How to Combat Skin Aging at the Age of 45

by Johnny Jacks

The skin undergoes aging due to various factors, resulting in facial imperfections that diminish the aesthetic appeal. At 45, signs of aging become more pronounced, requiring proper skincare to reduce symptoms and enhance skin condition. In this article, let’s explore ways to combat aging at the age of 45.

How much does the skin age at 45?

At 45, noticeable changes in skin firmness occur. The natural life cycle of the skin slows down, resulting in discoloration, wrinkles, sagging, and reduced collagen production. Hormonal changes can lead to adult acne, while decreased estrogen levels may cause drier skin. Collagen loss leads to sagging along the jawline and around the eyes. Prolonged sun exposure toughens the skin texture and forms dark spots.

At 45, signs of aging may include:

  • Immediate bruising from light impact.
  • Dry, thin, visibly vascular skin.
  • Small brown spots on the neck, face, hands.
  • Wrinkles around the eyes, laugh lines, mouth, forehead, nose.
  • Skin discoloration, diminishing elasticity, potentially leading to sagging.

What causes skin aging at the age of 45?

Several factors contribute to skin aging at 45, stemming from both prolonged external and internal influences. Here are key factors influencing aging skin at this stage:

Aging Effects: From around 25, collagen production decreases, averaging a 1% decline per year. Aging symptoms become more apparent after 35, intensifying by 45 without proper care. Aging is a natural process, with skin aging being the most visible sign.

Lack of Skincare Product Adjustment: Skincare products function differently at various stages. Typically, after 25-30, transitioning to anti-aging products is crucial. Continuing with regular skincare hinders adequate supplementation, reducing the skin’s ability to protect against external aggressors.

Lack of Understanding about Skin Type: Inadequate knowledge about one’s skin leads to improper care. For instance, dry skin without moisturizing, or pigmentation without brightening products. Incorrect daily skincare habits accelerate aging due to a lack of understanding of the skin’s needs.

Sun Exposure: UV rays (both UVA and UVB) damage the skin’s structure. Regular sun exposure without protective measures leads to serious effects such as pigmentation, freckles, dark spots, and accelerated wrinkle formation on the face and neck.

The skin begins to undergo significant aging at the age of 45.

The skin begins to undergo significant aging at the age of 45.

How to best care for your skin at 45?

At the age of 45, when signs of aging are apparent, focus on tailored skincare for your current skin condition. Consider the following tips for caring for aging skin at 45:

  • Daily cleansing and using anti-aging products in the correct order.
  • Maintain a healthy diet rich in green vegetables and fruits, limiting oily and fried foods, excessive sweets, and stimulants like alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water to naturally moisturize the skin and prevent excessive dryness, which can lead to wrinkles or sagging.
  • Establish a regular sleep routine to facilitate metabolic processes for the skin and minimize the negative impact of stress and fatigue on the skin.

The Anti-Aging Skincare Routine at Age 45

Following a proper skincare routine aids in swiftly improving aging conditions, promoting smoother skin at the age of 45. The six skincare steps below make midlife skincare easily manageable.

Thorough Cleansing:

Daily exposure to environmental factors, including dust and bacteria, demands meticulous cleansing. Makeup or daytime skincare product use can lead to pore blockages if not cleaned promptly. Cleanse the skin with makeup remover or cleansing oil and face wash twice daily, in the morning and evening. This frequency eliminates residue, reducing pore blockages caused by dirt and cosmetics.

Correct Cleansing Procedure – Makeup Removal and Face Wash:

  • Wet the skin with warm water, patting gently to dampen.
  • Apply makeup remover to a cotton pad, gently sweeping it across the skin.
  • Rinse with clean water, then use a facial cleanser for thorough hygiene.


After cleansing, proceed with exfoliation. This step is performed biweekly, not daily. Choose between physical or chemical exfoliation based on individual skin types. Clearing away dead skin cells allows new cell growth and enhances skin condition.


The skin tends to become excessively dry in midlife due to a significant decline in collagen. Intense dryness accelerates aging, making daily and proper moisturizing crucial. At 45, use moisturizers designed for aging skin or opt for natural moisturizing methods using ingredients from plants, vegetables, and fruits.

The moisturizing step is performed after cleansing or following the application of specialized creams/serums (if any). You can moisturize your skin twice a day, first in the morning and second in the evening before bedtime to provide the recommended daily moisture.

Use Sunscreen:

Sunscreen is a crucial skincare product that helps prevent aging. Applying sunscreen shields the skin from harmful effects of sunlight, limiting the aging process and, more severely, the risk of skin cancer.

Apply Vitamin:

In addition to external skincare steps, you can protect your skin from within with vitamin supplements and nutrients beneficial for aging skin. This is an ideal skincare method in modern life, saving time while effectively combating aging. A variety of supplements with different ingredients, concentrations, and mechanisms are available, catering to various skin conditions and individual preferences. Consider the following tips when choosing anti-aging supplements:

  • Choose products with clear origins, preferably from countries with advanced medical practices, modern production processes, strict verification, such as the United States.
  • Understand the ingredients and their anti-aging functions, opt for optimal formulations that the body can easily absorb, with appropriate concentrations and scientifically combined ingredients.
  • Choose products with positive user feedback and widespread global usage.

Face Cleansing before Sleep:

The time before bedtime is crucial for skin relaxation. Cleansing your face before sleep and following up with skincare routines allows the skin to absorb nutrients optimally.

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Combating aging in midlife requires a meticulous approach to each skincare step, both internally and externally. I hope the information provided earlier has assisted those over 40 in finding suitable skincare methods to prevent aging, maintaining smooth, and youthful skin. Always nurture your skin properly, actively protecting it, so that even at the age of 45, your skin continues to radiate brightness.

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