The most effective way to suck lead on the face today

by Johnny Jacks

Suctioning lead on the face is a way to help purify and detoxify the lead inside the skin, while removing dirt, sebum, dead skin and pigmentation that cause dull skin. From there, it helps to keep the skin healthy and slows down the skin aging process, improves the color and avoids skin diseases such as acne, melasma, freckles. Therefore, in this article, we will reveal to you how to effectively suck lead on your face at home.

Why should you regularly smoke detox lead on your face?

You may not know, exposure to dust or using cosmetics of unknown origin can lead to your skin being contaminated with lead. If left untreated, it can cause serious damage to your skin.

The manifestation of lead contaminated skin is that your skin will become increasingly dull, appear more black spots. At the same time, the skin will appear many pimples, pustules that make the skin rough and rough.

Lead-contaminated skin is also more susceptible to aging than healthy skin. More seriously, your skin may also appear allergic, so the implementation of ways to suck lead on the skin of the face is extremely necessary. Lead suction detox for the skin has the ability to work to help remove toxins in the skin to the outside, stimulate the reduction of lead deep in the skin, thereby returning you bright, smooth skin.

Besides, smoking detox also helps increase blood circulation as well as metabolism, making your skin naturally rosy. As a result, pigment spots and signs of skin aging will also gradually improve.

Top 7 ways to smoke toxic lead at home safely

Many people often mistakenly believe that detoxification must be done at reputable spas to achieve high efficiency. However, you can completely perform the ways to suck lead on your face at home because there are many simple ways to suck lead on the skin that anyone can follow.

Here are some effective home remedies for lead removal that you can do:

How to remove lead for facial skin at home with honey

Banana is not only a delicious fruit, rich in nutrients, but also has a great beauty effect. Besides, the combination of bananas with honey will have a great effect on drawing toxins from your skin.

The way to draw toxic lead from bananas and honey is also very simple and easy to do. You just need to crush a ripe banana, then mix it with honey and apply this mixture on the skin for about 10-15 minutes and then wash it off.

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Drinking warm lemon water daily helps to remove lead from the face at home

Drinking warm lemon water every day is one of the most effective ways to absorb lead on the face. Drinking a glass of warm lemon after waking up has the ability to eliminate toxins, stimulate the liver and kidneys to function well.

Besides, warm lemon water also has the ability to promote blood circulation, thereby helping wastes be eliminated very easily. As a result, your skin will be better purified.

However, this method does not apply to people with stomach diseases. In addition, not only warm lemon water, but you also need to drink enough water every day to make the skin’s detoxification effective.

How to remove lead for facial skin at home with celery

Celery is one of the vegetables that many women love because of its extremely high nutritional content. In addition to nutritional supplements, celery also has antioxidant effects, maintains elasticity and eliminates toxins on the skin.

To perform a detox lead for your skin with celery, you proceed to chop the vegetable and put it in a cup of hot water. You cover the cup and leave it for about 15-20 minutes and then apply the celery juice on your face. After the skin is dry, you just need to wash your face with water.

If possible, you should drink celery juice directly to detoxify the whole body. Drinking celery juice will help you absorb more nutrients, thereby detoxifying more effectively than applying it directly to the face.

Regular facial steaming also helps to remove facial lead at home

Sauna is one of the quick and convenient ways to help your skin be purified from toxins and dirt that have accumulated for too long.

During the steaming process, waste is eliminated from the body through perspiration. The implementation of this way of drawing lead on the face also helps to shrink pores, thereby helping your skin get rid of dull, lifeless conditions.

How to remove lead for facial skin with tomatoes and honey

Many people often think that tomatoes are only capable of treating problems of acne, dark spots, freckles, but do not know that tomatoes also have the effect of cleaning, removing toxins and sucking lead on the skin extremely effectively. fruit.

To perform this beauty method, you need to mix tomato juice with honey and then apply this mixture on your skin for 15-20 minutes. After that, wash your skin with clean water. In addition to detoxifying, this way also helps your skin become whiter and smoother.

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Support to remove lead from the face at home by exfoliating the skin

Exfoliating regularly is a must to both remove dead skin cells and help keep pores from becoming clogged with lead poisoning.

Exfoliating regularly 2-3 times per week will also help increase color circulation on the skin, thereby giving you a smooth, white skin without any toxins on the skin.

Exercising every day helps to purify the skin and eliminate lead in the skin

Similar to the steam method, the exercise method is also one of the ways to draw lead on the face through sweating. The amount of sweat secreted when exercising will pull toxic wastes in the body, thereby returning you healthy skin.

The benefits of exercise do not stop at the detoxification of the skin, but also help your body to be much healthier. Therefore, exercise is one of the effective ways to help you both take care of your skin and protect your own health.

Steps to properly suck lead on the face

Although the ways to detox lead at home with natural materials are very safe, benign and cost-effective. However, according to experts, these methods can only remove lead toxicity in the skin at a mild level.

Mainly these ways will help the skin to exfoliate, remove dirt, sebum, provide nutrients for healthy skin and support anti-aging skin. As for long-term lead-infected skin, when applying lead suction on the skin at home, there is no noticeable improvement.

Therefore, you should look to reputable spa and beauty salons that have facial lead aspiration services to get lead suction according to standard medical procedures, advanced lead suction technology and experts in lead suction techniques. Professional, … You can refer to the steps to properly suck lead on the face at the Spa in detail as follows:

  • Step 1: Skin examination, examination and analysis of the level of lead contaminated skin.
  • Step 2: Remove makeup, clean your face with a specialized cleanser.
  • Step 3: Steam your face to open up your pores and help your skin absorb nutrients from the product better.
  • Step 4: The therapist conducts a facial massage, and at the same time presses the acupoints to relax the facial muscles
  • Step 5: Use a dedicated lead suction machine to conduct lead suction on the skin of the face.
  • Step 6: Hot steam to secrete dirty sebum, acne bran emerges on the skin.
  • Step 7: Use the vacuum cleaner to absorb oil and acne, wipe your face clean.
  • Step 8: Apply a specialized detox mask for about 20 minutes, then wipe your face.
  • Step 9: Cold steam to close pores
  • Step 10: Spray Oxy Jet helps restore damaged skin and rejuvenate skin, making skin white, smooth, and tightening pores.
  • Step 11: Apply serum to regenerate skin and apply moisturizing cream.
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It can be seen that lead aspiration at a reputable facility will be much more effective than doing it at home. Therefore, in order to save time and quickly restore and healthy skin, you should look for addresses that provide lead suction services on facial skin.

Notes when performing lead smoking at home that you need to remember

The ways to suck lead on the face are only really safe and effective if you carefully remember the following notes:

  • Do not perform the mask and sauna method of detoxification too many times in a week. You only need to suck the toxic lead 2-3 times to be enough for your skin. Too much masking and steaming will cause your skin to experience unwanted side effects.
  • Homemade masks to absorb lead must be used within the day because if left for too long, the vitamins will be oxidized and contaminated, thereby endangering your skin.
  • It is necessary to wash your face before applying the mask and steaming method because otherwise, the dirt will stick to your skin more, making the detoxification of lead not take place but also make your skin condition. worse.
  • Wearing a mask or steaming for a long time does not mean that your skin will absorb more nutrients. You only need to do them within 10-15 minutes, which is enough for lead absorption and skin nutrition.

However, if you are a busy person, do not have much time to perform lead suction on your face at home, you can absolutely go to the spa to perform this cosmetic method.

Hope you have chosen what is the best way to draw lead on your face. Stay tuned for the following articles to update other useful beauty knowledge!

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