Infected lip tattoo causes and how to fix?

by Johnny Jacks

Lip tattoo is a method to help women own bright, radiant lips. But not everyone who gets a lip tattoo can achieve the desired effect. There are many cases of infected lip tattoo. This situation makes many women worry, do not know what is the cause of this situation? And how to fix it? Then right in this article we will reveal to you the answer!

Causes of infected lip tattoo

It can be said that the lip tattoo method is one of the safest ways to beautify and does not damage nerves or blood vessels. This technology only slightly affects the epidermis of the lips. However, due to some of the reasons below, you may have a lip infection after tattooing and affect your health such as:

Using outdated tattoo spraying methods

If it comes to the causes of an infected lip tattoo, surely one of them is using an old tattoo spray method. Currently, there are many poor quality beauty addresses using spray technology with large needle heads and unsafe color injection systems. This not only makes it difficult for the technicians, but it also has bad consequences for the customer’s lips.

Therefore, when the needle has a strong impact on the epidermis, it can invisibly cause damage to your lips, creating open wounds, swelling and blisters. Therefore, you should consider to choose a tattoo spray address that uses a safe and effective lip spray method.

Using poor quality inkjet ink

Ink spray is one of the factors that determine the results of tattooing. Therefore, when you use inkjet ink mixed with chemicals, inkjet ink is made of poor quality, it can make your lips dark or infected.

Therefore, this is also something that you need to pay attention to so as not to experience irritation after lip tattooing.

Careless skin care after tattooing

In addition to choosing the wrong tattoo spray address, using poor quality inkjet ink, unscientific skin care is also the reason why your lips are infected. Many customers often use foods that cause swollen lips, do not clean their lips, often use stimulants such as tobacco or alcohol, ..

From there, it can affect the lip color. Not stopping there, it also makes your lips irritated and infected.

After you know the causes of an infected lip tattoo, you can refer to the most accurate symptoms when encountering the above case below.

How to recognize signs of lip infection after tattooing?

One of the most basic signs of an infected lip tattoo is blisters on your lips. Usually after about 1-3 days, your lips will appear tiny pimples, white as if there is water inside. If not treated in time, the blisters can spread and become larger in size.

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Blistering lips: A blistered, festering lip condition is also a sign of damaged lip spray. After tattooing, if you feel pain, discomfort or burning for about 2-3 days in a row, you should immediately contact your doctor for timely treatment. Because, this is the most obvious sign of an infected lip tattoo.

Lips are sore, watery: This is the most serious sign when your lips are infected after tattooing. According to doctors, this is a complication after lip spray that is extremely dangerous to health. Therefore, if you are unfortunate enough to encounter this symptom, immediately go to the beauty parlor or doctor for treatment.

Painful lips, bruises: For this condition, you should observe for about 1 – 10 days to feel it. If after this time, your lips are still sore, difficult to move and bruised, this is also a sign of infected lips. You should consult a doctor to be closely monitored and give the direction to remedy this situation as soon as possible.

Surely here, many of you wonder about the methods to overcome the situation after tattooing infected lips. Read it right here.

So what to do if the lip tattoo is infected?

The infection status after lip tattoo has levels from mild to severe, each case will have different treatment methods, depending on each manifestation that gives a suitable remedy.

In case of mild infection, swollen lips

In this case, you need to disinfect your lips with physiological saline, absolutely do not use products containing other detergents. Physiological saline will help soothe the lips and inhibit the production of bacteria, thereby helping to reduce lip swelling and limit more severe infections.

At the same time, you can use ointment to disinfect your lips, if after about 2 days, your lip condition does not improve, you should go to a dermatology address for timely treatment.

In case of lip tattoo with blisters

This is a sign that the lips have been seriously damaged after tattooing, this case needs the intervention of a doctor. However, you should also disinfect your lips with salt water to limit the bacteria attack.

For severely infected lips

If you fall into a serious infection such as severe inflammatory sores, pain, swelling, prolonged bruising, etc., you should go to a dermatology hospital or medical facility to be examined and treated by a doctor. timely.

In case of dark lips without color

When the lips are dark, about 1-2 weeks the lips are still not colored, you need to add a lot of water and essential nutrients for the body.

If your lips still don’t improve after that, you should go back to re-apply your lips. Note that the lip balm time is after 2 months since the lip tattoo

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In addition to the methods to fix the skin after tattooing is infected, customers should also note some skin care ways below to limit the situation of infected lip tattoo.

Some ways to take care of the skin after tattooing is infected

Notes in skin care

To avoid infection, you should pay attention to lip care after tattooing such as:

  • You should drink enough water to reduce chapped lips. However, customers should pay attention to using straws to limit their lips contact with water.
  • In addition, apply ice to your lips for the first 4-5 hours after getting your lips tattooed. You should also apply a doctor-approved skin cream regularly using a cotton ball. In addition, Vaseline is also one of the products that you can consider using.
  • You absolutely must not use lipstick for about 1 week after tattooing lips. Do not stop there, you are not allowed to arbitrarily touch your lips, peel off scales or press your lips.
  • To avoid getting infected lip tattoo, you absolutely should not take a hot bath, swim in the sea or lake for about 1 month after tattooing. Because in the aquatic environment, bacteria can enter your lips.


  • After tattooing, you should add foods containing many vitamins for the body to strengthen the immune system and prevent lip infections such as oranges, grapefruits, papayas, tangerines, pineapples, tomatoes, ..
  • At the same time, you should also avoid foods containing stimulants and dark colors such as alcohol, tobacco, coffee, etc. These are all substances that can stimulate an infected lip tattoo condition.
  • In addition, you should also abstain from seafood, beef, chicken, .. because these food groups can cause irritation and make the skin take longer to heal. Customers should also abstain from certain foods such as water spinach, glutinous rice, etc. Because it can cause your skin to fester and be prone to swelling.

Some products should be applied after tattooing

To limit lip infections and help lips become more beautiful, doctors will recommend using topical products such as Power Repair CS Lab, Chlorocina H, ..

At the same time, you can use a moisturizer like Vaseline, moisturizing coconut oil or some other beauty ingredient.

It can be said that, in addition to taking care of the skin carefully, in order to limit the infection of the lip tattoo and the beautiful lip color, the sisters also need to find out a reputable and good quality lip tattoo spray address. Therefore, what are you waiting for without consulting right below.

Beauty salon – PRESTIGE, QUALITY tattoo spray address

Currently, almost all beauty addresses have tattoo spray services. However, not all spas and beauty salons possess modern and high-quality lip tattooing methods. If you choose a poor quality address, it is very easy to get infected lip tattoo.

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Therefore, knowing the address of quality tattoo spray is extremely important. Beauty Spa is the leading tattoo and beauty salon in Vietnam with more than 45 branches across the country.

In addition, Beauty Spa also boasts of extremely modern infrastructure and beauty equipment. When you have a beauty treatment here, you will experience a feeling of luxury and comfort. Therefore, when tattooing here, customers will easily see great advantages such as:

  • Extremely safe inkjet material: All tattooing services here are used natural tattoo ink. Therefore, it will ensure safety for customers and make the lip color beautiful. The ink spray here is also tested to be safe for health.
  • Sterilized machines: If you are worried about getting infected lips, at Beauty Spa you will be more secure about it. Because, the equipment and machinery here are 100% sterile and sterilized. This also ensures the safety of the customer’s skin.
  • The lip spray process ensures the standards of the Ministry of Health: The lip spray process is used in aseptic conditions. At the same time, the technicians are extremely skilled. Therefore, the steps of tattooing are extremely detailed and highly effective.
  • More specifically, each technician will use a special nozzle with a micro-needle tip, leading the ink to the lips well. Therefore, the tattoo needle can put the ink spray into the epidermis of the lips without harming the lips. From there, you do not need to worry about the problem of getting infected lips.
  • Modern lip spray technology: Currently, Beauty Spa uses various lip tattoo spray methods such as crystal lip spray, 3D lip spray, collagen lip spray, lip treatment or natural serum lip spray. Dear. Therefore, you can easily refer to the tattoo spray method that suits you best.

Hopefully, with the above information, you have known the causes and symptoms of infected lip tattoo. At the same time, to avoid the situation that after tattooing the lips, the skin is infected and the lip color is not beautiful, please refer to the prestigious Spa lip tattoo address!

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