What to avoid after removing moles? Foods to stay away from?

by Johnny Jacks

Surely each of us has a few “baby” moles all over the body. Many of you think that moles represent solidity, but others do not like its existence. In order for moles to be effectively destroyed without leaving scars, what should be avoided after mole removal?

What is a mole? Why does everyone have moles?

Since childhood, we have easily seen moles appearing on the body. However, few people know that the correct source of these signs is as well as what harm or benefit moles are to the body.

Mole or mole are familiar names for melanocytic nevus. Or to put it simply, easier to understand, moles are clusters of pigment that accumulate in one or more spots underneath the skin. It is because of this accumulation that small black or brown nodules are formed.

There are cases where moles appear since childhood, but there are also cases where the mole doesn’t “appear” until the age of 30. And they can also change from color, size or even suddenly disappear after a period of time.

However, most do not change too much and almost all changes stop at the age of 40. Many surveys show that the average person has about 30 to 40 moles on the body.

And they appear completely normal and natural. Science has proven that people who own more moles stay young and healthy for longer.

However, if the mole appears concentrated too much in one area of ​​the skin, especially the face, it will make many girls lose their confidence. Therefore, many girls have chosen to remove moles to remove unwanted or unattractive “ems”. But after removing moles, what to abstain?

Some common methods of removing moles

Nowadays, it is not too difficult to find a suitable mole removal method. These can be mentioned as using bleaching creams, lasers or some natural ingredients to “fly” away moles.

Remove moles with cream

The method of using mole removal creams to remove this defect on the skin is favored by many girls because of its low price. Works with the mechanism of removing old cells, creating new cells to replace the old moles.

The advantages of this method can be mentioned as safety, ease of use or average cost. However, it has a slow effect and is only suitable for small sized moles.

Laser mole removal

Unlike cream mole removal, laser technology uses the power of a light beam to break down the pigment underneath the skin. Because this technique directly affects the cells deep inside the skin, it is effective after only one treatment.

At the same time, it does not cause pain, discomfort and almost laser can remove most of the moles that appear on the skin. However, the downside is that the cost is “more expensive” and the ability to leave scars for large moles if you do not know what to eat to remove moles.

Remove moles with natural ingredients

In addition to the two methods that Beauty Spa mentioned above, many people also use natural ingredients such as garlic, vinegar … to remove moles. The acidic component contained in garlic or vinegar will corrode the moles over time.

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However, many doctors recommend that using at-home mole removal with these ingredients carries a high risk of acid getting deep into the skin and causing burns, irritation or even scarring if not. know what to avoid after removing moles.

What to eat after removing moles?

The process of removing moles has an impact on the cells below the skin, so it causes damage to the skin. Therefore, if you do not know how to take care or after removing moles, you can leave unwanted scars. This is much scarier than the appearance of the previous moles.

In order for the mole “children” to “disappear” beautifully, please note that do not forget to take care of the wound carefully as well as stay away from the foods that answer the question of what to eat to remove moles from Beauty Spa. access the following:

Water spinach

Water spinach is the first answer to the question of what to do to remove moles? As we all know, water spinach has the property of stimulating collagen production more strongly than usual. This has a direct effect on the wound healing process.

Eating water spinach after removing moles causes the wound to pull the young skin continuously, leading to excess skin that causes unwanted keloids.

Types of eggs

Similar to water spinach, eggs are the food on the list of answers to the question of what to avoid moles. Also possessing strong collagen-promoting properties, eating eggs during the mole removal process increases the risk of pulling the young skin too much, causing keloids.

Moreover, during the treatment of open wounds, eating eggs will make the injured area whiter than the rest of the skin. However, when the wound heals, the damaged skin will appear patchy white spots like vitiligo.

Chicken, beef

Should limit eating chicken as well as beef whenever there is a wound in general and after removing moles in particular. Because this food has an impact on the ability of the skin to heal scars.

If you eat chicken or beef during this time, they also turn new skin cells into scars. Therefore, when asked what to remove moles, Beauty Spa is not afraid to answer that chicken and chicken.

Food containing sticky rice

As one of the dishes that are extremely familiar to Vietnamese people such as banh chung, banh tet, sticky rice… However, these dishes are the food that answers the question of what to do to remove moles.

Because the foods from sticky rice are very hot, causing the wound to fester, become inflamed, stretch the young skin for a long time and gradually leave a keloid scar on the skin.

Seafood and fishy foods

Perhaps this list of foods to abstain from will hurt many girls or “hard fans” of seafood. Almost all types of seafood from the sea such as shrimp, crab, freshwater fish are extremely attractive but also easy to cause itching and discomfort.

This affects the wounds and makes them slow to heal and prone to the formation of dark scars.

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Although there are many foods that answer the question of what to abstain from moles like Beauty Spa just mentioned, but depending on the condition of the wound and the different location of each person, there is a different abstinence time.

Normally, about the first 3 days, the wound will begin to scab over and fall off after 1 week. Therefore, it is necessary to abstain from the foods that Beauty Spa just mentioned for at least a week, so that the skin heals quickly, does not leave scars and is not patchy.

So what to eat after removing moles?

After answering the question of what to abstain from mole removal, you also need to know the group of foods to supplement. Whether the skin heals quickly and does not leave scars or not depends greatly on the diet after beauty treatment.

In order for the wound healing process and skin health to take place quickly after mole removal, you should know the group of foods containing vitamins to supplement including:

  • Vitamin C is found in fruits such as oranges, apples, tangerines, bananas, kiwis, etc.
  • Vitamin E is found in oils such as olive oil, avocado, nuts, etc.
  • Omega 3 is found in oats, chia seeds, walnuts, etc.
  • Zinc in foods such as mushrooms, chocolate, pork, …
  • Vitamin A is found in carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, etc.

The best way is to build a daily meal menu full of vitamin groups to provide a full, nutritious and vitamin-rich diet for the body. Besides, do not forget to drink enough water every day right after removing the mole to help keep the skin healthy and limit the possibility of scar formation.

What to do after mole removal?

Proper skin care after mole removal is very important, it determines the fast or slow healing time of the wound, as well as avoiding unwanted risks such as festering, red swelling, concave scars, keloid scars. If you have just finished removing moles, you should follow some care instructions below:

Clean the skin after removing moles

Use a cotton pad soaked in diluted hydroperoxide solution or physiological saline to clean the skin area that has just removed the mole. Or if your doctor prescribes other wound care, follow it.

Note: To avoid corrosive wounds, deeper ulcers, and slow healing, it is absolutely not recommended to use concentrated hydrogen peroxide solutions or solutions containing iodine.

Use antibiotics and antibacterial drugs

Normally, in order for the skin that has just been removed from the mole to quickly scab and heal, you need to apply ointment or take antibiotics. This drug works against bacteria that invade the wound, and at the same time promotes rapid regeneration of cells.

In addition, you can also use fresh turmeric to apply on moles after bleaching. Because turmeric contains curcumin, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, it is extremely good.

But remember that before applying medicine or turmeric, you must clean the skin thoroughly.

Apply skin regenerating cream or medicine

Certainly, after removing moles, there will be a shortage of some skin cells, which are easy to leave scars if you do not know how to recover. Therefore, you need to apply more skin regenerating cream to compensate for the lost skin cells.

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Usually skin resurfacing creams contain ingredients like Vitamins C, E and hyaluronic acid. So they have the effect of stimulating the growth of collagen and elastin under the skin, smoothing the surface of the skin, and quickly recovering.

These skin regenerating drugs will be prescribed by a doctor, you just need to follow the doctor’s instructions.

Take painkillers

Feeling pain, numbness, soreness, discomfort is normal after you remove moles. But there are also many people who have no pain or are very normal because it depends on the method of bleaching. However, if you feel too much pain, take pain relievers under the direction of your doctor.

Some habits should be avoided after mole removal

  • Absolutely avoid scratching, touching, prying, rubbing the wound after removing the mole. Especially at the time when the wound is about to heal, the skin is often very itchy, so you can apply a moisturizer in this area to reduce itching very effectively.
  • Absolutely do not expose the newly removed skin to the sun, to avoid hyperpigmentation and slow healing of the wound.
  • And finally, you should abstain from the above foods so that the wound heals quickly, leaving no concave scars, keloid scars, or festering …

Where should I remove moles to ensure prestige?

What to eat after removing moles? What should be eaten and should this beauty procedure be done here to ensure the effect? These are familiar questions when performing a beauty method.

Although mole removal is considered a simple technique, it is also necessary to pay attention to where it is performed to ensure effectiveness. One of the trusted beauty addresses is Beauty Spa.

Currently, Beauty Spa offers many beauty services including mole removal with laser technology to remove moles quickly without causing pain or discomfort for the performer.

The mole removal process at beauty centers in general and goodheathplan.com in particular goes through the following simple steps:

  • Step 1: skin examination and consultation
  • Step 2: Wash the areas to be treated
  • Step 3: Anesthesia
  • Step 4: perform a laser to remove moles to be removed
  • Step 5: The final step is to apply the drug to kill bacteria, prevent dust, prevent water as well as stimulate the skin regeneration process.

Going through 5 simple steps with modern machines and qualified technicians, you can rest assured every time you have treatment at goodheathplan.com.

Surely, when you read this far, you have answered yourself the question of what to do to remove moles and how to remove moles, right? Hopefully with this amount of knowledge will be useful for your beauty process.

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