Children with insect bites and swollen eyes need to be treated like?

by Johnny Jacks

While playing, children can be attacked by insects. Children are bitten by insects, swollen eyes worries many parents. How to handle this situation? Please see the article below for more useful information.

Symptoms of children being bitten by an insect, swelling of the eyes

Depending on the type of insect and the severity of the bite, the child’s expression after being bitten by an insect in the eye is different. However, usually when children are bitten by an insect in the eye, they will have symptoms such as:

  • Pain around the eye area

  • Swollen eye area, swollen eyelids

  • The area around the bite is red

  • There may be pus in the eye or a lot of eye discharge

Insects are divided into two groups: poisonous and non-poisonous. Distinguish specific signs when children are bitten by insects in the eyes to have appropriate treatment.

Insects are not poisonous

  • Occurrence of frequent pruritus

  • May have hives on one area of ​​the skin or all over the body

Poisonous Insects

  • There is a feeling of pain, swelling and redness in the burned area

  • Feeling more pain than itching

  • Possible severe allergic reaction or anaphylaxis due to an allergy to insect venom

  • The burned area is swollen, it may be difficult to breathe, or there may be an itchy rash

Is it dangerous for children to be bitten by an insect?

Eyes are extremely sensitive parts, so it needs to be handled correctly and safely when children are bitten by insects in their eyes. In this case, parents need to be careful when handling and taking the child to a doctor to prevent the risk of infection for the child.

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If not treated promptly, it can lead to a number of dangerous complications such as:

  • Eye edema: Around the eyes is an area containing a lot of nerves and the skin in the eyes is quite thin, so it is easy to edema if an insect stings the eye.

  • Some poisonous insects put the eyelids at risk of tissue enlargement, making it difficult for children to see or even close their eyes completely.

  • Bites cause children to itch, when accidentally scratched, children are at risk of infection and corneal scratches

  • Eyelids may tear due to irritation of the eye mucosa

  • Toxic substances of insects or viruses, bacteria parasitic on insects can infect children, affecting the health and life of children.

Instructions on how to handle when a child is bitten by an insect, swollen eyes

When detecting that a child has an insect bite in the eye, parents need to take the following steps to ensure the safety of the child:

Step 1: Remove insects from bites

Use small forceps, cotton swabs or specialized medical tools to gently separate the insect from your baby’s skin. Absolutely do not directly use your hands to squeeze, pat or hit the insects hard because they can release more toxins. Moreover, at this time, the insect’s proboscis is plugged into the skin, so when the impact is strong, the poison will go deeper and spread to neighboring areas, causing more damage to the baby.

Step 2: Rinse the bite with clean water

Because the eyes are a sensitive area, parents should only use clean water to wash their children without using any other chemicals such as soap or other solutions such as salt, lemon. You can use a clean towel or cotton swab dipped in water and then gently wipe the bite for the child.

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Step 3: Bring the child to the medical center for treatment

To ensure the safest for the baby, it is best for parents to take the child to see a doctor for the most appropriate treatment, especially in cases such as bee stings, ants, bedbugs or tick bites, …

Note: Absolutely do not arbitrarily treat the baby at home because the eye is an extremely important area, if handled improperly, it will cause damage to the child’s eyes, at risk of blindness. Depending on the condition of the bite, the doctor will give the appropriate treatment for the child to ensure the safest and most effective.


How to prevent the risk of children being bitten by insects?

To prevent the risk of children being bitten by insects, parents can keep the following information in mind to protect their children safely:

  • Have your child wear long-sleeved, light-colored clothing when outdoors to avoid attracting insects. Limit open skin so that insects do not have the opportunity to attack

  • Keep children away from places where insects hide such as: bushes, places with many trees, stagnant ponds, standing water, ..

  • Empty containers or containers when not needed to prevent mosquito growth

  • Protect your baby at bedtime by removing the net

  • Be careful when letting children play with pets in the house because they can spread lice and ticks to children

  • Clean the house clean and airy to limit the living insects

Children are bitten by insects, swollen eyes quite dangerous if parents do not handle it properly. Absolutely do not arbitrarily apply any medicine without a doctor’s prescription to ensure absolute safety, limit the risk of eye damage and even blindness for children.

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