How to effectively reduce thigh fat to suddenly regain slim legs

by Johnny Jacks
You try to imagine the scene when standing next to a person with slim, slender legs, but looking back at their legs, they are like “family pillars”, this more or less makes us feel sad. So why don’t I quickly find a way to lose thigh fat? This article will reveal to you some extremely effective tips to help you regain slim legs.

What causes thigh fat?

The formation of thigh fat makes your legs gradually become too big. It not only makes you lack confidence when wearing your favorite jeans and shorts, but also greatly affects the overall aesthetic of your body.
The reason why many people gain thigh fat is due to:

Genetic factors

The formation of thigh fat also comes from genetic factors. If your parents are of the gene for large thighs, then there is a high chance that you will have thigh fat because of the genes of your parents. In this case, ordinary measures such as exercise, or diet are also very difficult to change the desired shape. The best way to reduce thigh fat for this case is to use fat reduction technology or liposuction surgery to be able to own the desired thigh.

Due to unscientific eating, eating too much

When you eat too much starch or fat, it will make the calories in the body to be in excess, creating fat. And the place where the most fat accumulates is the thighs. Therefore, you need to control your diet, eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, protein-rich foods, … and combine with persistent exercise to burn fat in the thighs.

Living habits unscientific

Bad habits such as being lazy, staying up late, sitting still, eating at the wrong time, etc. will make your biological clock disordered. This can also cause thigh fat to form. Therefore, overcome this situation by resetting your body gradually with good habits such as exercising every day, getting enough sleep, not staying up late, etc.

Practicing the wrong way

This is also a big reason why many people who exercise regularly, accumulate more thigh fat than do not exercise. For example, exercises with weights at the gym, if not properly instructed, can have the opposite effect. Specifically, such as exercising with a weight that exceeds the strength of the thighs, or jogging on the machine with the wrong posture, …

Effectively reduce thigh fat with home gym exercises

For thigh fat when exercising at home, there must be many limitations compared to exercising at the gym. However, you do not need to worry too much because there are still many great exercises to burn thigh fat such as jogging, Cardio exercises or HIIT. Both exercises to increase heart rate and breathing rate are easy to do, but regular exercise can burn a large amount of fat.
Here are suggestions for you. If you abstain from exercising, I am sure you will soon own slim legs.

Exercise 1: Push up – Push-ups or push-ups

This is a type of HIIT exercise, also known as high intensity exercise. This exercise will help burn excess fat in the body extremely effectively. Because it makes the metabolism and cardiovascular system work extremely hard. Thanks to that, it burns a huge amount of calories, improves cardiovascular status, balances insulin, increases muscle and increases the body’s resistance.
Step 1: Both arms are placed on the floor perpendicular to the shoulders and back, toes resting on the floor, contracting the abdominal muscles, tightening the buttocks to form a straight line.
Step 2: Start slowly lowering your body, inhale deeply until it touches the floor and the base of the grass forms a right angle, then exhale.
Step 3: Push the body back to the original position, keeping the body in a straight line
Step 4: Repeat the above steps quickly for 30 seconds.

Exercise 2: Squats

Surely many girls have known this exercise, because of its ability to firm and round the buttocks very well. But did you know this exercise also reduces thigh fat, enhances flexibility for the back and burns calories in the thighs and arms.
Step 1: Stand up straight, feet hip-width apart, hands placed behind your head
Step 2: Start slowly lowering the hips down vertically, lowering as deeply as possible, but do not let the knees exceed the toes.
Step 3: Raise your body back to the starting position
Do it at least 30 times in about 2 minutes

Exercise 3: Lunges

This move is very easy to do, it can help you lose a large amount of fat, tighten your buttocks and slim your legs. Because lunges work so many muscles, it can burn calories in the body, making your lower body move more flexible and gradually firmer.
Step 1: Standing comfortably, place your feet slightly wider than your hips, your hands on your hips, eyes straight ahead.
Step 2: Step your left foot forward while taking a deep breath, then lower your body vertically and knees into a right angle. The position of the left knee should not exceed the toe and the right leg should be parallel to the floor.
Step 3: Slowly exhale and return to the original position
Step 4: Switch legs and continue to follow the same steps about 20 times for about 2 minutes.

Exercise 4: Mountain Climber

Reading the name, you must have understood this move like climbing a mountain, it can reduce your thigh size, tone your muscles very quickly if done correctly.
Step 1: Put your toes and hands on the floor, so that your hands are perpendicular to the floor, your elbows are below your shoulders, keep your legs closed, your body forms a straight line from your head to your heels, and squeeze tight abs.
Step 2: Push the left foot towards the left hand and return to the starting position.
Step 3: Repeat the right leg like step 2, repeat the left foot to the right leg and increase the speed gradually. It is recommended to perform 15 times on each side, for a total of 30 times on both sides.

Exercise 5: Jumping Jacks

Do you know? This move can burn more than 300 calories in just 20 minutes. Therefore, if regular exercise combined with nutrition can reduce thigh fat quickly.
Step 1: Keeping an upright position, tighten your abs and close your legs
Step 2: Dip your lower body down and jump high, kicking your legs to the sides and pushing your hands up
Step 3: Return to the original position and jump continuously about 30 times, as quickly as possible, up to 2 minutes
In addition to the above gym exercises, you can do some more exercises such as running, swimming, jumping rope, walking, cycling, climbing stairs, Deadlifts, Side Leg Raises, Side to Curtsy Lunge, Front Kicks, Plank , …

Exercise 6: Pulling legs to reduce thigh fat

This is an exercise that helps blood circulation, supple thighs and significant fat loss. We can sit somewhere practice with an elastic tracksuit for ease of practice.
– First, everyone should warm up to warm up for about 5 minutes.
– Then, sit down and bring your legs straight out to one side for comfort.
– Continue to bring your hands to your calves and then slowly bring them to the toes.
Hold the position for a moment and switch to the other leg.

Practice effective yoga to reduce thigh fat at home

In addition to gym, you can also apply some yoga exercises. Yoga exercises are usually gentler, more flexible and flexible than gym exercises. However, it requires perseverance to practice every day, if giving up halfway or practicing every other day will not be effective. Follow some suggestions of yoga exercises to reduce thigh fat below:

Yoga exercise 1: Chair pose

This is an easy move to do, but not everyone can stay long with this pose. Because it puts a lot of force on the thighs, it proves that the chair pose burns the thigh fat very strongly. If you persist in doing it every day, you will get used to it and increase the time you can stay with this pose longer.
Step 1: Stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart
Step 2: Raise your hands up high, slowly start to bend your knees so that your thighs are almost parallel to the floor.
Step 3: Hold in an upright position for about 30 seconds and return to the starting position. When the body has adapted well to this position, lift for a longer time.

Yoga exercise 2: Boat pose

Listening to the name of the movement, you will probably imagine how the exercise posture is? It can be said that this is a yoga exercise that burns a huge amount of body fat, especially the thighs. So you can include this exercise in your daily yoga set.
Step 1: Start lying on your back on the yoga mat and straighten both arms and legs
Step 2: Slowly raise the leg and keep the knee straight
Step 3: Stretch your arms straight out in front of you and try to touch your toes with your fingers
Step 4: Hold this position for about 20-30 minutes/time. These steps should be repeated at least 3 times.

Yoga Exercises: Grasshopper Pose

This is a yoga movement that helps to tone the buttocks and thighs very well. Because just holding this position for a long time, the excess fat in the buttocks and thighs will be burned strongly. Besides, it also helps to straighten the back muscles and balance the breathing more evenly.
Step 1: Lie face down on a yoga mat, straighten and squeeze your back muscles
Step 2: Put your hands on either side of your hips, take a deep breath and lift your legs and body upwards.
Step 3: Put force into the thigh muscles and raise the leg so that the knee is not bent.
Step 4: Hold this position for 1 minute and then slowly lower.
This exercise should be repeated at least 3 times.
In addition to the above yoga exercises, you can learn and practice other exercises to reduce thigh fat such as: warrior pose; sitting posture pressed legs; camel pose, leg extension; dance poses;…
The first days of yoga or gym can make your muscles sore because the body has not adapted and stretched quite a lot. The pain will disappear after the exercises. So be persistent in practicing every day, we are sure you will soon have the thighs you want.

How to effectively massage thighs to lose weight at home

Massage is also an effective and safe way to reduce thigh fat. You can combine both yoga/gym exercises and thigh massage to increase the effectiveness of reducing thigh size faster.
How to reduce thigh fat by massage method is not difficult, but it requires you to use a lot of hand force and do it properly. Besides, you should combine with some ingredients such as ginger wine, coconut oil or olive oil, the excess fat in the thighs will be melted more easily. Because these ingredients will make the massage technique smoother and easier to perform. At the same time, the strong friction of the force and the material will heat the fat and burn the excess fat in the thighs.
Specifically, you can follow these massage steps:
Step 1: Prepare ginger wine or can replace olive oil, or coconut oil or have fat-soluble cream, the better.
Step 2: Clean the skin on the thighs and apply the ingredients to the thighs, by the way, you can also apply the calves.
Step 3: Conduct a massage, you can use both hands to massage in a circular motion, directed along the buttocks and thighs to the calves, massage thoroughly in the dark areas if any. Use just enough force to heat and penetrate deep into the fat area.
It is recommended to do it for at least 30 minutes and do it every day for faster results.

Build a diet to lose thigh fat

Thigh fat is a difficult part to reduce, so just exercising or massaging is not enough. You need to build yourself a scientific weight loss diet to avoid binge eating that will make the training process ineffective. Here are some suggestions for a scientific diet, which is also an effective way to reduce thigh fat:

Reduce consumption of sugar, starch

When you consume too much starch and sugar, the body will become heavy and easy to accumulate excess fat, especially in the thighs. Therefore, you should reduce the amount of foods containing sugar and starches consumed each day and replace them with whole grains. This food is very good for the process of reducing excess fat, because it provides enough nutrients for the body but does not cause fat accumulation.

Reduce salt intake every day

Excess salt in the body will cause water retention that affects the body. And positions like hips and thighs. Therefore, you should reduce the amount of salt in your daily dishes, eat as much peanuts as possible for your health. In particular, it is recommended to remove salted fish dishes, salted fruits, etc. from the menu to reduce thigh fat.

Eat more foods that contain electrolytes

Electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, … will help the body limit salt accumulation, balance the amount of fluid in the body. Thereby limiting the accumulation of excess fat on the body. Electrolytes are often found in foods such as dark green vegetables, bananas, yogurt, legumes, etc.

Add more water to the body

Do you know? The less water you drink, the more water your body stores. But when drinking enough water, the process of eliminating excess salt and unnecessary fluid in the body takes place easier. Besides, when the body is enough water will reduce appetite and reduce bloating. Therefore, you should drink 2-3 liters of water per day to meet the required amount of water for the body.

Eat more fiber and protein

These are two sources of nutrients that contain very few calories, but they keep you full for a long time, without causing cravings. In particular, protein will help you lift muscle and burn fat. Therefore, every day you should eat from 75-100g of protein, from 25-35g of fiber, eat lots of vegetables, fruits and lean meat.

You should build a daily menu

Make yourself a menu to eat every day according to the diets, reduce thigh fat such as LowCarb, Eat Clean, … To tighten the amount of food consumed every day.
Should include in the thigh slimming menu fruits and vegetables such as white radish, spinach, chicken, watermelon, apple, etc. And limit the content of starch, fat, fast food, soft drinks, etc. stimulants, carbonated drinks, etc.

Any tips to help reduce thigh fat faster?

To own the slim and slim legs you want, in addition to exercising every day, eating according to the regime, you should also follow some notes such as:
In the process of training, you should not “fail the speed”, because feelings of impatience, too much exercise or excessive diet can make the ways to reduce thigh fat ineffective.
Do not snack on foods that are high in fat and starch
You should go to bed early, get enough sleep, don’t stay up late to avoid late-night cravings, overeating, leading to disordered body functions. Because actually sleeping is the time when internal organs strongly promote their functions such as elimination. In addition, staying up late can cause the body to secrete a hormone that causes excess fat accumulation.
Balance emotions, do not cause stress, stress. Because this condition will cause the body to release cortisol, which is a hormone that causes weight gain and increases blood sugar.
The process of training must be very persistent, so you should not skip it halfway or practice intermittently, it will make the training process ineffective.

Get slim legs with thigh fat reduction technology

As mentioned, for the body with thigh fat due to genetics or the fact that it is difficult to lose fat and long-term fat, most of the training and diet solutions do not improve much. Because of such cases, adipose tissue often forms tightly, clinging to the skin, and small fatty tissue clings a lot.
Besides, for the ways to lose thigh fat mentioned above, it takes you a long time to maintain a strict exercise and diet with yourself for at least 1 month before there are signs of improvement.
Therefore, you can refer to and choose an effective way to reduce thighs with technology to save time, for quick and safe results.
At Beauty Spa, there is effective E-Sonic thigh slimming technology that is clearly visible only after the end of the course. This slimming technology uses electronic energy to penetrate deep into stubborn fat areas in the thighs. Thereby breaking down adipose tissue, softening, liquefying fat and slowly this fat will be excreted into the excretory system, sweat glands.
In addition, this technology also has a combination with high-intensity RF wavelengths, to promote metabolism and increase collagen production to help skin firm, elastic and anti-stretch marks. Thanks to that, after applying this slimming method, the skin is not sagging, wrinkled, but on the contrary, it is smoother and softer.
E-Sonic slimming technology is extremely safe and highly effective so you can safely use it without worrying about any risks.
Besides the impact of E-Sonic technology, there is also the support of steps such as massage, acupressure to reduce fat under the skills of technicians and infrared light, so the fat burning effect will be extremely effective. high.
It is known that Beauty Salon is a prestigious address with more than 45 branches nationwide. So you can easily find an address near your home and use the thigh fat reduction service. We are sure you will be satisfied with the service here!
The article has shared useful information on how to effectively reduce thighs. The hope is that no matter which method you choose to implement, it will still have the desired effect. But remember to rely on each person’s conditions, needs and time to decide on the best way. If you choose a safe, fast and highly effective thigh slimming service, people can contact a reputable facility for more advice on fat loss services.

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