Morning exercise to lose weight: Is it true?

by Johnny Jacks

The most common question when you start exercising is when is the best time to exercise. Is morning exercise effective for weight loss? Are afternoon and evening workouts beneficial? There are many differing opinions about when is the best time to exercise.

In this article, we will find out if morning workouts are better than other times. In addition, different studies will also give you a more general view. From there, each practitioner will get the answer for himself and easily choose the ideal time to practice.

Morning exercise promotes rapid weight loss

Yes, morning stretching or morning exercises will help metabolism and burn fat quickly. Most people will feel energized in the morning (except, of course, for those who haven’t had a good night’s sleep). It is for this reason that many people often prefer to exercise in the morning.

Exercising in the morning increases the production of endorphins. If you start your day with exercise, you’ll come to work in a very happy mood.

Another benefit of a morning workout is that you can comfortably use the gym machines in the gym if you’re a morning workout fan. You won’t have to wait too long to use the exercise machine or stand in a crowded room with sweaty people.

Morning exercise by lifting weights

You can comfortably use the equipment in the gym

The important thing is that exercising in the morning really helps you lose weight and lose belly fat more effectively than other times of the day.

Researcher Gad Asher of the Weizmann Institute shared that morning exercise helps stimulate certain muscle cell genes, thereby promoting sugar and fat metabolism.

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Exercising in the afternoon and evening also has a safe weight loss effect

If you struggle to get out of bed or work late into the night and can’t get up to exercise in the morning, the late afternoon is the perfect time to exercise.

Moreover, there are many people who are busy in the morning with many different tasks such as doing housework, cooking or taking care of children. For them, this is also a reasonable choice. Exercise in the afternoon and evening is considered the most popular exercise time, especially for gym goers.

Afternoon exercise with ball equipment

If you are too busy in the morning, exercising in the evening is also a great choice

Gyms always get very crowded in the afternoon and evening. This is understandable when many people will want to go to the gym after a working day to work out. This is also an effective form of stress relief.

Exercising at night puts your body in a state of less oxygen than it does in the morning. This helps stimulate the lungs to work harder, you will have to breathe more when exercising.

In addition, this is also the time when heart rate and blood pressure are lowest. All of this combined will help reduce the risk of injury and develop more muscle.

Exercising in the afternoon and evening will of course also have a safe weight loss effect and help you lose body fat. However, this time will not be as appropriate as the morning if you have a need to lose weight and reduce belly fat.

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Is it better to exercise in the morning or in the evening?

The question will be whether you should exercise in the morning or at night. Working out in the morning and in the evening definitely makes a difference. Because the human body will have changes at each time of the day.

Depending on your training goals, you can choose the best time to exercise for each of your goals, such as losing weight quickly or building muscle.

If you want to lose weight and improve blood circulation, you should exercise in the morning to burn more fat. This is a good time for exercisers to effectively lose belly fat.

If the goal is to build muscle, you should train in the evening. Because this is the time when our body will release the most testosterone – this hormone will help build muscles and strengthen immunity.

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Some notes for effective morning exercise to lose weight

In short, there is no perfect time to exercise. If there is a need to lose weight, the answer will be to exercise in the morning to improve efficiency. However, if you are too busy and do not have time to practice in the morning, afternoon and evening are also a good choice.

listen to music while exercising

To decide when to practice, you should clearly define your goals

Here are some small tips to help you exercise more effectively in the morning:

  • Eat about 1 hour before exercise: You can add a slice of bread and an egg containing 100-200 calories to have enough energy for an early morning workout.
  • Getting enough sleep will help you wake up each morning to exercise. Most importantly, you will feel comfortable with your morning workout.
  • Limit adding too much carbs after exercise: This can make you bloated or shock your hips. You should eat enough carbs and add protein and fruits.
  • Drink a glass of water or a cup of coffee before exercise to ensure adequate hydration. In addition, you should also prepare a bottle of water to replenish during exercise.
  • Load more calories after each workout: You will need to load a good amount of calories into your body, using refined carbs, protein, fiber and water.
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With these notes, hopefully you will have the best preparation to be able to have an effective morning workout. Quickly achieve the desired weight and measurements. Remember, regular exercise is the most effective and safest way to help you lose weight!

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