What is salt sweat? How to cure salt sweat effectively

by Johnny Jacks
Salt sweat not only causes discomfort for patients, but it also makes them feel self-conscious and guilty when standing next to those around them, because this disease often causes a bad odor caused by bacteria. and develop. To cure salt sweat effectively, you should refer to this article to be more confident and comfortable in life.

What is salt sweat?

Salt sweat is an amount of water that is released from the body through sweat glands with salts such as potassium, chloride, sodium electrolytes, etc., and also sugar. This is the reason it tastes salty and is called salt sweat. In fact, this condition is very normal and quite common in many people. However, it affects the aesthetics, causes unpleasant odors, and interferes with the work and life of the sufferer.
In addition, when salt sweat occurs, you will have to face conditions such as skin diseases, bacteria easily penetrate and grow. Above all, salt sweat will make relationships distant, affecting personal brand.
Although it is known that sweating is the body’s natural mechanism, it contributes to cooling and maintaining a stable body temperature. But salt sweat causes too much trouble for people with this condition, which makes them want to cure salt sweat.

Does salt sweat have any health effects?

According to doctors, salt sweat is actually just a form of body sweat. It does not cause any effect on human health. The biggest effect for people who own this type of sweat is that when their body produces too much salt sweat, bacteria multiply, grow and create an unpleasant odor.
However, according to doctors, if children have salt sweat, it can be a sign of cystic fibrosis. This is an inherited disease of the exocrine glands.
Cystic fibrosis can affect the respiratory and digestive systems, leading to hepatobiliary diseases, increased sweat gland secretion, chronic lung disease, etc. Therefore, the advice to parents is when seeing If your child shows signs of salt sweat, he should take him to the hospital to be examined, tested, and checked for normal health by a doctor.

How to know if you have salt sweat?

As its name suggests, salt sweat is usually salty. You can easily tell if you have salt sweats by:
Look at the clothes:
This type of sweat often leaves white streaks on the skin and causes poor color staining of clothes, especially dark colored clothes. Even when the salt sweat soaks into the fabric and dries, you will see tiny white salt particles in the places where you sweat a lot.


When the body is active, sweat is released a lot to cool the body. At this time, people with salt sweat will give off a very unpleasant odor. You may smell a “quite salty and sour” smell. Especially when you supplement your body with foods containing high amounts of protein, if you suffer from salt sweat, the body will create a very unpleasant odor.

Try “taste” the sweat:

It sounds unhygienic, but this way will help you know the fastest, whether you have salt sweat or not. Or simply when you are active, sweat flows on your face, you accidentally taste your sweat. If it’s too salty then you have salt sweat.
When you have salt sweat, you will easily recognize through the above ways. And if it causes you too much trouble, refer to the ways below to cure salt sweat.

How to cure salt sweat effectively

Salt sweat often secreted on the body makes you feel uncomfortable every time you go out or limit your contact with the opposite people? Are you yearning for a quick cure for underarm odor? Please apply the tips to cure salt sweat through the article.

Using natural ingredients to treat salt sweat at home

Cure salt sweat from betel leaves

According to folklore, betel nut is a pungent leaf with a pungent aroma, which has the effect of eliminating leprosy and inflammation. Above all, betel nut no longer inhibits bacteria and fungus growth, contains many minerals that have the effect of whitening skin, tightening pores.
If you have a bad smell of salt, use betel leaves to bathe. We can use crushed betel leaves, apply on the armpit area to effectively deodorize, prevent the armpit from having bad smell and darkening.
With this method, we should do it 2-3 times to get the best effect of treating underarm odor.

Cure salt sweat with ginger

Ginger is a hot, spicy food. Therefore, using ginger juice has the effect of eliminating unpleasant salt odors, helping the skin area to be improved, and preventing signs of underarm odor. It should be noted that before using ginger, wash the underarm area to get the best effect.
It is recommended to apply salt sweat with ginger 2-3 times a week. In addition, it is necessary to have a suitable skin care regimen for the armpit area.

Cure salt sweat with fresh lemon

Thanks to an abundant amount of acid, lemon provides an effective antiseptic effect and prevents sweating. Above all, lemon also has an extremely good whitening effect under the arms, restraining the process of underarm sweating.
For this method, we use pure fresh lemon. After bathing, use lemon to rub on the armpits, limbs, then perform gentle massage methods. Every day, this method should be applied for about 15 minutes to get an effective deodorizing and brightening effect.
In addition to rubbing on the skin, you can also cook guava leaf juice, tea leaves, ginger leaves, lemon leaves, betel leaves, etc., wash and cook with water for bathing. Maintain a bath 3-4 times a week, you will see the amount of salt sweat secreted to reduce the salinity.

Apply talcum powder to the skin

Surely many girls also know that talcum powder has a very good moisture-absorbing effect. Therefore, you can use talcum powder to apply to the skin a sufficient amount, especially on areas of the body that sweat a lot such as armpits, etc. In order to control excessive sweating and limit the condition. sweat seeps into clothes. Although this method does not completely cure salt sweat, it can help you reduce unpleasant odors and limit damage to clothes.

How to cure salt sweat with technology

Thanks to modern technology, there are now many methods of treating salt sweat that are highly appreciated by experts. Specifically, technologies such as:

Botox injections inhibit sweat glands

This is one of the methods to reduce salt sweat secretion within 4-6 months, depending on the location. Botox injection is the use of a special needle to inject the toxin Botulinum Toxin into the muscles of the sweaty skin areas such as armpits, legs, hands, etc. to control the regulation of sweat glands. The effect of Botox will inhibit the activity of neurotransmitter signaling, which controls the increase of sweat glands, thereby reducing the amount of sweat secreted.
Although it is a toxin of Botulinum toxin bacteria, it has undergone an extremely rigorous purification process. Should not cause harm to health or parts of the body if injected correctly.

Laser shoot reduces sweat glands

In addition to Botox injections, there is now a laser technology to reduce sweating. The impact of the laser wavelength will help inhibit the increase in sweat gland secretion. Especially the skin in the armpits, you can ask for the destruction or removal of sweat glands to get rid of the odors that are bothering you.

Take special medicine to reduce armpit sweat

In addition to the above, you can also use some medications to reduce sweat production such as beta-blockers. cholinergic antibiotics, etc. However, this method must be approved by a doctor, so you should consult a specialist before using it.

Set up a scientific diet

As mentioned above, eating foods that are too salty or high in protein will cause sweat to have an unpleasant and salty smell. Therefore, you need to establish a scientific diet and hygiene. You should drink a lot of water to purify the body, reduce the amount of salt in sweat and eliminate the dirt and debris crept in the skin.
Reduce hot spicy foods, especially foods that cause strong odors such as garlic, chili, onions, pepper, etc. Because these foods will cause the body to heat up, making sweat glands more active. In addition, you should also not smoke and limit alcohol consumption.
These eating habits will also help reduce the amount of sweat and body odor.

Wash clothes and bathe regularly every day

Washing your clothes and showering every day will help you kill odor-causing bacteria on your body. Because the amount of salt sweat secreted too much will produce odor-causing bacteria, causing you to itch and the body to release an unpleasant sweat. Therefore, if you are active every day such as exercising, gym, yoga, jogging, etc., then wash your clothes and take a shower right after. This will help you feel comfortable, reduce the smell of salt on the body and clean the bacteria.
Steps to remove salt sweat from clothes:
– Apply laundry detergent to the position of the shirt or the remaining white stains of salt sweat, areas with yellow stains, heavy odors such as armpits, collars, shoulder blades, shirt belts, etc.
– Keep the detergent on the clothes for about 10 minutes so that the washing water penetrates the fabric and takes effect.
– Finally, you can rub the shirt by hand and then rinse it with warm water to remove the most sweat. You can also machine wash it.

Soak clothes in rice water

This is the secret to removing salt sweat that is applied by many women to remove stubborn dirt and yellow stains from many household tools. The reason rice water has the ability to clean is due to its ability to separate proteins, thereby reducing the smell of salt caused by clothes.
– When cooking rice, please add 1 cup more water than usual, after the rice boils, drain the excess rice water into the cup.
– Apply rice water to the area of clothes with yellow stains and bad odors. Soak for about 10 minutes, then use a washing brush to scrub the place where the rice water has just been applied. Then continue to rub vigorously, you will see the yellow stains gradually lose color.
– Wash until all areas of the shirt are yellowed and smelly, then wash the shirt again with detergent, then soak the clothes in fabric softener to create a fragrance for the clothes.

Notes when treating salt sweat to increase efficiency

In addition to the above salt sweat remedies, you also need to note a few things below to reduce the amount of sweat secreted by the body effectively.
– Prioritize wearing clothes with highly absorbent fabrics such as Cotton, etc., especially underwear.
Drink a lot of water every day to reduce the amount of salt in the body
– Always take a clean shower every day, especially in hot weather, showering twice a day in the morning and evening will help you feel more comfortable. The amount of bad smell is also treated during the day
– When participating in outdoor activities, choose dark clothes to hide sweat stains.
– If you choose a solution to treat underarm sweat with technology, choose reputable addresses to ensure safety for your health.

Can salt sweat be cured completely?

Although salt sweat does not affect health, it makes patients lose confidence in communication and life. Therefore, many people have found a way to completely treat salt sweat.
However, according to doctors, salt sweat cannot be completely cured, but can only limit sweating and reduce the salt content in sweat according to methods as suggested by internal medicine. content above. From there, you can reduce the unpleasant odor that salt sweat causes.
It is a fact that sweat plays a very important role in our body. So don’t be too self-conscious about it, as long as you apply the above tips, you can balance the amount of sweat secreted and quickly solve the unpleasant body odor.
For those who are anxious and want to cure salt sweat effectively, Beauty Spa will support it all. Contact us via hotline: 1900 6947 – 0938 453 123 for the most effective advice.

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