Gym gloves: There are many benefits but no less harm

by Johnny Jacks

Gym gloves are often an indispensable accessory of bodybuilders. So how do they support training? Let’s explore with

When you go to the gym, you will often see some people wearing gym gloves. So what benefits does this accessory bring to the practitioner or is it simply “beautiful”? will help you find the answer in this article.

Should I use gym gloves?

This is a question that causes the bodybuilding world to “split factions”. Because some practitioners will often be associated with this accessory. While, some people are indifferent to the benefits of gym gloves. Here are some limitations of this accessory when practicing.

1. Can’t prevent hand callus

Most practitioners often think wearing gloves to avoid calluses. However, this is a completely wrong notion. Because wearing this accessory can only limit the situation of calluses, not 100% prevention.

The force is still acting on the hand even with gloves on

The force is still acting on the hand even with gloves on

Even if you wear gloves, the force exerted on your hand still penetrates the glove and is transmitted to the skin inside. Besides, with barbell exercises, the hand needs constant friction with the surface.

Therefore, even if gloves are used, calluses will still appear. For those who practice for a long time, wearing gloves is also not very effective with too heavy dumbbells.

2. Reduce hand grip

When you rely too much on gloves, the force on your equipment will be greatly reduced. Wearing gym gloves will create more space between the palm and the contact surface. From there, that surface will thicken and be more difficult to grip.

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Moreover, when wearing gloves, you cannot improve your grip. Most people believe that this is the biggest drawback of gloves.

So what are the benefits of wearing gloves? The answer is definitely yes. However, it depends on your fitness goals to decide whether the gloves support or hinder the training process.

The most interesting thing about gloves, especially in weightlifting, is that they help protect your hands. However, this accessory harms the very part it protects if the practitioner maintains wearing gloves for a long time.

Another plus of this accessory is that when wearing gloves, you don’t have to worry about whether the weights will slip out of your hands, instead focusing more on standing and hand placement.

3. Putting unnecessary pressure on the wrist

Gloves usually wrap around your wrist. This is to help this part not be under too much pressure. As a result, you will have to depend on a pair of gloves to keep and control your wrists during practice. Even if you practice barehanded, the user’s wrist will have to bear a lot of pressure.

Depends on gloves for wrist control

Depends on gloves for wrist control

Who should use gloves

Definitely people with minor wrist or hand injuries. They really need gloves for support to minimize injury again.

The next audience is long-time practitioners who already have good grip and want to find comfort during exercise. This completely depends on the preferences and wishes of the user.

For beginners, health experts do not recommend the use of gloves. Because you will hardly have the opportunity to practice grip strength in the most natural and effective way.

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Beginners should only use gloves when it comes to heavy exercises but few reps. Because then, your wrist will have to bear more force than usual. However, you should note that before using any support tool, you should have a good foundation and posture first.

If you are wondering if you need gloves or not, you can try before you decide. However, do not abuse this accessory.

What accessories can replace gloves?

Is there a method that can be as effective as a glove without sacrificing your natural powers? The answer would be chalk. They will help you have a better grip without limiting wrist development and hand strength.

Replace gloves with chalk

Chalk – the perfect alternative to gloves

Besides, wristbands are also a great choice for bodybuilders. This accessory can help you without having to cover your entire hand.

An equally great suggestion to replace gym gloves is hand pads. Practitioners only need to wrap it on the bar for comfort and can start the exercise.

In general, whether to use gym gloves or not depends on the comfort you want during exercise. However, in any case, the practitioner should always ensure that the use of gloves helps to increase grip and wrap the wrist moderately, limiting tightening because it will affect blood circulation.

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