The best height increase milk for 9 years old baby

by Johnny Jacks
For 9-year-old children, milk is still considered an extremely important drink when it comes to rapid height growth. Parents want to improve their children’s height, milk is always the first choice. Parents can refer to the top 15 best height increasing milk for 9-year-old children with  Monkey  in the following article!

Top 20 best height increasing milk for 9-year-old children

Top 15 best height increasing milk for 9-year-old children. (Photo: Internet Collection)

Top 15 best height increasing milk for 9-year-old children. (Photo: Internet Collection)

1. Star Gold Milk No. 4

Main ingredients: Compound KI – 180 (Plus Kid Calcium) includes: seaweed calcium, seaweed extract, colostrum powder, vegetable oil extract, barley extract…

Features: The box is designed with a moderate weight of 800g with an easy to drink taste, gentle to help babies absorb well, digest well.

Pros and cons: Milk is produced based on the exclusive invention of Namyang and the Korean food research institute. Milk has the effect of promoting growth, especially promoting bone growth to help support effective height development. Helps stimulate the creation of cartilage cells, effective bone development to help children grow taller and absolutely safe. At the same time, the product works to support the digestive system to work better and more effectively.

User Reviews: Milk is highly effective in height growth at a reasonable price.

2. Meta Care Milk 3+

Milk Meta Care 3+ is a useful product for children. (Photo: Internet Collection)

Milk Meta Care 3+ is a useful product for children. (Photo: Internet Collection)

Main ingredients: High protein content ratio, specifically in 100ml of milk containing up to 6.6.g protein, 10g lipid, 20.92g carbohydrate and 1.2g FOS. In addition, milk also has 30 kinds of minerals, trace elements along with other vitamins. Calcium and Vitamin D content in milk is high, especially with 100% nano calcium extracted from milk.

Features: Tin box design, moderate weight   900g, beautiful appearance.

Advantages and disadvantages: Applying European standard production technology, milk provides many nutrients to help children develop comprehensively. The product contains Fructo Oligo Saccharide (FOS), Colostrum and many other essential nutrients that help children develop outstanding growth, good digestion and absorption.

User evaluation: With an easy-to-drink taste and affordable price, this milk is highly appreciated by consumers for its quality and price.

3. Nuvita Grow Milk

Main ingredients: The product currently contains a trio of nutrients Calcium, Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3. In addition, there is also DHA content and breakthrough nutrient 2’FL-HMO (Human Milk Oligosaccharide) 100% imported from Europe.

Features: 900g powder tin and 110ml liquid medium box with easy to drink taste.

Pros and cons: The product timely supplements children with essential nutrients to improve height quite effectively. The exclusive formula used is TallMax – IGF1 not only to help children grow to their maximum height but also to perfect the development of their brains.

User evaluation: The price is cheap but the quality is acceptable, so it is chosen by many mothers with moderate economic conditions.

4. NAN Kid Milk No. 4

Milk NAN Kid No. 4. (Photo: Internet Collection)

Milk NAN Kid No. 4. (Photo: Internet Collection)

Main ingredients: OTIPRO protein, fat, DHA, ARA, fish oil, BL probiotic, vitamins and minerals, …

Features: 900g box is cool, light and easy to drink,

Pros and cons: The product helps to add about 140 million Probiotics Bifidus BL bacteria that are beneficial for children’s digestive system to help them digest and absorb well. Provide Otipro protein to support children to grow taller and smarter. And yet, the composition of DHA, ARA and other fats help bright eyes and better IQ. Especially calcium helps increase outstanding height.

User evaluation: Widely used because of its certain effectiveness at a reasonable price, light taste, easy to drink, good digestion, fast absorption, so it is highly appreciated by users.

5. Friso Gold Pedia Milk

Main ingredients: Consists of essential substances such as: Calcium, vitamins A, C, D, E, B1, B2, Iodine, etc. In particular, the product also has a duo of vitamins of group B (B1, B2) and substances. Fiber Prebiotics and Probiotics stimulate appetite, support good digestion.

Features: 900g box is medium to large, easy to drink, attractive to children.

Pros and cons: Thanks to the balance of essential nutrients including protein (Protein) – fat – carbohydrates (Carbohydrates), the baby only needs to eat a small amount, the baby still ensures enough nutrients to develop well. Prebiotics and Probiotics fiber ingredients thereby stimulate the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria for good absorption and healthy digestion.

User Reviews: Highly effective, loved by children for its easy taste and good height promotion. But the price compared to other types of milk is higher, so users are picky.

6. Babimil Kao Milk Powder

Babimil Kao milk powder. (Photo: Internet Collection)

Babimil Kao milk powder. (Photo: Internet Collection)

Main ingredients: Includes a full range of ingredients Vitamin A, Selenium, Zinc, Nano-Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin D, DHA, .. necessary for the baby’s comprehensive development.

Features: 700g . box design

Advantages and disadvantages: Babimil milk products contain Nano-Calcium and vitamin D ingredients to help children increase their height. With 100% clean imported ingredients from New Zealand, full of ingredients of Vitamin A, Selenium, zinc, Nano-Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin D, DHA, etc. to improve weight very effectively.

User evaluation: Mainly has the effect of promoting height, other nutrients are lower. The price is temporarily stable, so it is also chosen by many other consumers.

7. Eurofit milk A+

Main ingredients: Ingredients include 11 vitamins and 6 essential minerals for children.

Features: 900g  box design

Advantages and disadvantages: With the calcium and vitamin D3 content in the formula of milk, it helps the bone system to be stronger, more supple and healthier. Age-appropriate nutrients.

User evaluation: Quality, effective and very light taste, easy to drink and absorb at a reasonable price, so it is very popular.

8. Vinamilk Dielac Grow Plus 2+

Vinamilk Dielac Grow Plus 2+. (Photo: Internet Collection)

Vinamilk Dielac Grow Plus 2+. (Photo: Internet Collection)

Main ingredients: Rich in energy-rich protein, abundant whey protein Alpha Lactalbumin contains important amino acids, minerals, up to 30% calcium, twice the amount of vitamin D in regular milk.

Features: 900g . tin box design

Pros and cons: Dielac Grow Plus 2+ milk is rich in Ca and vitamin D, which promotes the growth of bones and vertebrae to help babies grow taller. Nutrients in milk help babies absorb well and gain weight evenly.

User evaluation: In addition to the effect of increasing height, milk also helps to gain weight, so it is chosen by mothers at an attractive price.

9. Dielac Grow 3 Milk

Main ingredients: The product is rich in protein, fat to support fast metabolism MCT, soluble fiber FOS, high vitamin B content…

Features: 900g tin box design.

Pros and cons: Milk contains the Grow Pro nutrient system to support the baby’s bone development and good height, help the baby improve the digestive system, increase resistance and absorb effectively.

User evaluation: Good price, easy to digest, easy to drink and well absorbed, so it is widely used.

10. Nutifood Pedia Plus

Main ingredients: Whole milk powder, Sucrose sugar, Soy protein, MTC, essential minerals, MCT trans fat,..

Features: 900g tin box design.

Pros and cons: Milk improves development to help babies reach milestones of brain growth, height, and weight appropriate for their age. Light taste easy to drink, healthy absorption, better digestion.

User rating: Works with height, weight and brain, so many people trust it.

11. Nutrient Kao Milk

Nutrient Kao Milk. (Photo: Internet Collection)

Nutrient Kao Milk. (Photo: Internet Collection)

Main ingredients: Soluble fiber; calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D; B vitamins, digestive enzymes, zinc, soluble fiber, vitamins E, C, colostrum, …

Features: Box design with a weight of 700g.

Pros and cons: Exclusively for parents who want to improve their children’s height in the most outstanding way. In addition, Ca and vitamin D are added with the most standard levels, improving the digestive system, protecting the intestinal tract to help the digestive system be healthier.

User rating: Specializing in increasing height, good absorption, well-reviewed by users.

12. Meiji Gold Milk 4

Main ingredient:

Features:   Box design with a weight of 900g.

Advantages and disadvantages: The product enhances nutrients to help the child’s bone system and height develop optimally. Other ingredients are also guaranteed for children’s brain development, comprehensive weight.

User evaluation: Commonly used, light taste, easy to drink, cool, easy to digest, so it is loved by consumers.

13. Friso milk powder 4

Friso 4 Milk Powder (Photo: Internet Collection)

Friso 4 Milk Powder (Photo: Internet Collection)

Main ingredients: Calcium content, vitamin D, Omega 3 – 6, … and other essential nutrients.

Features: Box design with a weight of 900g.

Pros and cons: Stimulating bone system and good growth of children with calcium and vitamin D content suitable for age and absorption capacity. Nutrients help children develop comprehensively, intellectually, perfect height and weight.

User reviews: Digest well, cool, effective and reasonably priced.

14.  Optimum Step 4 Milk

Main ingredients: HMO, 18 billion beneficial bacteria and 25% more DHA from pure natural algae, Whey protein rich in Alpha-Lactalbumin, soluble fiber FOS and probiotics Bifidobacterium, BB-12

Features: 900g box design.

Pros and cons: Produced based on Opti®-Digest technology to provide optimal nutrition for children. Supplementing with newly discovered HMO gold nutrients helps form beneficial bacteria, helps reduce pathogens in the intestines, effectively prevents intestinal diseases and digestive system, DHA from algae when combined Combined with Lutein also helps children increase brain development better than regular DHA. This is a comprehensive product, helping to support smart, healthy, well-digested babies, optimal height.

User evaluation: Moderate price, good effect, popular with easy to drink taste.

15. Hikid Premium Milk

Hikid Premium Milk. (Photo: Internet Collection)

Hikid Premium Milk. (Photo: Internet Collection)

Main ingredients: High calcium content, up to 183mg calcium in 100g milk, Vitamin D, Zinc, Magnesium and high content of vitamin K2, colostrum ingredient with extremely high content of IGF and TGF.

Features: 600g box design.

Pros and cons: Ingredients are mainly reserved for children of modest height, overweight and obesity, so it mainly stimulates bone development. This is a cool, easy-to-digest, easy-to-drink and fast-acting milk.

User rating: Good effect, popular but high price compared to other types, Korean imports.

16. Abbott Grow G-Power 3 . Milk

Main ingredients: Calcium, Phosphorus, DHA, Taurine, Choline, Protein, Fat, Nucleotides, Carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals

Features: 900g box design.

Pros and cons: High calcium content helps to strengthen bones and teeth, develop well, children can digest well, prevent constipation. In particular, milk has a high content of nucleotides, antioxidants, & micro-elements that help improve the immune system, increase resistance, and help children minimize common diseases in children in this age group.

User reviews: Capable of comprehensive development, slowly effective, reasonable price.

17.  Abbott Grow 4 Milk

Abbott Grow Milk 4. (Photo: Internet Collection)

Abbott Grow Milk 4. (Photo: Internet Collection)

Main ingredients: High content of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, taurine, 28 vitamins and minerals, super trace elements selenium, chromium, molybdenum..

Features: 900g box design.

Advantages and disadvantages: Thanks to the rich content of Calcium as well as vitamin D, it is good for strong bones to help support optimal height growth of children. G-Power nutrient system is rich in nutrients, protein, amino acids to support the digestive system, intestinal tract to help children absorb well, eat better, gain weight better.

User evaluation: Only has the effect of increasing height, the price is a bit high compared to the ground.

18.  Abbott PediaSure B/A

Main ingredients: Combination of Synbiotic (Probiotic (beneficial microorganisms) + prebiotic FOS / fiber), DHA, Choline, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Prebiotic fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Phosphorus..

Features: 400g box design.

Pros and cons: Thanks to the balanced composition of nutrients, it helps the baby absorb better. The special combination of Synbiotics (Synbiotics = Probiotics (beneficial microorganisms) + FOS prebiotics / fiber) supports effective nutrient absorption, increases resistance and immune system in the body. Milk has a good effect on improving eating disorders, stimulating appetite in children, can replace snacks for babies while still ensuring nutrients absorbed during the day for children to learn and play.

User evaluation: The milk line has good effects, high efficiency and is easy to drink, but the price is high compared to the general level of milk on the market.

19. Dielac Alpha Gold 5 . Milk Powder

Dielac Alpha Gold 5. Milk Powder (Photo: Internet Collection)

Dielac Alpha Gold 5. Milk Powder (Photo: Internet Collection)

Main ingredients: Alpha-linolenic acid, Linoleic acid, Taurine, Choline, Iron, DHA & ARA combined with Lutein, Colostrum colostrum ingredient – cow’s milk expressed in the first 48 hours after birth has many good antibodies and Micronutrients Zinc, Selenium, Vitamins A, D3, C ..

Features: Box design, weight 900g or 400g and paper box 400g.

Pros and cons:

User rating: Mainly works for height, good price, acceptable.

20. Morinaga Milk Nutrition

Main ingredients: calcium and DHA content, iron up to 60 times higher and calcium content 1.3 times higher than the iron content in 100g cow’s milk. There’s also extra fiber and 16 essential vitamins.

Features: Designed as a bag with a weight of 216g, there are 2 flavors with 2 delicious Strawberry and Yacoul flavors.

Pros and cons: Milk provides outstanding nutritional value, ensuring the comprehensive development of babies, researched by leading experts specifically for babies who need to improve height and weight from 18 months and up. High calcium content helps strengthen bones, optimal height and helps children to be smarter.

User evaluation: Milk is loved by many parents with young children because it is easy to drink, non-constipating, good effect, for babies with nutritional imbalance. However, the price is relatively high, so it is only suitable for customers with good economic conditions or more.

See more measures to increase height for babies

See more measures to increase height for children. (Photo: Internet Collection)

See more measures to increase height for children. (Photo: Internet Collection)


Nutrition plays an important part in improving the height and weight of the baby. In particular, if the baby eats calcium-rich foods, he will have the desired height.

If the baby is eating enough nutrients, fortified with vitamins, especially calcium and nutrients through meals, fruits, and functional foods, the baby will grow very quickly. Children can eat more dairy products to improve height such as milk, yogurt, whey, soy milk….vv.

In particular, a nutritious diet also helps children sleep better, grow faster, be more flexible and intelligent. Therefore, parents do not forget to invest in nutrition for children from a young age so that they will soon have outstanding height!

Do exercise

In addition to eating and sleeping, the daily exercise regime also contributes to the comprehensive development of the baby in all aspects. Accordingly, children need to be entertained and entertained to reduce energy. Children need regular exercise.

Parents should give their children exercises to increase height such as: cobra exercises, shallow swimming lessons, swing exercises, jumping rope and high jumps on the spot as well as team games so that the baby can be active. Regularly helps to relax bones and joints, increase resistance and improve health to help babies eat well, sleep well and grow taller.

Supplement nutrients from functional foods

The way that parents can choose to bring quick results and save time is height supplements. These are functional foods specializing in heightening stimulants, height increasing drugs, vitamins and other drugs.

Before buying for your baby, parents need to let their child visit a nutritionist to understand what nutrients their child is lacking and supplement according to the instructions. Avoid arbitrarily buying food supplements, causing unnecessary side effects, even causing some unwanted diseases for children.

Thus, we have shared with parents some of the most useful and detailed information about the top 15 types of height increasing milk for 9-year-old children. Parents can choose depending on the purpose of use as well as their own investment conditions. In addition to giving your baby milk, do not forget to give your child a nutritious diet, moderate and scientific activities, continuous exercise and sleep before 10pm!

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