Nighttime Skincare: Benefits and Proper Steps for Beginners

by Johnny Jacks
At night, it is the golden time for the skin to rest, recover and regenerate. That’s why performing a proper nighttime skincare routine is crucial to achieving healthy and smooth skin. will reveal the simple, correct and complete steps for your nighttime skincare routine. Check out the facial skincare steps in this article now!

Basic night skin care steps

Basic night skin care steps

Why are nighttime skincare steps important?

Skin care helps to clean, remove dirt, sebum, dust attached to pores

Skincare helps to clean, remove dirt, oil, and dust that clog pores. Sunscreen, dirt, and makeup during the day are the things that you need to clean if you want to have beautiful skin. Nighttime skincare steps not only nourish but also return clean, clear pores and remove excess oil that causes acne and dullness.

The time when the skin needs the most nourishment

Nighttime is when the body restores its energy, and repairs the body’s damage the best. Taking care of the skin at night is a mandatory process if you want to have beautiful skin. Specifically, skin regeneration and collagen production eliminate harmful cells for the skin. Therefore, you need to perform a nighttime skincare routine to help the skin quickly absorb nutrients and nourish the skin every day.

Nighttime skincare steps penetrate deeper, nourishing the skin from within

The beneficial nutrients in the whitening night cream will be absorbed better when not in direct contact with harmful factors from the environment. Typical examples are sunlight, dirt, and beauty products. Your skin will completely absorb the nutrients from the skincare routine without being mixed with many impurities and reducing friction. At the same time, it does not cause allergies, harmful to the skin.

Increases the production of melatonin

Melatonin is one of the hormones related to the aging process of the skin. They have the ability to prevent the harmful effects of UV rays on skin cells, reducing factors related to adverse effects from the environment on the skin. Therefore, nighttime skincare steps supplement with stimulating melatonin production for the skin, helping to reduce the aging process that occurs on the skin.

Proper and effective nighttime skincare steps for beginners

1. Cleansing is a basic skincare step

Makeup removal is the basic skincare step in the night skin care steps

Makeup removal is the basic skincare step in the night skin care steps

Cleaning your face is the first step in the nighttime skincare routine. After a long day of work, activities, and being outside, your skin will be covered in dirt, oil, and makeup. This not only feels uncomfortable but also clogs your pores and causes skin problems like acne, rashes, and irritation.

For those who wear makeup regularly

Proper makeup removal is the most important secret to healthy skin. Using oil-based or water-based makeup remover helps you easily remove all the oil and makeup. This leaves your skin clean, preventing hidden acne, aging, and wrinkles.

For those who do not wear makeup

Even if you don’t wear makeup, you should still perform nighttime skincare steps to remove dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. Prioritize using a gentle, alcohol-free makeup remover to gently wipe away dirt or sunscreen. For this first cleansing step, you should consider choosing a suitable makeup remover for your skin.

Oily and combination skin should use Senka makeup remover from Japan

Senka All Clear Water Fresh is a perfect choice for oily skin. With Micellar Water technology, the product still maintains a gentle effect on the skin. It also balances the oil-water layer for the skin after each use.

Makeup removal is the basic skincare step in the night skin care steps

Makeup removal is the basic skincare step in the night skin care steps

Dry skin should use La Roche-Posay makeup remover

La Roche-Posay Micellar Water Ultra for Sensitive Skin is the best makeup remover for dry or sensitive skin today. It contains no alcohol, mineral oil or parabens, so it is reliable to use.

Dry skin should use La Roche-Posay makeup remover

Dry skin should use La Roche-Posay makeup remover

Sensitive skin should use Bioderma makeup remover

Bioderma Sensibio H20 makeup remover contains no colorants, parabens, or alcohol, so it does not cause irritation when used. It is suitable for girls with sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin should use Bioderma makeup remover line

Sensitive skin should use Bioderma makeup remover line

2. Use a facial cleanser (Double-cleansing)

Cleansing the face with water, facial cleanser or gel is one of the basic steps in a nighttime skincare routine that is easy to do and provides high effectiveness. Choosing a suitable nighttime skincare product for your skin is very important. Prioritize deep cleansing products that contain natural extracts and do not dry out the skin. Innisfree Bija Trouble is suitable for oily and acne-prone skin, effectively cleanses and soothes the skin while preventing the spread of acne.

Innisfree Bija Trouble cleanser for oily and acne-prone skin

Innisfree Bija Trouble cleanser for oily and acne-prone skin

3. Exfoliate

Weekly exfoliation is essential for smooth, glowing skin

Weekly exfoliation is essential for smooth, glowing skin

It’s recommended to exfoliate the face twice a week to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores. Regular exfoliation helps to eliminate the layer of dead skin on the surface and get rid of any impurities left in the pores. A clean and clear skin can absorb skincare products better.

Popular exfoliating products like Laneige Clear-C Peeling Mask, ST.Ives Scrub, and The Body Shop Tea Tree 3-in-1 Scrub have gained popularity recently.

Laneige Clear-C Peeling Mask

Use an Exfoliator like Laneige Clear-C Peeling Mask in your nighttime skincare routine

4. Apply Night Toner

Toner or facial tonics are considered as a “miracle product” that should not be skipped in a night skincare routine.

Toner helps to balance the pH level and provide instant hydration to the skin after cleansing. Therefore, the best time to use toner is immediately after washing your face at night and in the morning. Maintaining this habit will help you achieve radiant skin.

After cleansing, toner acts as a transition step from cleaning to the rest of the nighttime skincare routine. Hence, it’s essential to choose an alcohol-free, gentle toner that suits your skin type. You can consider brands like Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner, Thayer Toner Lavender Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera that won’t irritate the skin.

Thayer Toner Lavender Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera

Thayer Toner Lavender Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera

5. Use night-time essence for skin care

Essence is a deeply moisturizing serum that is typically used in the night-time skincare routine because the nutrients require time to penetrate deep into the skin. In Korea, essence is considered an essential secret to having beautiful, youthful-looking skin.

Depending on individual needs, one can choose the appropriate type of essence. For instance, White Perfect L’Oreal is ideal for whitening, Nivea Extra White Pore Minimiser helps to minimize pores, and Simple Kind To Skin Vital Vitamin is gentle and rich in vitamins for sensitive skin.

White Perfect L'Oreal night cream

White Perfect L’Oreal night cream

6. Deeply nourish your skin with night-time ampoules

Similar to essence, ampoules are a type of serum that deeply nourishes the skin. These products are usually made from herbal extracts and various vitamins. Ampoules supplement the missing nutrients in the skin during the night-time skincare routine, optimizing the skin’s recovery process. Therefore, one should not neglect this effective step in their skincare routine.

In fact, ampoules can completely replace serums. However, if you want to use both products simultaneously to enhance the effectiveness of skin care, Ohui 7777 is an ideal choice for you. From the first application of Ohui 7777 serum, you will immediately feel your skin become more radiant, smooth, and full of vitality.

Ohui 777 effective night skin care

Ohui 777 effective night skin care

7. Night-time skincare steps – Use targeted serums

Beauty enthusiasts all know the benefits of serums, especially for the skin. Serums are specialized skincare products designed to deeply nourish and treat specific skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, dark spots, or acne. Serums are usually in a liquid form and have excellent absorbency. Only one or two drops of serum are needed for each application in the night-time skincare routine.

Vichy Mineral 89 serum, Paula’s Choice Resist Hyaluronic Acid serum, and Timeless Hyaluronic Acid serum are three famous, highly effective serums that have the ability to repair damage and provide excellent hydration.

Serum Vichy mineral 89

Serum Vichy mineral 89

8. Apply overnight face mask for skin care

Applying a sheet mask is a simple yet effective step for relaxation and beauty. You only need to use a face mask 2-3 times a week, for 20 minutes each time, combined with other nighttime skincare steps to achieve beautiful skin.

There are various types of face masks to choose from, such as sheet masks, gel masks, peel-off masks, and sleeping masks, depending on their purpose and benefits.

Apply skin care mask at night

Apply skin care mask at night

9. The absolute necessity of eye cream

The eyes are not only the windows to the soul, but they also show 80% of your current state. Having bright eyes without dark circles, puffiness, or crow’s feet is a goal that every woman should strive for from a young age. Scientific studies have shown that applying eye cream regularly in the nightly skincare routine for an extended period can make you look up to 5 years younger than your actual age when entering the aging phase.

Eye creams are usually expensive due to the concentrated essence and extracts of high-end ingredients. However, AHC eye cream has shattered this stereotype by offering affordable yet highly effective eye creams. It has quickly become one of the top-recommended eye creams on the market.

One product recommended by Đẹp365 is AHC Ageless Real Eye Cream For Face. It is reasonably priced but has high-quality ingredients that are worth every penny. The thin and fast-absorbing cream has a pleasant, gentle scent. Using eye cream in the nightly skincare routine can visibly improve eye wrinkles, hydrate the skin, and slow down the aging process.

AHC Ageless Real Eye Cream For Face

AHC Ageless Real Eye Cream For Face

10. Use a night cream to lock in moisture

Finally, use a night cream to “lock in” all the nutrients into your skin. All skin types need hydration. Use an appropriate moisturizer and apply it to maximize the benefits of your nighttime skincare routine.

If you’re looking for a cream to suit your needs, you can try Pond’s White Beauty Radiance Boosting Night Cream. This product contains a whitening complex of vitamin B3 and gentle ingredients that moisturize and brighten your skin tone. It also features the Vitamin Gluta-boost technology, which is ten times more effective than Vitamin C. The cream helps fade dark spots and nourishes your skin from deep within, leaving it radiant and firm.

Additionally, you can pair the Pond’s White Beauty Radiance Boosting Day Cream with SPF30 PA+++ for effective sun protection. It shields your skin from UV rays and prevents oxidative damage, giving you a natural, even skin tone, even without makeup.

Tips for achieving the best results when performing a nighttime skincare routine:

  • Depending on your skincare needs, you can be flexible with steps 4, 5, and 6. Alternatively, you can perform all three steps to achieve the best possible skin!
  • Perform your nighttime skincare routine regularly and complete all steps every night.
  • Gently pat or massage your face through each step. This helps the skincare ingredients penetrate deeper into your skin.
  • Get plenty of sleep! Getting enough sleep is essential for your skin cells to recover and function at their best.
  • Choose gentle exfoliating gel products that are suitable for your skin type. Preferably, opt for exfoliants made from natural ingredients.
  • Apply skincare products from the inside out, from bottom to top.
  • Remember to drink enough water.
  • Protect your skin at all times during the day, avoid exposure to sunlight and pollutants.

What is anxiety and how can it be managed?

Anxiety is a natural response to stress and can be described as a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear. It is normal to feel anxious in certain situations, but if anxiety is persistent, excessive or begins to affect daily life, it may be considered a mental health disorder.

There are several ways to manage anxiety, including:

  1. Mindfulness: This involves being present and fully engaged in the current moment, rather than worrying about the future or dwelling on the past.
  2. Exercise: Physical activity can help reduce stress and anxiety by releasing endorphins, which are natural mood-boosters.
  3. Therapy: Talking with a therapist can help you identify the underlying causes of your anxiety and develop coping strategies.
  4. Medication: Anti-anxiety medications, such as benzodiazepines, can help reduce symptoms of anxiety, but should only be taken under the guidance of a doctor.
  5. Relaxation techniques: This can include deep breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, or massage therapy.
  6. Lifestyle changes: Reducing caffeine intake, getting adequate sleep, and avoiding alcohol and drugs can also help manage anxiety.

It is important to note that everyone experiences anxiety differently and what works for one person may not work for another. It is important to find what works for you and to seek professional help if your anxiety is interfering with your daily life.

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