How to Read and Write VIII in Roman Numerals

by Johnny Jacks
VIII Roman numerals quite familiar, but surely there will be many people who do not know how much this is? So, in the following article, let’s learn more about what is special about the roman number VIII.

VIII what is the roman number?

How much is the Roman numeral worth becoming a concern of many people today, for those who do not know well about it? Roman Number. This is number 8 in roman.

This roman number often appears in many fields, so it is extremely popular in today’s life.

Instructions on how to read VIII in roman numerals correctly

How to read roman 8 is as simple as how to read multiple roman numerals other. Everyone will read it no different The reading of the natural number is “eight”.

This is a roman number that is combined from smaller roman numeral characters to form a roman number with the value 8. Therefore, before reading, people need to carefully observe the characters that appear to recognize them. for right.

The rule of writing the number 8 in roman numbers you may not know

In terms of writing rules, the number 8 in roman uses two familiar roman numeral characters, V and I. Besides, how to write roman numbers This also applies the right add rule to add value.

When writing the roman VIII, people would write the letter I repeated 3 times to represent an increase in value. I is added to the right And according to the principle the added digit is smaller than the original digit. And V appearing exactly once represents the value 5.

So, VIII = V + I + I + I (8 = 5 + 1 + 1 + 1).

Some types of exercises on the letter VIII in roman numerals are common in the test

It can be seen that the type of exercise about the number 8 often appears a lot in today’s tests. They can appear in many different forms of exercises, the most common of which are the following 5 types of exercises:

Form 1: Add and subtract Roman numerals VIII

As for the addition and subtraction of roman numerals, the little ones will feel very familiar. Because this is the first type of exercise, usually the first teacher instructs in the classroom.

To do this type of exercise, you will initially convert VIII roman numbers along with other roman numbers into familiar natural numbers.

Next, you will do the same calculation as usual. However, there is only one special thing that children need to note that they must know the result is roman numerals to get a perfect score in the test.

For example: VIII + VII = ?

Form 2: Identify the roman number 8 in a given number sequence

Another type of exercise that is also quite common, often appearing in tests with VIII roman numbers, is that children recognize this number in a given number sequence.

To recognize the number 8 easily and quickly, children need to memorize the rules of writing as well as memorize this number.

For example, find the roman number 8 in the following sequence: XVIII, LVIII, XXXVIII, VII, VIII

Form 3: Compare roman numerals with VIII

Comparative exercises are also very familiar in tests involving roman eights. To be able to do this kind of comparison exercise, children will have to memorize the rules of writing and how to write and even memorize some roman numbers.

To make it easier to do the comparison exercise, the children will first convert the roman numbers that appear in the test to natural numbers. Then the children will proceed to fill in the <, >, = signs accordingly.

For example: Fill in the signs <, >, = in the following cases: VIII… XXVIII

Form 4: Read and write lowercase numbers to roman and vice versa with VIII

In the present test, there may also appear another form of exercise related to roman numbers, which is reading and writing lowercase numbers to roman numbers as well as writing roman numbers to normal numbers.

To do this type of exercise, the little ones must definitely remember how to write roman numbers as well as their values ​​to be able to convert easily.

Form 5: Watch the clock with Roman VIII

A clock reading exercise with roman numerals is also commonly found in some tests these days. The purpose of this exercise is both to test children’s knowledge of clocks and to test how well children recognize roman numbers.

To do this type of watch reading exercise with roman numerals, you will first memorize the 12 roman numerals on the clock face, especially the number VIII. After that, the children will use their knowledge of telling the time to do this type of exercise.

For example: What time is the clock showing?

Applications of Roman numerals VIII in life

Roman VIII is a very familiar number, so it often appears in many different areas of life. This number is also often applied in a number of fields such as:

  • Exercise solution: This is where the Roman numeral VIII and many other Roman numerals are most common. Children will encounter roman numbers in tests, exams as well as exercises in textbooks, advanced books, …

  • Watch watch: The next area where roman numbers appear is also quite popular today that is watching the time. Everyone needs to know the roman numbers, especially the roman numerals from 1 to 12, to see the time on watches with roman numerals.

  • Artistic tattoo: In recent times, artistic tattoos with roman numbers appear as a new trend of young people. That’s why VIII Roman numerals become more popular than ever. This number is usually applied to the date of birth, the month of birth and the last number of the year of birth.

Suggest some exercises about the letter VIII in roman to help children practice effectively

Here are some types of exercises about roman 8 that parents can refer to for their children to practice every day:

Exercise 1

Identify the roman 8 in the following numbers: LVIII, VIII, MVIII, DVIII

Exercise 2

Do the math with the following roman numerals:

  1. VIII + C

  2. LII + VIII



Exercise 3

Do the math with the following roman numerals:

  1. VIII – IV

  2. C – VIII

  3. VIII – VI

  4. XX – VIII

Exercise 4

Do the math with the following roman numerals:

  1. VIII + XXII



  4. VIII – DRAW

Exercise 5

Fill in the sign >, <, = in the following cases:

  1. VIII… VI + II


  3. X.. VIII

  4. V… VIII

Exercise 6

Write the roman number 8 and read it out loud clearly

Exercise 7

What time is the clock showing?

The secret to helping your baby memorize the number 8 in simple roman numbers

To be able to memorize VIII roman numbers is not too difficult. However, if parents want their children to be able to memorize more quickly, here are a few tips that you should not ignore:

  • Ask your child to memorize the rules for writing roman numerals VIII: This is the first requirement and also the most important note to help the little ones understand how to learn roman numbers effectively. When children can memorize the rule of writing 8 roman numbers, they can memorize many other numbers.

  • Give your child regular practice with roman numerals: If you want your child to learn roman 8 well, parents need to let them practice roman numerals regularly. When children practice roman numbers regularly, they find roman numbers not difficult to learn but extremely familiar. At the same time, doing regular exercises is like pouring rain for a long time, children can learn and memorize roman numbers very quickly and easily.

  • Play the game with roman 8s: This is one of the ways to learn VIII roman numbers very simple but extremely interesting. This way of learning will help children get used to roman numbers quickly and easily without feeling pressured. Parents can choose familiar games such as matching matches, counting sticks, …

  • Remind your child to distinguish the letters to avoid confusion: This is also one of the most effective ways to learn roman numerals. Parents should pay attention to guide their children because the roman number VIII has the same characters as the 6 or 7 roman. Distinguishing these letters helps your child avoid making mistakes when learning roman numerals.

  • Practice with your child and ask questions about roman numbers: Parents can first ask questions about roman numbers to suggest how to ask questions. Then, parents will encourage their children to ask questions related to roman numbers so that they can understand the nature of roman numbers in the learning process.

Here are very detailed information shared about VIII Roman numerals. Hopefully with these shares, parents can help their children learn roman numbers more quickly and easily.

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