What is the most effective cause and remedy for dull, less smooth skin?

by Johnny Jacks
Owning a smooth, pink and white body skin is always the desire of every girl. However, the skin on the body often gets less attention than the face. This causes the skin to become rough and less smooth over time. What are the main causes of this situation and how to fix it? goodheathplan.com will reveal in the article below!

1. Skin is rough due to lack of moisture

The skin of the body is like the skin of the face, if it is not properly moisturized, it can easily lead to dryness and dullness. People only use shower gel as a way of daily body hygiene but forget that the skin also needs to be replenished with moisture and essential nutrients like the face skin to maintain smooth, youthful appearance.

2. Not properly sun protection for the skin

As you know, ultraviolet rays can cause a lot of problems for the skin. However, most people only focus on sun protection for the face and forget that the body skin also needs to be protected. If you regularly expose your skin to direct sunlight without using appropriate sunscreen or shielding, your skin will quickly become dull, rough, and show signs of premature aging.

3. Unscientific living mode

Besides external factors, diet and activities also have a significant impact on your skin. If you often stay up late, eat foods high in sugar, grease… not only your face but your body skin is also very easy to become rough and dull. Therefore, try to maintain a scientific lifestyle by getting enough sleep, avoiding skipping meals combined with a nutritious diet to reverse dermatological diseases!

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4. Don’t Deep Clean Exfoliate Regularly

Daily bathing process will be difficult to completely remove dead cells and dirt accumulated deep inside the pores. In the long run, this condition will make the skin rough, dry, less smooth. Not only that, this is also an ideal condition for acne bacteria to multiply, causing very common acne and back acne.

Lifebuoy Detox Matcha and Bitter Gourd Shower Gel: Solution to deep clean, protect skin from bacteria

As you can see, there are many different causes of rough, uneven skin. However, controlling these problems is not at all difficult. In particular, choosing the right skin care products is one of the simple and effective ways that anyone can do. And Lifebuoy Detox Matcha and Bitter Melon Shower Gel is the savior to help deep clean, protect the skin from bacteria that cause cellulite.

More specifically, the product features a deep cleansing Detox formula and Protects the skin from bacteria with 100% bitter melon extract ingredients, which helps to reduce the condition of the skin, especially the back acne. 1 week of use with results proven by 80% of users. Along with that is the matcha ingredient that has the effect of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, supports skin detoxification and nourishes the skin with a smooth and radiant glow.

Besides, you can refer to 2 other product lines from the brand: Lifebuoy Shower Gel with Tea Tree Oil and Pink Salt and Lifebuoy Shower Gel with Activated Charcoal and Rice Bran.

Lifebuoy Shower Gel Tea Tree Oil and Pink Salt: Tea tree is known as a great natural ingredient with effective antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Combined with pink salt – a versatile ingredient to help remove dead cells and brighten skin from acne, Lifebuoy shower gel Tea tree oil and pink salt will be a great choice to help detox skin from acne-causing bacteria and dirt. cause skin darkening.

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Lifebuoy Shower Gel Activated Charcoal and Rice Bran: The product features activated charcoal ingredients to help deep clean sebum in the pores, remove the food of acne-causing bacteria, thereby helping to clear the skin of back acne. And rice bran oil helps to remove dead skin cells, nourish and regenerate skin after acne.

Set of 3 Lifebuoy Detox products featuring 100% natural ingredients, which help to clean acne-causing bacteria and sebum in pores, thereby helping to reduce back acne and nourish bright and smooth skin effectively. With the above advantages, using Lifebuoy Detox is the first step not to be missed for your journey to a clean and healthy back skin. What are you waiting for, order now HERE!

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