Popular types of badminton rackets: Which one is for you?

by Johnny Jacks

Racket is one of the most important and necessary items when playing badminton. Currently, there are many different types of badminton rackets on the market. These training tools are usually divided according to material, weight, type of string, as well as string tension.

If you do not know which type of racquet is right for you, the useful information in this article can help you! Therefore, let’s consult with goodheathplan.com for tips on choosing a very standard racket.

Metal Racket

Metal racquets were widely used in the 80’s and 90’s. This type of racket is improved and modified from the same wooden racquets used in the earlier period. The materials used to make metal rackets are usually steel, titanium or aluminum alloys.

These are materials that are capable of making racquets stronger and more durable. The advantage of metal racquets is that it is durable and very difficult to break even when hitting the court or the opponent’s racket.

In addition, metal rackets are also relatively cheap, making it possible to save money when playing badminton. However, the biggest drawback of this type of racquet is its rather poor elasticity.

Graphite racket

Graphite is a compound form of carbon with the structure of hexagonal rings folded together. These carbon fibers are super strong and have high elastic properties.

The graphite material allows for a more even weight distribution in the racquet. The stability of the carbon molecule also allows manufacturers to adjust the elasticity of the racquet.

In addition, graphite racquets are also quite durable. So you can net with more tension without worrying about possibly damaging the racquet. This is also the ideal choice if you want to buy badminton rackets for kids.

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Graphite racket has high durability and resilience

Graphite racket has high durability and resilience

Light racket

If you are new to badminton, you should choose a light badminton racket. This type of racquet is usually easy to control and will help you minimize the pressure on your muscles.

As a result, you will minimize the possibility of injury while playing badminton. An ideal light racquet should weigh between 85 and 90g. Lightweight badminton racquets will allow you to hit shots with faster speed and easier return to the original position.

Heavy racket

Most seasoned badminton players prefer to use heavy rackets because their balance point is higher. The balance point of the racket is the point where, when you put the racket on your index finger, the racket will stay balanced. The higher the balance lies, the heavier the head of the racquet.

A heavy racquet is usually harder to control and it will also take more power to use this racket. However, because of that, they will give you more power when hitting the shuttle, making your smashes “harder”.

Racket with towel-wrapped handle

Another important factor that you need to consider when choosing badminton rackets is their grip. Therefore, badminton rackets can also be classified based on the material of the handle wrap. In particular, racquets with towel handles are loved by many badminton players because of their very good sweat absorption ability.

However, good sweat absorption is also the reason why bacteria and mold can easily accumulate here. Therefore, with this type of badminton racket, you need to change the grip wrap very often.

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Racket with handle wrapped in synthetic resin

With badminton racquets with synthetic resin-wrapped handles, you don’t need to change strings as often as towel-wrapped handles. The handle wrapped with synthetic plastic cord is also usually smooth and less dusty than cloth or towel cords.

However, these types of cuffs do not absorb sweat. So they can cause you discomfort when using it!

Synthetic plastic handle wraps are usually smoother and less dusty than cloth or towel wraps

Synthetic plastic handle wraps are usually smoother and less dusty than cloth or towel wraps

High tension racquet

To check the tension of the string, you can gently press your palm against the center of the net. The best racquet string should sag about 1mm after pressing. Players who want to perform difficult techniques often need to equip themselves with a badminton racket with a high string tension.

Therefore, if you are a beginner to badminton, you should choose rackets with medium tension. Once you have mastered the playing techniques, you can move on to racquets with higher string tension.

How to choose a racquet for beginners

If you are a beginner to badminton, you should choose rackets with medium tension

Above are the common types of badminton rackets that you often come across. Based on the purpose and needs of use, you can choose for yourself the appropriate badminton racket.

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