15+ English Cartoons for 5-Year-Olds

by Johnny Jacks

In addition to traditional learning methods such as books and newspapers, using cartoons as an educational tool is both cost-effective and highly efficient for young learners. Let’s explore the top 15 English cartoons on goodheathplan.com that are perfect for 5-year-olds.

Tips for Selecting English Cartoons for 5-Year-Olds

English cartoons can aid 5-year-olds in learning while having fun, making it easier for them to absorb new information. However, children of different ages possess varying abilities when it comes to information absorption. Therefore, parents should consider the following tips when choosing suitable English cartoons for their 5-year-olds:
Parents need to be careful when choosing movies with appropriate content for their children. (Image: Shutterstock.com)
Movie Duration: Select movies with an appropriate length to help children maintain focus and retain information. Prolonged screen time can have adverse effects on children’s eyes and reduce their opportunities for outdoor play and exploration.

Movie Content: Children are more likely to engage with films that explore their favorite topics, and the content should align with their English language proficiency. Movies with complex vocabulary that children struggle to comprehend may lead to disinterest.

Reputable Channels: Choose popular and reputable movie channels to ensure that the content is suitable for 5-year-olds and free from age-restricted or unsuitable advertisements.

Clear Voiceover: Pay attention to the quality of the voiceover, as clear pronunciation is essential for aiding children in understanding and improving their speaking skills.

Top 15 English Learning Cartoons for 5-Year-Olds

Selecting the right cartoons for children can be a daunting task. Here are the top 15 English learning cartoons suitable for 5-year-olds:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

“My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” is a widely recognized animated series comprised of eight parts. The storyline revolves around six main characters: Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Twilight Sparkle.

The Lion King

“The Lion King” is a highly acclaimed animated film renowned for its captivating storyline and profound depiction of human emotions. The movie traces the odyssey of a young lion cub as he strives to reclaim his rightful throne as the ruler of his father’s realm.

The film boasts exceptionally straightforward vocabulary and unhurried dialogue, making it easily comprehensible for 5-year-old children.
The film employs a language that is quite straightforward, featuring simple vocabulary and a moderate pace of dialogue. Furthermore, the incorporation of catchy phrases helps children absorb the movie’s content more efficiently.

The Incredibles

“The Incredibles” narrates the tale of the Parr family, a group of superheroes led by Mr. Incredible. Each family member boasts distinctive superpowers, yet they are compelled to lead a clandestine existence, concealing their abilities in compliance with government directives. Nevertheless, when a criminal mastermind threatens the city, the family must emerge from hiding and employ their powers to rescue the day.

The characters in the film engage in rapid-paced dialogue and employ somewhat advanced vocabulary, rendering it an excellent choice for those seeking to enhance their English proficiency beyond a beginner level.

Hotel Transylvania

“Hotel Transylvania” presents a charming story revolving around a vampire who arranges a birthday celebration for his daughter, Mavis, at his hotel, exclusively designed for monsters. Nevertheless, the narrative takes an unforeseen twist when a human named Johnny unintentionally stumbles upon the hotel and becomes enamored with Mavis.

Thanks to its light-hearted humor and straightforward dialogue, “Hotel Transylvania” stands out as an excellent choice for young children eager to learn English while enjoying themselves.



The immensely popular animated film, “Frozen,” narrates the tale of Princess Elsa, who harbors a potent and perilous ice curse, and her resolute sister, Princess Anna, who sets out on a quest to locate Elsa and rescue their kingdom.

With its straightforward language and unhurried dialogue, “Frozen” stands as a must-see animated movie for children, especially young girls interested in learning English.

Kung Fu Panda

“Kung Fu Panda” unfolds the tale of Po, an endearing panda with an unwavering passion for Kung Fu. Despite his father’s aspirations for him to help run the family noodle shop, Po is unexpectedly selected to fulfill an age-old prophecy. This opportunity grants him access to the world of Kung Fu, where he trains alongside the Furious Five under the mentorship of Master Shifu.

Boasting an engaging storyline and straightforward English dialogue, “Kung Fu Panda” emerges as an exceptional choice for five-year-old children to relish.”

Finding Nemo

“Finding Nemo” recounts the story of Marlin, a clownfish, and Dory, a forgetful fish, as they set out on a quest to locate Marlin’s missing son, Nemo.

This thrilling and humorous expedition imparts valuable lessons about determination and optimism. The film features easily comprehensible language and unhurried dialogue, rendering it an ideal choice for five-year-olds.”

Martha Speaks

“Martha Speaks” is an animated series featuring a dog named Martha, who acquires the ability to speak after consuming alphabet soup.

In each episode of the show, there is a vocabulary explanation, and the featured words are reinforced by repeated usage throughout the video, aiding children in enhancing their word retention.

Word Girl

“Word Girl” is a superhero-themed series centered around a young girl who battles villains by harnessing the power of words. Each scenario in the show illustrates the usage of particular words in context, accompanied by explanations of their meanings. This quality makes “Word Girl” a superb choice for children eager to broaden their vocabulary while relishing an exhilarating cinematic experience.


Postcards From Buster

“Postcards From Buster” chronicles the journeys of Buster, a rabbit, and his father as they explore various parts of the world. The dialogues within the show offer an excellent opportunity for children to enhance and exercise their English language skills.

Monsters, Inc.

In the realm of Monstropolis, energy is produced through the screams of children. Monsters, Inc. is a corporation that dispatches monsters into children’s bedrooms to frighten them and harvest this energy. Sulley, the top employee at Monsters, Inc., experiences a dramatic shift when he unintentionally introduces a human girl named Boo into the monster world. This humorous and clever film imparts valuable lessons for young children.

Madagascar 3

“Madagascar 3” traces the escapades of four resolute characters – Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Gloria the hippo, and Melman the giraffe – as they depart Africa to solicit assistance from the penguins and chimpanzees in Europe. Their objective is to make their way back to the Central Zoo, but their journey is fraught with obstacles, especially when they encounter the determined policewoman Chantel Dubois from France’s animal management department. This film is an ideal choice for children, boasting vibrant visuals, comical moments, and language that is easy to comprehend.


“Aladdin” is an animated film adapted from the timeless fairy tale “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp.” The narrative centers on Aladdin, a young vagabond who survives through theft and stumbles upon a magic lamp capable of granting his every wish, including the affection of Princess Jasmine. However, an evil sorcerer named Jafar emerges with plans to pilfer the lamp and seize the throne. This cherished story is familiar to children, and the cinematic rendition is certain to enchant their imaginations with its compelling plot and endearing characters.


To enhance children’s learning and entertainment, it is recommended to select media featuring uncomplicated and engaging narratives, along with deliberate and articulate dialogue. These attributes are exemplified in films such as “Up,” where the main character, Carl, embarks on a quest to fulfill his late wife Ellie’s aspirations. The movie’s touching themes of love, joy, and empathy render it not just an enjoyable viewing experience but also a reservoir of valuable life lessons. Parents should contemplate introducing their children to “Up” as a means of enhancing their English proficiency.
“Up” depicts Carl’s journey to fulfill his late wife Ellie’s unrealized dream, a quest that leads him to invaluable life lessons. This movie offers both entertainment and education, conveying profound messages about love, happiness, and compassion. Its uncomplicated vocabulary and clear, unhurried dialogue render it a perfect choice for children learning English. Parents should not underestimate the potential of “Up” in facilitating their children’s language acquisition.

Phineas and Ferb

“Phineas and Ferb” narrates the adventurous summer of two brothers filled with creative and scientific pursuits. The show follows a consistent format, featuring recurring phrases that aid children in comprehending the storyline and enhancing their English language skills.

Steps to Learn English Through Cartoons

To assist children in acquiring strong English language skills via cartoons, parents should adhere to these crucial steps:

Let your child watch cartoons with bilingual subtitles. (Photo: Internet Collection)
Step 1: Select the Appropriate Cartoon

Although it may appear straightforward, choosing the right cartoon for your child can be quite challenging. Parents must take into account their child’s interests and proficiency level when choosing a cartoon that will both engage them and facilitate effective learning. If the chosen movie exceeds the child’s level, it may not enhance their language skills, while selecting a subject they dislike may not foster enthusiasm for learning.

Step 2: Watch Cartoons with Bilingual Subtitles

After picking a suitable English cartoon for your child, encourage them to watch it with bilingual or English subtitles. Viewing movies with subtitles in their native language might limit their capacity to absorb knowledge. With bilingual subtitles, children can enhance their vocabulary and listening skills, including pronunciation and intonation.

Step 3: Practice

To ensure effective learning, children should put what they’ve learned into practice. Urge your child to recount the story in English and create drawings to illustrate the plot. Engaging in such practice will aid in retaining vocabulary and sentence structures for more extended periods.

Lastly, consider the top 15 cartoons for 5-year-olds to learn English featured in this article. By following these steps and selecting the appropriate cartoons, parents can assist their children in developing English language proficiency while enjoying their beloved cartoons. Be sure to follow goodheathplan.com for further valuable parenting information!

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