Is it good to raise children according to the Easy method?

by Johnny Jacks
The Easy method was born as a “major revolution” for parents who “diaper” in the period of newborn care. “Is easy parenting good?” Probably a big question for most modern parents. Let answer this question in detail in the article below.

What is the Easy Parenting Method?

Before answering the question “is raising children with the Easy method good”, we need to understand what this method is. The EASY Method is a life cycle concept designed specifically for babies, derived from the popular infant parenting handbook Baby Whisperer introduced by author Tracy Hogg. Parents can understand that this is a way to train their children to follow a series of repetitive scientific activities. This cycle of activities will take place continuously throughout the day, from the time your baby wakes up to the time he sleeps at night.

EASY is a combination of the words: Eat (eat), activity (play), sleep (sleep) and your time (mother’s relaxation time). Specifically:

E – eat: When the baby is given breast milk or formula, food (when ready).

A – activity: Repeated healthy activities help children develop cognitively, physically and mentally.

S – sleep: The mother trains her child to sleep according to the habit, helping the baby to develop comprehensively and the mother to be less strenuous.

Y – relaxation time: Time for mom to relax or do personal things.

Is easy parenting good?

So is the Easy method good for raising children? It is no coincidence that many parents around the world apply the EASY method to their children. Because the Easy method not only brings great benefits to mother and baby at the time of implementation, but also brings many benefits in the future.

Like other parenting methods, besides the surprising advantages, the Easy method also has some undesirable disadvantages when the mother applies it incorrectly or inappropriately.

Advantages of the Easy method:

Help your child form a healthy, scientific habit, eat better and sleep better. This is the foundation for children to develop comprehensively both physically and cognitively.

Help children “connect” with parents through conditioned reflexes.

Mothers understand better about their children and take appropriate and timely actions when accurately capturing the “signals”, their children’s needs according to their habits (hungry, sad to go to the toilet or upset,…).

Mom has more free time to rest, take care of herself and do the things she loves.

Help create habits and routines of scientific activities for children right from birth – a solid foundation for independent development.

Disadvantages of Easy method:

The Easy method is the most modern way of raising children today, so it is easy to cause “conflicts” in thoughts and actions in the family because of generational differences.

If the mother does it the wrong way, it can cause stress and anxiety problems, negatively affect the child’s brain development, and potentially pose mental health risks.

In many cases, because mothers feed their children too much in one meal, they inadvertently increase the risk of diseases of the digestive tract, liver, kidneys, etc. for their children.

In fact, many parents rush to apply the Easy method to their children without carefully understanding and “testing” the adaptability of their children. This is maintained, causing the child’s biological clock to be reversed, causing the child to grow slowly, and even affecting the formation of his personality later. Before applying any method, you need to apply it flexibly with the principle of gradual steps. This is not only the first lesson of a child’s life, but also the beginning of a parent’s journey.

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3 steps to implement the Easy method for babies

Thus, whether raising children according to the Easy method is good no longer depends largely on how parents apply it. It only works best when parents know how to apply it flexibly, consistently and appropriately. To successfully establish a method with your child will take a lot of your time in the early stages. Join Monkey to learn in detail 3 steps to apply the Easy method for babies.

Step 1 – Learn the Easy method: This is a very necessary stage that parents should not ignore. Because when you know and understand the core principles, you will stay mentally strong and easily apply them properly. Mothers can learn more in parenting books or articles sharing real experiences from experts or trusted breastfeeding mothers. In addition, the notes and things to avoid in the process of learning the method are also extremely necessary for parents when applying this method.

Step 2 – Planning: After having a good understanding of the Easy method, parents can make their own short-term and long-term plans based on reference principles. When developing a plan, parents need to combine the reference lesson with the child’s condition and needs. Don’t forget to learn about your child’s habits and activities to apply the method in the best way.

Step 3 – Implement the Easy method: Now let’s apply the planned method! In the process of implementing the Easy method, in the early stages, there will be quite a few difficulties. However, parents do not give up because the method can only be successful when repeated many times. Don’t forget to “mobilize” the support, consensus and consistency of the whole family.

Instructions for 3 steps to practice the Easy cycle for your baby in each stage

Obviously, Easy is one of the effective parenting methods that parents should try. According to pediatric experts, Easy cycles at each stage and age will have a different application. Join Monkey to learn 3 steps to practice the Easy cycle for babies in each stage that parents should refer to.

Easy 3 cycle (children 0-6 weeks or up to 3 months)

When the baby is between 0 and 3 months old and weighs over 2.7 kg, the mother can apply the Easy method with a 3-hour cycle. The principle of this cycle is that when the baby is full, the mother should feed the baby after 3 hours.

Exercises to apply the Easy 3 cycle at home are as follows:

7:00 am: Mom wakes me up, feeds me breakfast and does light exercise.

8 am – 10 am: Give your baby the first nap for 1-2 hours so that the mother has time to rest.

10am: Give your child lunch and do light exercise.

11am – 1pm: The next nap is 1-2 hours. Mom rested too.

13:00: Give your child the first dinner and light exercise.

14:00 – 16:00: Give your child the third nap of the day, mother rest.

16h: Give your child a second dinner and light exercise.

17h – 17h30: Give your child a Wednesday nap.

17:30: I wake up, you can let me play for about 1 hour.

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18:30: Mom let me take a bath and prepare for dinner.

19:00: Feed your child dinner and go to bed.

Easy 4 cycle (about 2-5 months baby)

When your baby is between 2-5 months old (8-19 weeks), you should reduce the amount of time your baby sleeps by cutting out 1 nap during the day. Instead, your baby’s playtime should be increased. The goal of the EASY 4 cycle is to increase your baby’s waking time during the day and prolong his or her sleep at night.

Exercises to apply the Easy 4 cycle at home:

7:00: Give your child breakfast and exercise, play gently.

9am – 11am: Give me the 1st nap. Mom can rest.

11am: Feed your child lunch and play for about 2 hours.

13:00 – 15:00: Give your child a second nap. Mom takes a break.

15:00: Give your child dinner and light exercise.

17h – 17h30: Give your child an extra nap in the afternoon (about 30 minutes), the mother combines with rest.

17:30: Mother should give the child a snack if he is hungry and stop eating at night.

6:30 p.m.: Mother washes the baby and prepares to eat dinner.

19h00: Feed your child dinner and go to bed.

Easy 2-3-4 cycle (about 19-46 weeks)

This cycle applies when your baby is between 19-46 weeks old. During the day, children should sleep about 2 times and the time between meals should be about 4 hours apart. The time for each daytime nap is also shortened, to only 30-45 minutes.

The characteristics of babies in this age group are: Will sleep late and have a harder time falling asleep; wake up asking for food at night or lie down and do not want to sleep again. So, reducing daytime naps and moving your child’s feeding time closer to the family’s lunchtime are important goals.

Exercises to apply the Easy 2-3-4 cycle at home:

7:00: Give your child breakfast (milk and snacks); Play for about 2 hours.

9am: Put your baby to sleep for about 2 hours. Mom takes a break.

11am: Give your child lunch and play and exercise for about 3 hours.

14:00: Let your child take a nap for about 1.5 – 2 hours.

15h30 – 16h: Get your child up and eat dinner.

16h – 20h: Mom takes me to take a bath, then let me play and feed/eat solids for dinner.

20h: Put the child to bed and do not eat at night.

Easy 5-6 cycles (children about 46 weeks and up)

The Easy 5-6 cycle in the Easy method is especially suitable for babies from 46 weeks of age and up. At this time, the child’s activities have changed markedly and the child has started to have an activity time similar to that of an adult. Babies often show signs of wanting to skip a nap during the day, they just want to take an afternoon nap and stay up and play more. Your baby will sleep later at night and find it difficult to fall asleep.

At this stage, you need to increase the time your baby is awake during the day and reduce the amount of daytime naps until they can be completely cut off. The routine of the baby at this age is an important foundation to help form the habit of living when the child grows up.

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Exercises to apply the Easy 5-6 cycle at home:

7:00: Give your child milk and breakfast, then play sports.

11:30: Give your child lunch, light exercise.

12h: Let your child nap for about 2 hours. Mother combined rest.

14h – 14h30: Mother gives me milk and snacks for dinner.

3pm – 6pm: Let your child stay awake and active.

18:30 – 19:00: Mom gives me dinner, bath, personal hygiene.

19h30 – 20h: Mother reads books to her children to prepare for bed.

Some good tips for moms to make applying the Easy method easier include:

  • Avoid letting your baby pacify and sleep at the same time. You can use a pacifier, then gradually remove it as your baby sleeps.
  • Play soft and familiar music while your baby sleeps. Similarly, mothers should play funny music when the child is awake to play.
  • You should be flexible with your child’s lying position, making it easier for him to fall asleep in the future.
  • Talk to your child.

The application of the Easy method to your child will largely depend on his signs. Therefore, parents should not be in a hurry when they see that their children are not ready to move on to the next Easy cycle.

Notes when applying the Easy method for easy parenting

When learning about the Easy method and the question “Is it good to raise children according to the Easy method”, parents should note that the benefits that the Easy method bring have been proven, but its application is not easy. easy. Here are important notes when applying the Easy method that parents need to know.

Prepare carefully: Parents need to understand the goals and meaning of the Easy method. After that, parents need to prepare carefully from the spirit, to the design of a most suitable activity schedule based on observing the child’s living habits. Some effective “assistants” that mothers need such as swaddles, pacifiers or separate cots… for babies to be independent soon.

Consistency, consensus from the whole family: All family members need to have consensus, trust and consistency to implement the Easy method of raising children to achieve the fastest and best effect.

Be patient: Easy parenting can’t be achieved overnight because it takes a long time to get your child into a “framework” schedule. The days when children naturally “break the calendar” are also inevitable. Parents, please consider it normal and do not forget to patiently rehearse your baby the next day.

With the information surrounding the topic of “Is raising children according to the Easy method good” above, we hope to help parents gain more useful knowledge and make the wisest choice in finding parenting methods. teach children effectively. Do not forget to share the article if you find it useful and follow every day to update other interesting articles about education.

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