How to apply back cream?

by Johnny Jacks
When it comes to applying white body cream, it’s easy to overlook the back, which can be challenging to reach. However, there are methods to ensure even application to this less accessible area. Here’s how to pamper your back with moisturizer:

#1: Start with Simple Positions

Even with shorter arms, you can effectively apply cream to your back by adopting specific positions. If you’re struggling to reach all areas, consider using a tool or enlisting someone’s help.

  • Begin by applying white body cream starting from your shoulder blades, reaching as far as you can down your back and neck.
  • Repeat the process, applying cream from both sides of your waist and continuing until the body lotion is evenly distributed across your back.

#2: Utilize Specialized Support Tools

To efficiently and effectively apply cream to your back, you can employ specialized support tools. This technique can also be used for applying sunscreen or shower gel.

  • Choose a plastic rod with a long cylindrical shape, devoid of sharp angles and with a smooth surface.
  • Apply dots of skin whitening body cream onto the support tool.
  • Stand upright, hold the applicator with the dotted cream, place your hands behind your back, and move steadily to evenly spread the cream all over your back.

#3: Create Your Own Cream Applicator

You can easily fashion your own cream applicator using a back scratcher with an attached soft sponge. Ensure a secure attachment between the joints, and you’re ready to use it.

  • Apply an appropriate amount of body cream onto the sponge and evenly spread it across your back.
  • Proceed to move steadily until the cream has been evenly distributed on your back skin.
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#4: Utilize a Towel

This method might sound unconventional, but it’s quite effective. Be sure to choose a soft and smooth towel for this purpose.

  • Apply a certain amount of cream onto the towel.
  • Drape the towel from your left shoulder to your right waist and gently rub as if you were drying your back.

Remember to wash the towel after each use to maintain hygiene and ensure a pleasant application experience.

Here are some important considerations when applying lotion to your skin

  1. Apply whitening body cream in the evening for optimal results.
  2. Use an appropriate amount of cream on your skin, as excessive cream can lead to skin issues.
  3. Always ensure your skin is thoroughly clean before applying the cream to prevent a sticky feeling and pore blockage.
  4. Regularly exfoliating your entire body can enhance the effectiveness of using whitening body cream.

In addition to these notes, it’s crucial to choose the right skin whitening body cream as product quality significantly impacts the process and effectiveness of use.


In conclusion, taking care of your back skin is just as important as caring for the rest of your body. By following the mentioned methods and tips, you can effectively apply white body cream to your back and achieve beautiful, even-toned skin. Remember to choose the right products and maintain a consistent skincare routine to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Don’t neglect any part of your body, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of smooth and glowing skin from head to toe.

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