Why do ingrown hairs? What is an effective way to remove ingrown hairs?

by Johnny Jacks

Ingrown hairs are not an uncommon condition. They can appear in both men and women, causing discomfort and quite a lot of effects on the skin. So what is the cause of this situation? What is the best way to remove ingrown hairs? Find out below!

What is ingrown hair?

Ingrown hairs are a common skin condition where these hairs curl, go inward instead of growing straight out, and are covered by an extremely thin layer of skin. Ingrown hairs tend to cause inflammation and pain at the root of the hair.

Basically, if removed early, this condition does not have a big impact on the health of the body. However, they can make sufferers feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. The condition of ingrown hairs can be easily observed with the naked eye through the symptoms listed in the next content.

Common symptoms of ingrown hairs

When you have ingrown hairs, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Pores appear pustules
  • Small lumps on the skin at the root of the hair
  • The appearance of itchy, painful skin
  • Dark skin, slightly dark skin
  • The hair tip grows inward
  • Fur is wrapped under the skin
  • Ingrown hairs often appear in places where hair is often shaved or plucked such as armpits, face, edges, arms, legs, pubic area.

Symptoms that can appear when hair grows under the skin for a long time without treatment:

  • Occurrence of swelling, inflammation, infection as when coming into contact with a foreign body.
  • The skin becomes dark due to hyperpigmentation.
  • Leaving ugly keloid scars.
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Signs and symptoms of ingrown hairs

Signs and symptoms of ingrown hairs

To be able to prevent and learn how to pluck ingrown hairs  quickly and effectively. We will need to study the causes leading to this situation shortly.

Causes of ingrown hairs

There are many different causes of ingrown hairs on the skin. In particular, this phenomenon is most common when you perform hair removal methods in the wrong way. Besides, people with curly hair, rough skin or damaged skin due to dead cells can also experience this. More specifically, you may experience ingrown hairs due to reasons such as:

Improper shaving

Shaving is the most common cause of ingrown hairs. The reason is because in the process of shaving, we can cause damage to the skin. Or when we stretch the skin when shaving, leading to the hair sticking back in and not growing outside.

Plucking and waxing regularly

Plucking is the cause of ingrown hairs.

Plucking is the cause of ingrown hairs.

It’s not like cutting hair when shaving. Plucking or waxing is a method of directly pulling hair from the root of the hair. During this process, follicles and hair follicles can be damaged. This prevents the hair from being properly guided to the surface when it grows back. This is also the cause of ingrown hairs.

Therefore, even if you want to pluck ingrown hairs. You also need to pay attention to limit damage to hair follicles and cause this condition to recur.

Pores are clogged with dead cells

You know, there are a lot of people who don’t regularly exfoliate. This seems to only make the skin acne or lose its smooth appearance. But it is also the cause of ingrown hairs!

When dead cells accumulate too much, they can cause pores to become clogged. This interferes with the normal growth of hair. This causes hair to grow inward instead of outward.

Tight clothes

In addition to the above effects, the use of tight clothing can also cause ingrown hairs. Because then, the hairs are constantly pinched, resulting in hair growth in the wrong direction. Therefore, the frequent use of tight clothing has a high risk of ingrown hairs.

Other causes related to physical characteristics

According to general research, people of African or Latin American descent are more likely to experience ingrown hairs. Because in these people, the hair or hair is often thicker and grows more curly. Increases the chance of hairs sticking back into the skin, especially when using the above hair removal methods.

People with hair or curly hair are more prone to ingrown hairs

People with hair or curly hair are more prone to ingrown hairs

Besides, people with high levels of sex hormones can also cause excessive hair growth. This also makes it easier for the hair to grow back in, especially after hair removal.

In short, to be able to prevent and properly pluck ingrown hairs. You will have to limit yourself to hair removal at home. Because that can damage your skin and cause ingrown hairs. Not only that, you also need to limit the use of clothes that are too tight. And regularly exfoliate to remove pore-clogging agents. Minimizes hairs being misdirected when growing.

How to remove ingrown hairs effectively

There are many cases of ingrown hairs coming to the surface of the skin on their own and no inflammation occurs. However, in cases where the ingrown hairs are too stubborn, you can apply the ingrown hair removal method according to the instructions below:

Step 1: Exfoliate so that the hairs stick outIn this step, you need to use an exfoliating cream at the ingrown hair area twice a day to remove dead skin, dirt, and sebum stuck in the ingrown pore. This action can help the hairs to protrude from the skin in different directions. But remember that each time you exfoliate, you should massage gently, do not rub too hard, it will easily cause that skin to be damaged.

Exfoliate the ingrown hairs before plucking

Exfoliate the ingrown hairs before plucking

Step 2: Apply a warm towel to the ingrown hairs for 3-4 minutes and repeat this step 3 times when the towel cools.

This will help soften the ingrown hairs, stimulate the hairs to protrude outward, making it easier for you to pull it out.

Step 3: Pull out the hairs with a sterile needle and tweezers

  • First, disinfect the needle and tweezers by boiling or rubbing alcohol.\
  • Use a needle to thread the needle through the loop of the ingrown hairs and gently pull the hairs out. Remember not to poke the needle straight deep into the skin, it will cause damage to the skin.
  • Continue to use tweezers to pull the hairs out of the skin, you have pulled out the ingrown hairs.

Before using tweezers to pull, you can use a needle to hook the hairs out

Before using tweezers to pull, you can use a needle to hook the hairs out

Ways to treat ingrown hairs

How to treat ingrown hairs that are swollen, with pus

Usually at the site of ingrown hairs, there is usually swelling, pus similar to pustules. Therefore, you can apply acne creams or acne medications that contain ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid that kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, and dry up pus quickly. Besides, exfoliate the skin with ingrown hairs to remove the layer of skin that is blocking the hair from growing out. This gives the ingrown hair a chance to grow straight out.

When ingrown hairs are swollen and pus-like at the site of acne

When ingrown hairs are swollen and pus-filled like acne, this medicine can be applied to reduce swelling and drain pus, and at the same time push hairs to grow straight.

How to treat infected ingrown hairs

If the ingrown hairs are observed to have white or opaque yellow pus at the site of ingrown hairs, it can be determined that it is infected. To treat this case, you can use steroid cream to apply to the infected skin site to reduce swelling, kill bacteria and treat infection. After treating the infected skin, you can pluck the ingrown hairs according to the instructions above.

How to pluck ingrown hairs simply with exfoliating

From the cause that can be seen, exfoliating, maintaining moisture for the skin is quite important. They will help clean pores, minimize agents that hinder normal hair growth.

  • To do this, first clean your hands and skin to prevent infection.
  • Next, soak a soft cloth in warm water and gently press the damaged area for 10-15 minutes. This will open up the pores and quickly soften the skin.
  • Next, exfoliate using slow circular motions over each area of ​​skin for 10-15 seconds. At the same time, you can use tea tree oil to better clean the pores. Thereby helping the pores to be correctly oriented, limiting ingrown.
  • In case the skin has small inflammatory acne, do not rush to squeeze but wait for the acne to dry. Then gently squeeze with a cotton swab or a special tool. This can help pull out ingrown hairs, making it easier for the hairs to be pulled up.
  • Finally, apply an anti-inflammatory cream and cream (or oral medication) that controls the infection. Remember to consult your doctor to choose the right medicine for you.

Can ingrown hairs be completely treated?

Ingrown hairs do not affect health as well as the skin, especially in some cases it can go away on its own without the intervention of medical treatment measures.

However, if the ingrown hairs are increasing but not getting better, then you can apply the above suggested treatments to get rid of them quickly. After a period of time, if there is no improvement, you can go to reputable spa and cosmetic centers to permanently remove hair in that area of ​​the skin that often has ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hairs can be easily treated with modern hair removal technology

Ingrown hairs can be easily treated with modern hair removal technology

With the development of modern hair removal technology today, the definitive treatment of ingrown hairs is very easy without spending too much time or money. However, you need to choose a reputable address, where there is a dermatologist to advise on the best treatment regimen for your skin, and at the same time ensure safety without complications.

How to prevent ingrown hairs is simple but few people know

The area of ​​​​the skin that is often shaved should be cleaned with warm water or soap. If the areas of your skin you shave often, especially hidden areas such as armpits, bikini, you should clean it regularly and apply solutions containing bactericidal and antiseptic ingredients to avoid skin irritation. infection.

Clean the area about to be shaved, waxed or plucked with warm water

A rule to remember before shaving or waxing you should wash the area with warm water or apply a warm compress to open the pores, stimulate blood circulation and make the skin softer. Thereby helping the hairs to be removed from the hair follicles easily and preventing ingrown hairs.

Use good quality shaving cream

There are many shaving creams on the market today that work to prevent ingrown hairs. So you can refer to the line of shaving cream products of this reputable brand to choose to use.

Should use a good quality shaving cream to be both safe for the skin and prevent ingrown hairs

Should use a good quality shaving cream to be both safe for the skin and prevent ingrown hairs

Shave in the direction of hair growth

This is one of the principles when shaving that both men and women should remember to avoid ingrown hairs. Besides, you should not shave too close because this also causes the hair to turn back and grow inward. Should wait when the hair is long and straight, then when shaving will limit ingrown.

Use a moisturizer after shaving

Moisturizing cream will help keep the skin moist, soft, bright white and tighten pores. At the same time, applying a moisturizer also helps prevent the skin from being ingrown.

Apply lotion after shaving, plucking or waxing

Apply lotion after shaving, plucking or waxing

Use hair removal cream

With the development of modern beauty techniques,  hair removal creams  are gradually being researched for better quality. Thereby providing the ability to safely remove hair and limit side effects, preventing ingrown hairs.

Effective and safe hair removal with biological light at

If you find it difficult and time consuming to perform ingrown hair removal yourself. Or if you do not know how to perform hair removal to ensure safety. Technology Elight biological light hair removal will be the solution for you.

With a system of modern facilities and equipment transferred from the United States and Korea. Elight hair removal technology offers outstanding efficiency in removing up to 96% of micro-hairs. Approved by the US FDA for safety. This technology helps to give you smooth, bright skin, avoiding the risk of ingrown hairs. At the same time, it helps to  permanent hair removal  through the destruction of the source of nutrients that feed the hair follicle. Does not affect the health of your skin.

Through this article, you must have understood the symptoms and causes of ingrown hairs. From there, know how to choose how to pluck ingrown hairs to achieve the best effect. Do not forget to consult a doctor or reputable cosmetic facility in case you find it difficult to treat this condition. Wish you success and quickly improve your beauty!

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