NuBest Tall Kids Review – Scam or Not?

by Johnny Jacks

NuBest Tall Kids is a height-increasing chewable tablet from the United States that is distributed and sold globally. Explore the benefits and quality of this product if parents are researching it for children aged 2 to 9 years old.

What is NuBest Tall Kids?

NuBest Tall Kids is a dietary supplement (functional food) that supports the comprehensive development of height, weight, and overall health for children aged 2 to 9 years old. It contains beneficial ingredients such as calcium, vitamins, and minerals.

The key ingredients in NuBest Tall Kids include Calcium, Vitamin A (in the form of Beta Carotene), Thiamine (Vitamin B1) (as Thiamine HCl), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Niacin (as Niacinamide), Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCl), Biotin (as Pure Biotin 100%), Folate (as Folic Acid), Vitamin B-12 (as Cyanocobalamin), Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin D3, Vitamin E (D-Alpha Mixed Tocopherols), Vitamin K2, Zinc (as Citrate), Magnesium (as Gluconate), and Copper (as Gluconate).

NuBest Tall Kids utilizes natural sugars from berries, ensuring maximum purity for your child. Additionally, the chewable tablets are designed in four animal shapes, making it easier for parents to provide daily nutritional supplementation for their children.

When children receive proper nutritional care from an early age, the risk of malnutrition and stunted growth significantly decreases. This forms a solid foundation for their comprehensive development and height in the subsequent stages.

The ingredients are advertised in NuBest Tall Kids.

The ingredients are advertised in NuBest Tall Kids.

Origin of NuBest Tall Kids

NuBest Tall Kids, a height-increasing support product, originates from the United States and is distributed worldwide by NuBest USA Corporation. The product meets standards for ingredient sourcing, manufacturing, and finished goods. Notably, it holds FDA certification granted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This certification allows NuBest Tall Kids to be freely circulated in the United States and sold on platforms such as Amazon and Walmart.

Additional information: NuBest USA is a functional food distribution corporation based in the United States. The brand prioritizes natural ingredient sourcing and combines advancements in Western medicine, ensuring not only the safety of children but also contributing to the preservation of the natural environment.

NuBest Tall Kids is recommended for children aged 2 to 9 years old.

NuBest Tall Kids is recommended for children aged 2 to 9 years old.

What is the age range for using NuBest Tall Kids?

Children between the ages of 2 and 9 can use NuBest Tall Kids as a daily nutritional supplement for their bodies. The nutrient content in the product has been researched and formulated to be compatible with the physiological needs of children within this age group.

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For children under 2 years old, the best source of nutrition is breast milk. Therefore, during this period, whether it is NuBest Tall Kids or any other supplement, parents should refrain from providing such products to their children. For children aged 9 and above, parents should consider specialized products for their children. NuBest Tall (5-20 years old) or NuBest Tall 10+ with enhanced calcium and mineral content can help promote stronger height growth.

How many centimeters can I grow in a year using NuBest Tall Kids?

The increase in height can vary for each child depending on their nutritional intake and healthy lifestyle habits. Therefore, the mentioned height increments are only for reference and may not apply to every case.

What is the recommended usage timeline for NuBest Tall Kids?

The first three years of life are considered a crucial “golden period” for height development in children. By providing adequate nutrition during this time, parents may observe positive changes in their child’s stature and physical well-being.

Join us as we explore the transformation journey of a child after 16 weeks of using NuBest Tall Kids (shared by a customer whose 4-year-old child has been using the product).

First 2 weeks – Body starts adapting and absorbing nutrients

My child has been using this product for 2 weeks and seems to be responding well. The mild sweet taste and slight berry fragrance make it enjoyable for my child. The chewable tablets shaped like elephants, bears, and hippos also help alleviate any fear of taking them. I believe that during the first 2 weeks, the body needs time to adapt and absorb the nutrients from the supplement. I’ve noticed that my child has more energy, is healthier, and happier than before.

Next 6 weeks – Improved appetite and better sleep

In the past, my child used to complain about the taste of meals, but now, without me saying anything, my child asks for more food at mealtime. It’s amazing how my child’s appetite has improved. Also, bedtime has become less worrisome, as I no longer have to be concerned about my child waking up in the middle of the night. I believe these are positive signs indicating that my child’s height will increase rapidly in the coming months. What do you all think?

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12 weeks – Height has increased by 0.4 inch

After 3 months of using NuBest Tall Kids, my child has grown an additional 0.4 inch. This is quite optimistic, isn’t it? I’m happy that it has been effective because I previously tried Japanese products for a whole year, but there was no change.

16 weeks – Another 1 inch of height increase

After 4 months of using the product, my child has gained a total of 1 inch in height. If we maintain this progress, my child may grow an additional 1.5 inches by the age of 5. I will make an effort to take better care of my child because lately, I’ve been too focused on work and haven’t been attentive to my child’s needs. I believe this is a good product that parents should consider for their children.

How to effectively use NuBest Tall Kids?

NuBest Tall Kids is intended for children aged 2 to 9, with the recommended dosage as follows:

  • Under 4 years old: Chew 1 tablet per day.
  • 4 years and above: Chew 2 tablets per day, one tablet at a time.

It is advisable for children to use the product daily as a dietary supplement. To achieve the best results, parents should encourage their child to have a healthy diet, drink plenty of fluids, and get sufficient sleep.

In cases where a child is unable to chew the tablets, parents can crush them into powder and mix it with milk, fruit juice, smoothies, or baby food for consumption. NuBest Tall Kids is formulated with advanced techniques to preserve the nutritional content, regardless of the method used.

What should be noted when using NuBest Tall Kids?

During the period of using the product for your child, parents should pay attention to the following:

  • Do not use the product as a complete replacement for regular meals and nutrition.
  • Administer the product to your child in the correct dosage according to the age range specified by the manufacturer.
  • Consult a doctor before use if your child is currently taking any medication for treatment.

How to combine NuBest Tall Kids with nutrition?

Foods that are rich in nutrients, low or limited in sugar, saturated fat, or salt are considered nutritious. Consider incorporating the following types of food into your child’s meals:

Protein: Choose seafood, lean meat, poultry, eggs, various legumes and soy products, and different types of nuts.

Fruits: Encourage your child to consume a variety of fruits. When it comes to canned fruits, opt for options with less sugar or those in their natural form. Remember, ¼ cup of dried fruit is equivalent to one serving of fresh fruit.

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Vegetables: Green leafy vegetables are rich in calcium, sometimes even more than milk. Additionally, they are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals necessary for your child’s height development.

Dairy: Your child can consume milk or dairy products, but choose those with little to no fat. Yogurt, cheese, and soy-based beverages are ideal alternatives.

Furthermore, parents should limit the following components in their child’s diet:

Sugar: Avoid giving your child foods and beverages that are high in sugar. Excessive sugar intake not only increases calcium excretion but also poses a risk of nutritional imbalance and obesity in children.

Saturated fat: Primarily found in animal-based foods such as processed meats, sausages, and pizza. Desserts like pastries and ice cream are also common sources of saturated fat. Instead, use vegetable oils or sources of vitamin E for your child.

Salt: Research suggests that consuming excessive salt can delay puberty in children and increase calcium excretion. All of these factors can impact your child’s overall growth and development.

NuBest Tall Kids is available for purchase on the Amazon marketplace.

NuBest Tall Kids is available for purchase on the Amazon marketplace.

Where can I purchase NuBest Tall Kids from an authorized source?

The product is now available through authorized global distributors, and parents can refer to and find purchase options on the official website Additionally, NuBest Tall Kids is also available on major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Walmart.

How much does NuBest Tall Kids cost per box?

On the Amazon market, these chewable height growth tablets are sold at the following prices:

  • $39 for a box of 60 tablets.
  • $55 for a box of 90 tablets.

Considering the product’s quality, these prices are reasonable. Some distributors also offer promotional policies to help mothers save money.

NuBest Tall Kids: How to differentiate between genuine and fake products

The issue of counterfeit products is not uncommon, especially in the functional food sector. Therefore, besides purchasing from reputable sources, mothers can apply the following methods to distinguish between genuine and fake products:

Method 1: Differentiating through label color

Compare the actual product with the images posted on the distributor/manufacturer’s website. The images of the genuine product should be vibrant, with clear and openly displayed information.

Method 2: Differentiating through the barcode on the product

Each product is printed with a barcode on the bottle. Mothers can use the iCheck software to verify if the product is genuinely sourced from the United States.

Method 3: Differentiating through anti-counterfeit stickers

Some distributors of this product have implemented measures to combat counterfeits by using anti-counterfeit stickers issued by the authorized agency.

Through this article, it is hoped that parents have gained a clearer understanding of NuBest Tall Kids and know how to purchase genuine products and achieve optimal effectiveness. Stay connected with us through our website for more useful information regarding height growth.

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