What Is a Biological Sunscreen?

by Johnny Jacks

Today, the trend of using organic cosmetics is growing and gaining popularity. Women are increasingly opting for bio-based beauty products. Among these, sunscreen is particularly popular. So, what exactly is a biological sunscreen? Let’s delve into the details with We in the following discussion.

What is a biological sunscreen?

Chemical sunscreens offer higher UVA and UVB protection compared to physical sunscreens. Let’s explore the reasons for choosing chemical sunscreen!

What is a biological sunscreen? (Photo: Internet)

What is a biological sunscreen? (Photo: Internet)

While physical sunscreen offers effective skin protection, it’s often sticky and pore-clogging. Chemical sunscreens, though easily absorbed, are not entirely safe for the skin. On the other hand, biological sunscreen combines the advantages of both types, offering advanced sun protection with ingredients derived from probiotics and plants, ensuring skin-friendly and non-greasy application.

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Is biological sunscreen beneficial?

The skin is greatly affected by ultraviolet rays, making sunscreen an essential addition to your daily skincare routine. With ingredients derived from nature, biological sunscreen perfectly meets the following requirements:

Advantages of Bio-Based Sunscreens. (Photo: Internet)

Advantages of Bio-Based Sunscreens. (Photo: Internet)

  • Employing agriculturally safe ingredients (no GMOs – genetically modified organisms).
  • Sunscreen products are committed to promoting sustainability and preserving natural resources and the environment.
  • Respecting biodiversity, utilizing, and cultivating plant-based ingredients. All processes from cultivation and harvesting to extraction, production, packaging, and transportation must adhere to the European Union’s Green Chemistry standards.

How does a bio-based sunscreen function?

Mechanism of Action of Biological Sunscreens. (Photo: Internet)

Mechanism of Action of Biological Sunscreens. (Photo: Internet)

This sunscreen operates through a reflective mechanism, deflecting all sun radiation. Additionally, the sunscreen layer shields you from certain rays emitted by electric lights, phones, televisions, and computers, thanks to its imperceptible thin film.

Why should you opt for biological sunscreen?

While physical and chemical sunscreens are familiar, bio-based ones might seem unfamiliar. How does this sunscreen ensure skin safety?

With physical sunscreen, it’s necessary to reapply a fresh layer of cream after 2 to 3 hours. In hot conditions or during excessive activity causing oily, greasy, and sweaty skin, the cream dissipates rapidly. Forgetting to reapply after a long day, regardless of the renowned brand, can still result in skin damage.

Why Should We Use Bio-Based Sunscreens? (Photo: Internet)

Why Should We Use Bio-Based Sunscreens? (Photo: Internet)

Firstly, it is considered safe because it excludes allergenic components, catering to all skin types, particularly the most sensitive ones.

Secondly, its environmental compatibility is crucial. Unlike many physical or chemical sunscreens that pose threats to the environment, bio-based alternatives employ sustainable organic ingredients of natural origin, contributing to reduced environmental pollution.

Thirdly, this sunscreen is favored by animal advocates for its commitment to cruelty-free practices, ensuring no animal testing and the absence of animal-derived ingredients.

Lastly, a certified biosafe sunscreen must contain no more than 5% artificial components.

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Top 2 recommended bio-based sunscreens for immediate trial

Sunscreen is a must-have during hot days, serving as a vital protective layer against harmful UV rays. However, many of us tend to overlook sunscreen ingredients, often relying solely on a high SPF. Let’s explore what physical sunscreen is and delve into the experience of using it.

Despite the plethora of sunscreens available, determining the best bio-based sunscreen remains a pressing question. Here are the top 2 sunscreens highly praised by users.

EcoGuard Natural Sunscreen – A highly rated organic sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection. It contains natural plant-based ingredients and is environmentally friendly.

GreenSun Organic Sunscreen – Known for its gentle formula and effectiveness, this sunscreen is derived from organic and sustainable sources, making it safe for both the skin and the environment.

Those are the details concerning biological sunscreen that you should consider trying out soon. Each sunscreen type has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s essential to use them to experience and select the suitable product for your skin. Wishing you always have healthy, beautiful skin that radiates.

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