Deciphering kettlebells: “King” of heavy exercises

by Johnny Jacks

Let’s learn about kettlebells with This is a special type of weight not only in shape but also in great efficiency during training.

Currently, more and more bodybuilders choose warm weights (bells, kettlebells) instead of conventional dumbbells. So what’s so special about these dumbbells and why are they becoming more and more popular? Let’s analyze and discover with

Structure of kettlebells

A kettlebell consists of 3 parts: the kettle, the strap and two joints. The kettle is a round weight, similar to a bowling ball, and has a base to stand firmly on the floor. The strap connects to the kettle through two horn-shaped joints. If the dumbbells spread the weight to the sides, the warm dumbbells will put all the weight on the warm side.

With such a structure, there are many ways to hold this weight. The practitioner can hold the handle, the horn or the base. Most practitioners will hold the straps for every exercise, but sometimes it is more convenient to hold other parts.

For example, with the squat exercise, it’s easier to balance and stabilize the dumbbell by holding the sides of the joint than the straps. Meanwhile, with weightlifting, holding the warm part in your hand will help keep your balance better.

Benefits of exercising with warm weights

Natural movement and impact on many muscle groups

With machine exercises, your muscle groups must move in a predetermined direction. However, when training with this type of weight, the body of the practitioner will move naturally as in daily activities. Moreover, because the weight is concentrated in one place, warm weightlifting exercises will affect each large and small muscle group in the body. Women, when exercising with warm weights, can also improve their physique significantly.

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Limit injury

Working with warm weights doesn’t put too much pressure on your wrists and shoulders. Because this tool mainly focuses on fixing muscle groups to perform movements. Of course, injury is still possible when using this type of weight. However, the risk often comes from choosing overpowered dumbbells and training with high intensity. With the use of many muscle groups, this is not the ideal exercise equipment for bodybuilders with back pain.

Just a warm but surprisingly effective weightlifting exercise

Just a warm but surprisingly effective weightlifting exercise

Balance between strength and endurance

With regular dumbbell exercises, you maximize your muscle tension and relax completely between each beat. However, with kettlebells, this does not happen. Exercises with this type of weight are a combination of muscle tension and controlled relaxation. Thus, the practitioner can improve strength and endurance at the same time.

In addition, many exercises with warm weights can be combined into a series of exercises. Therefore, you do not need to let go of the weight and can still change hands quickly. When training with this type of weight, your muscles will not have to “sit idle” for a second.

Supplement for basic movements

With exercises like squats or hip training, a warm dumbbell will make the major muscle groups more tense and activate the secondary muscle groups to work. In addition, with basic movements, standard practice posture is extremely important. When training with this weight, you can tell if you’re doing it right by observing the movement of the warm part.

The squat is enhanced with warm weights

The squat is enhanced with warm weights

Good impact on the abdominal muscles

With exercises with warm weights, to keep your body balance, your core (the entire middle part of the body such as abdomen, hips, lower back) has to work a lot. Because they require movement of both the ribs and back muscles. When training with this type of weight, the core muscles are forced to tighten. This is not the case when working with machines or other weights.

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Convenience of kettlebells

The kettlebell is the easiest tool to take out of the gym. This tool is not as rolling as a barbell, not as bulky as a barbell and does not take up too much space. Many exercisers have the assessment that this type of weight will be more aesthetic and neat than other weights when traveling or practicing at the park.

Using it as an anti-theft lock is also a good idea

Using it as an anti-theft lock is also a good idea

Economically, a pair of these weights can be used for many different muscle groups. Therefore, this tool is capable of replacing quite a few items. This will greatly reduce your home gym expenses.

In terms of expertise, you will easily find a “library” of exercises with this type of weight. For beginners, it only takes a few minutes to get used to this type of weight. Because the movements when practicing will simulate familiar daily movements.

Also, as mentioned, some exercises with this weight can work multiple muscle groups. Therefore, your training time is also shortened. Not only that, many areas of your body will also appear muscle pain when exercising because the muscle areas are damaged during exercise. After resting, the muscles will recover and you will be firmer, stronger.

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