What is the most effective way to reduce double chin today?

by Johnny Jacks

The chin is the cause of your face less slim and elegant. Currently, there are many ways to reduce double chin are introduced, but what people wonder is which method is the most effective and safe. The following article will help you analyze in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each technique for you to easily evaluate and choose.

Causes of double chin

Knowing the causes of a double chin will help us find the correct way to reduce the double chin effectively.

There are many different factors that combine to make the fat under the chin become thick and saggy, making women feel less confident as before. If the cause of the double chin is identified, you will have an appropriate and effective treatment for the double chin.

The following are the main causes of a double chin:

Double chin appears due to age

Your skin will gradually age and lose elasticity over time. At that time, the skin sagging occurs, revealing the excess fat that is also the cause of the formation of a double chin.

Double chin appears due to diet and weight

You should be careful in the process of eating because there are high-calorie foods and unhealthy fats that are also the cause of double chin.

Double chin appears due to genetics

Heredity can also be a factor in the development of a double chin. If your family has many people with double chin, and your skin has weak elasticity, then you are more likely to have a chin that contains a lot of fat.

And lying position is also the cause of double chin. Sleeping in a bad position can cause the muscles in the neck and chin to compress the neck for a long time, the skin will gradually lose its elasticity, making those muscles weak, leading to the appearance of a double chin.

Some methods to “cover” the double chin temporarily

“Cover” your neck with makeup

Makeup techniques can “turn” your face into a much more elegant and slimmer. As long as you know how to block to create a suitable light and dark effect, the double chin area will be greatly improved.

Choose the right hairstyle

Hairstyle is one of the factors that greatly affect your “beauty”. For those who have a round face or a lot of chin fat, using hair to cover defects will bring significant effects. Especially the thin bangs, long bangs, layered hair hugging face contours…

App to edit photos and photoshop

Photo editing apps are all too familiar to modern girls. You just need to download and use to get “shimmer” images with delicate V-line faces.

However, these are only temporary methods to create a visual deception effect. This can help you feel more confident, but in the long run you should still find ways to reduce the double chin more effectively.

How to reduce double chin by massage method

Few people know that with just simple massage operations, you can also blow away the double chin quickly. Especially this method can be applied anytime, anywhere without being limited in space or time.

The most important thing when performing this method is that you need to determine the position of the jawbone. The massage steps are as follows:

  • Place your thumb on the point between the jawbone and the back of the ear, then place your index finger on the symmetrical point on the other side.
  • Use your thumb and index finger to push the skin of the chin and neck upwards. You should repeat this movement continuously, definitively to affect the areas of skin with excess fat.
  • Consistently applying this method regularly will help you get rid of chin fat for a slimmer face.
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Cheek puff exercise

You just need to inflate your cheeks to stretch your jaw, then stop and hold for about 5-10 seconds. Next, slowly exhale and repeat this movement at least 10 times.

You should note while inflating cheeks should move the air flow in the mouth to the left or right, up, down to increase the fat loss effect.

Exercises to reduce double chin letter “E” and “O”

When you pronounce the letter “E” will cause the jaw line to stretch, next pronounce the letter “O”. Thus, the facial muscles will be trained to become slimmer and reduce excess fat on the face. You need to persevere in doing this method for about 10 minutes a day to see the best results.

Apply tongue exercises

Just with the right tongue movement you can also contribute to effectively reducing the double chin. Close your mouth and push your tongue up so that your tongue rests on the roof of your mouth. Next you need to move your tongue continuously, but do not push your tongue against your teeth too much because it can adversely affect your teeth.

With this method you should apply about 3 times a day to ensure the best effect.

Apply warm water to reduce double chin

This is a method that many young people have applied and brought positive results. You just need to prepare a plastic or glass warm water bottle. Use this water bottle to roll back and forth on the chin area from bottom to top. After the water cools, replace it with new warm water. Repeating this method many times will help reduce fat for a slimmer chin.

Note that you should only use warm water at a moderate temperature to avoid burning your face! With this method, you only need to do about 20 minutes a day, not only to help reduce the chin, but also to make your skin more rosy and firm.

Use a belt to reduce double chin

On the market today, there are a number of specialized belt products to reduce the double chin. This method is loved by many women because it is very convenient and does not take much time to practice. The weight reduction belt will help tighten the muscles on the face, but you need to choose to buy products of reputable brands to ensure quality and effectiveness.

Reduce double chin thanks to a reasonable diet

Weight gain and excess fat are one of the leading causes of double chin. Therefore, implementing a reasonable diet will not only help you regain a slim figure, but also contribute to reducing the double chin for a more “V-line” face.

Specifically, you should apply some notes such as:

– Add more green vegetables, fiber and fruits to the menu every day.

– Should increase protein from low-fat foods such as shrimp, crab, fish, chicken breast, beans …

Limit the use of foods high in starch, sugar, fat, carbonated drinks or processed foods.

Limit salty foods because this will cause an excess of sodium, causing the body to retain water, at this time the face will also be larger than usual.

Simple habits to slimmer face every day

Sometimes just changing a few small daily habits can help you significantly reduce the double chin:

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Keep walking and sitting, lying in the right posture

When you sit or stoop, it is easy to make the muscles in the chin and jawline weaker, easy to accumulate double chin. Therefore, you should always pay attention to keep the waist, shoulders and back straight. For office workers who have to sit often and move less, it is possible to apply some stretching exercises in place such as turning the back, turning the neck slightly to reduce fat.

Chew sugar-free gum

In the process of chewing gum, the jaw muscles will have to work continuously to easily dissolve the excess fat to help the face become slimmer.

Should sleep with low pillow

Choosing a pillow with the right height not only helps you sleep comfortably, but also reduces the condition of your chin and neck pain. You should sleep with a low pillow because if the pillow is too high, it can cause the neck muscles to tense up, not relaxing naturally.

Drinking lots of water also helps to reduce double chin

When you drink enough water, your skin will also be fully hydrated to avoid wrinkles and sagging. However, you should note that you should drink filtered water, mineral water instead of using carbonated water. In addition, you can also use green tea or fruit juices to both lose weight and anti-oxidant, effectively beautifying the skin.

You should drink at least 2 liters of water per day to increase metabolism, reduce double chin and limit edema caused by water retention.

Practicing yoga to reduce double chin

Performing yoga poses will help affect the entire body muscles including the face area to effectively reduce fat. Moreover, this is also a way for you to reduce stress and keep your mind excited and comfortable.

Learn the Japanese secret to effectively reduce double chin

The Japanese have a simple but extremely effective exercise to reduce double chin. You can sit or stand to perform it, but experts recommend sitting to avoid losing balance during the practice. The steps are as follows:

Sit in a position with your head tilted back so that your neck is tight to form a straight line.

Stick out your tongue and count from 1 to 5, during this time you keep your tongue out. At this point, the head and neck are still tilted back!

Next, retract your tongue into the oral cavity and hold it tightly for about 5 seconds.

– Lower your chin rhythmically, while doing it, relax your body comfortably.

This is an extremely simple exercise, you only need to do it about 3 times a day and you will see a difference in 1 month. You can take advantage of your free time every day to practice anytime, anywhere. This exercise not only helps reduce fat in the chin area but also makes the facial muscles firmer, you can combine with simple movements such as puckering your lips, lifting your face up and down, puffing your cheeks, pushing air from one cheek to the other. that cheek…

Method to reduce double chin quickly thanks to high technology

Some people have a double chin due to genetics or genetics. At this time, weight loss exercises or a scientific diet are also difficult to promote noticeable effects. Therefore, you should look for more professional and modern methods of reducing double chin.

Lipolysis technology to remove double chin

Lipolysis is a modern chin fat reduction technology that can remove up to 95% of excess fat in this skin area. The method uses ultrasonic waves in combination with vacuum suction and RF waves to break up fat cells, liquefy and expel them through specialized endoscopes.

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Besides, this method also affects the arrangement of collagen on the skin so that the skin is firmer after treatment. However, you should go to the cosmetic center to perform the service to make sure it does not cause side effects such as swollen, bruised or painful chin.

Method of liposuction of double chin

Liposuction of the double chin is a method for quick results, but requires the implementation of experienced specialists. Since this is an invasive method, there are many risks if you do it at an unscrupulous facility.

Padded chin

Chin implant and beauty method are quite familiar, for those who have a light double chin, short chin or inward chin. Depending on each case, the doctor can insert the chin by injecting filler or sliding the chin, implanting artificial cartilage… After finishing you will own a new chin that is more in harmony with the face and reduces the condition of double chin.

The method of tensioning only the chin – the most optimal way to reduce double chin today

What is chin tightening?

The above methods often have some limitations such as the safe method, the slow effect, while the fast ways to reduce the swelling have the risk of side effects and complications. This makes it very difficult for women to find options.

Fortunately for you, experts have now launched a double chin cosmetic method to help overcome most of the above disadvantages. Chin tuck stretch is a method that does not need cutlery, is painless, does not swell and does not leave scars but still brings great results.

The doctors will insert bio-threads into the sagging chin skin in the shape of a network. This helps stimulate the skin to produce collagen while creating a supporting framework, stretching the muscle bundles. The areas of sagging skin, excess fat will be quickly resolved so that your face becomes slimmer and younger.

Why is chin tightening thread considered the most optimal technology today?

Compared with other methods, chin tightening thread has many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Get quick results without surgery. This method threaded under the skin of the chin should not cause bleeding, after performing you do not need to abstain much.
  • The beauty method is very safe, only used biological threads of clear origin that have been tested for quality.
  • This method not only reduces swelling, but also helps to slow down the aging process, stimulate collagen production for firm, smooth skin.

There are many ways to reduce double chin, but in general, if the condition of double chin is less and the cause is excess fat, weight gain, you should apply natural methods to reduce double chin at home. Combine proper eating and exercise to slimmer body and face.

For people who easily accumulate fat in the chin area, or have a lot of double chin, you can consider using the method of tightening only the double chin.

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