juice is used by many women and positively evaluated on forums. But is drinking red bean juice to whiten the skin true? So how do you drink it? Let’s find out more details in this article.

Is drinking red bean juice for skin whitening real?

Red bean juice is a type of water made with 100% red beans. Dried red beans after being roasted are crispy, then take the roasted red beans to cool down and soak them in boiling water (like making tea), the water from the above solution is called red bean juice.

According to experts, drinking red bean juice effectively whitens the skin thanks to the following great ingredients:

Vitamin E and C

Red bean juice contains high levels of vitamins E and C, so it has anti-oxidant ability, slows down the aging process, repels wrinkles, dark spots, and nourishes the skin to be healthy, soft and smooth. Thanks to these ingredients, red beans also strengthen the skin’s resistance, protect the skin from the attack of environmental agents.

Vitamins B1, B6, B12

Red bean juice contains abundant levels of vitamins B1, B6, so drinking red bean juice helps to enhance the health of each skin cell, increase the body’s immunity to help keep the skin healthy and beautiful from the inside. What’s even better is that vitamin B12 helps prevent cancer effectively.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A in red beans also has the ability to remove dead skin cells on the skin, stimulate the regeneration of new skin cells, deep clean, help open pores and prevent acne spots on the skin. your.

Minerals like Protein, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium

These nutrients help to moisturize the skin, making the skin tone even in the most natural way. Besides, it helps the skin to be firmer, naturally white and especially full of vitality, not pale like using other skin whitening creams.

With great ingredients on red bean water, it is a “source of nutrition” that nourishes great healthy white skin. So how is drinking red bean juice to whiten skin the right way?

How to drink red bean juice to whiten skin simply

To be able to get 1 cup of red bean juice, you should proceed in the following ways so that when preparing, you do not lose the nutrients from pure red beans.

Roast red beans and grind into powder

Preparation: 1kg red beans, 1 roasting pan, filtered water

How to proceed:

  • Clean the red beans from the grit, the peel remains.
  • Place red beans in a pot of water to soak. About 15 minutes later, the red beans will float to the surface, you should remove them.
  • Wash the beans from the bottom, rinse with water and put in a basket to drain.
  • After the red beans are drained, put the pan on the stove and roast the beans on low heat. Remember to stir well so that the beans are cooked evenly, avoiding burning, making the bean juice bitter.
  • After roasting, put the red beans in the blender until smooth.
  • After grinding, put the beans in a glass jar, close the lid tightly and use it gradually. Please store red beans in a cool, dry place.
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Mix red bean juice

After you have the main ingredients to make bean sauce, what are you waiting for without mixing red bean juice.

How to proceed:

  • Use 750g of red bean paste in a glass jar.
  • Next, add boiling water and close the lid.
  • Wait about 15 minutes to drink.
  • To make this drink more delicious, you can add a few grains of salt to taste.

Cook roasted red bean juice to whiten skin and reduce fat

In addition to drinking red bean powder, women can also roast whole red beans and cook to get drinking water. This way both helps a delicious glass of water and completely retains the nutrients in red beans. In addition to brightening the skin, this type of water also provides essential nutrients for the body and especially red bean juice has the ability to reduce excess fat extremely well.


  • Prepare 500g of whole red beans with seeds removed
  • Wash the red beans, wait for the water to drain, then put them in a pan to roast over low heat, when the aroma is fragrant, the seeds are slightly cracked, then pour into the pot and cook with high heat.
  • Boil until the beans are cooked, the water turns red brown, then turn off the heat, pour the water into a glass to be able to use.
  • The rest can be put in a large glass jar and put in the refrigerator for later use.
  • The part of beans you can puree and make red bean cake is also very delicious.

Drink red bean powder with cassava

In cassava flour contains an active ingredient that works against the formation and development of melanin pigment called Isoflavones. Therefore, when using cassava to apply a mask or drink, it can help whiten skin, fade pigmentation and freckles. Besides, cassava flour also contains many ingredients such as fiber, protein, flavonoids, … have anti-aging effects, reduce acne, remove dead skin.

And a special thing is that red beans can be combined with strings to create a drink that is both mouth-watering and has an extremely good skin whitening effect.


  • Prepare 3 tablespoons of red bean paste, 2 tablespoons of tapioca flour and boiling water
  • Put the tapioca flour into a glass, pour boiling water into it, stir until the tapioca dissolves in the water, and then add the red bean paste and stir again.
  • Wait about 2 minutes for the dough to rise evenly in the water. You can drink it now.

Cooking red bean tea while drinking water and eating beans

Instead of roasting beans to cook only for drinking water without having to remove the seeds, you can cook red bean soup to both drink water and eat beans. This way will keep all the nutrients contained in the beans, while increasing the whitening effect and adding nutrients to the body.


  • Prepare 1 can of red beans and 2 sprigs of pandan leaves
  • Wash and soak in water for about 4 hours for the beans to bloom.
  • Then wash, remove damaged beans, weevils
  • The next step is to pour red beans and clean water into the pot to cook until the beans are cooked, then add pandan leaves. Cook for about 5 minutes until the pandan leaves are ripe and fragrant, then turn off the heat. At this point you can scoop the tea into a cup and enjoy.
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Cook red bean juice with black beans

Surely many people will be surprised about how this red bean drink whitens the skin. Because they think that black beans when processed will make the water dark black, so they cannot whiten the skin. However, this is a wrong thought because according to experts, drinking black beans not only helps to brighten and smooth the rosy, detoxify the skin, but also helps the skin to circulate blood and fight skin aging extremely well.

The reason it has so many good uses for skin and health is thanks to its high content of Vitamins A, B, D, E, antioxidants and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium, etc.

Therefore, you can completely combine cooking red beans and black beans to increase the effectiveness of whitening skin. Not stopping there, this way also helps burn excess fat very well, so those who are losing weight should use it.


  • Prepare ½ can of red beans, can of black beans and 2 sprigs of pandan leaves
  • Wash the two ingredients and remove the deep, flat seeds.
  • Soak 2 types of beans for about 4-5 hours before to cook faster
  • Then take out the two types of beans and cook the black beans first. After about 20 minutes, add red beans (Because black beans take longer to cook than red beans).
  • Cook until both beans are cooked, then turn off the heat
  • Now you can scoop out the glass to use hot or cold as you like.

Cook red bean juice and brown rice to beat skin tone

We often know brown rice with the effect of lowering cholesterol, reducing calories or losing weight. But few people know that it also has skin whitening effects. Indeed, brown rice possesses high levels of Vitamin B1, minerals and trace elements. All of these ingredients have a very good skin whitening effect.

And when combining brown rice with red beans, it helps many women to beat skin tone, reduce fat, and be good for health.


  • Prepare 100g red beans and 100g brown rice
  • Wash red beans and remove damaged, flat, deep seeds, drain
  • Then roast the red beans and brown rice at the same time until they are fragrant then pour into a large bowl.
  • The next step is to put both ingredients in a large pot and boil with 1 liter of water. Cook until the beans are soft and the brown rice swells, then turn off the heat.
  • At this point you can scoop out a glass to drink hot. The rest should be left to cool and then stored in the refrigerator.

How to drink red bean juice properly

Is drinking red bean juice every day good?

Red bean juice has many health benefits and especially the ability to whiten skin. However, it is not good to use a lot, which means you should not drink every day but should drink it weekly. You should only drink 4-5 glasses of red beans per week and only drink 1 glass each time. Because red beans have soldering properties, drinking too much can cause diarrhea, which is not good for health.

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Especially for those who are suffering from a medical condition under the supervision of a doctor, they should consult their doctor before use.

You should persistently drink red bean juice continuously will notice the difference on your skin. The skin will become bright white, smooth, and excess fat is also significantly reduced.

How long does it take to drink red bean juice?

According to dermatologists at Beauty Spa, for skin whitening solutions made from natural ingredients, it cannot bring immediate or short-term effects. And users must persevere in applying regularly, in sufficient doses, for enough time to be effective.

Of course, the way to drink bean juice to whiten skin is no exception. When using you will not be able to see bright white skin immediately but need to go through a long process. After about 1-3 months of use, the skin will show signs of improvement, because depending on the location and skin condition of each person, the effective time will be different.

Watch and observe your skin, if it gradually becomes whiter, ruddy, smoother and softer, that’s good news because this solution is effective for your skin.

How to choose good and safe red beans to drink

Choosing good red beans is very important. It is a way for you to contribute to making a glass of red bean juice more delicious and nutritious enough to promote its inherent uses. Here are some tips to choose delicious red beans that you should refer to:

  • Choose red beans that are bright red, firm, large and even.
  • Do not choose seeds that are deep, moldy, stamped, or have an unpleasant smell
  • Should choose fresh red beans, with expiry date
  • Buy red beans at a reputable address with clear origin. And the best way is to choose beans in the supermarket with an expiration date, full label.

When using red beans, soak in water, if any seeds float, they should be discarded. Because this phenomenon shows that the seeds have been damaged, flattened or eaten by worms, if you keep them, it will make your glass of red bean juice to whiten your skin lose its taste.

The article has shared with you the necessary information on the topic of drinking red bean juice to whiten skin. It can be seen that red beans are really a good ingredient for those who want to whiten their skin and be good for their health. However, keep in mind that you have to be persistent in taking it for a long time to be effective. And above all, if those who want to whiten their skin quickly and safely, they should refer to technological solutions.

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