200+ Best English Names Starting with ‘M’ for Boys and Girls

by Johnny Jacks

Naming based on favorite alphabets is a simple way to choose names for yourself or your child, making it easier to consider various options. Continuing the series of alphabet-based name articles, we will guide you through creative naming methods and suggest the most meaningful 100+ English names starting with the letter ‘M’.

Naming in English starting with the letter ‘M’

A good name should ensure three elements: proper structure, meaningfulness, and alignment with the individual’s characteristics. The specific criteria are as follows:

General significance of English names starting with ‘M’

Whether naming yourself, friends, or children, the common purpose is to foster a sense of connection, love, and closeness. Therefore, these names often carry special meanings such as:

  • Wishes and expectations for the child to excel and be a lucky charm.
  • Reflection of one’s value in various aspects, including society, work, and education.
  • Demonstration of love and close friendships, both cross-gender and same-gender relationships, enduring and steadfast.

Shortest Structure for Naming in English

It can be seen that names based on the letter ‘M’ in English carry various meanings. However, regardless of the underlying implications, naming in English still needs to adhere to a structure similar to Vietnamese naming conventions. Specifically, English names have two main parts:

First name: The given name

Last name: The surname


First name: Mary

Last name: James

=> The English name is: Mary James

Note: In English, you need to read the name in the order of the given name first, followed by the surname.

Ideas for Great English Names with the Letter ‘M’

When it comes to naming with the letter ‘M,’ you can consider and choose names based on the following suggestions:

Naming in English based on gender

The English language is incredibly diverse, and therefore, native speakers have a wide range of names. English names are categorized separately for males, females, and there are also names that can be used for both genders. Your task is to select a name according to your preference.


English names for females: Mary, Mia, Molly.

English names for males: Mark, Mason, Matthew.

English names suitable for both genders: Milan, Morgan, Madison.

English Names with Meaning

The most important aspect of naming in English is not just creating a unique second name, but also conveying positive meanings, dreams, hopes, and prayers for luck. Therefore, naming in English based on meaning is more commonly applied.

Furthermore, combining these two naming approaches enhances suitability and helps the listener understand your personality even with limited interaction or prior acquaintance.


Maliyah: A female name meaning serenity and tranquility.

Marcus: A male name derived from the name of the war god Mars.

Compilation of Popular and Meaningful English Names Starting with ‘M’ for Boys

Below is a list of the most common and meaningful English names for boys. If you are considering giving your child a name starting with the letter ‘M’, feel free to explore the following suggestions!

No. Name Origin Meaning
1 Matthew Hebrew Gift of God
2 Maclin Gaelic Son of the servant
3 Maisen French Mason, stone worker
4 Mattheus Hebrew Gift from God
5 McKenzie Gaelic Humorous
6 Maxwell English Mack’s spring
7 Melvin English Merciful
8 Malachi Hebrew Messenger of God
9 Merle German, Chinese Blackbird
10 Mert Turkish Masculine, courageous
11 Miles Latin Soldier
12 Milton English Mill town
13 Maksen Welsh The greatest
14 Mali Arabic Rich
15 Mitchell English Great, large
16 Maurice French Dark-skinned little boy
17 Maverick American An independent man
18 Major Latin Greater, higher
19 Maxim Roman Greatest
20 Manas Indian Intelligence
21 Marlo English
22 Miller Gaelic Worker in a grain mill
23 Mark Latin Dedicated to the god Mars
24 Makson Unknown Kind, sincere, and honest boy
25 Manson Scottish Son of Magnus
26 Malcolm Scottish Devotee of Saint Columba
27 Marciano Italian Servant of Mars, God of War
28 Mak Polish Lucky
29 Miklos Hungarian Victorious
30 Mohamed Arabic Worthy of praise
31 Mario Italian Warlike
32 Montez Portuguese One who lives on the mountain
33 Montel French Ruler
34 Montana Spanish Mountain
35 Mansour Arabic Victor
36 Monty French Mountain belonging to a ruler
37 Morrison English Son of Maurice
38 Moses Hebrew Freedom
39 Martel French Strong weapon
40 Marqus American Brave warrior, valiant
41 Marshall French Horse caretaker, master
42 Mory French Mulberry tree
43 Matei Hungarian Gift of God
44 Marquan English-American Warlike
45 Masai Hebrew God’s burden, responsibility
46 Mase German Stonemason
47 Motheo Tswana Strong foundation
48 Myles Latin Soldier
49 Moshe Hebrew Savior
50 Martel English-French Strong, powerful
51 Motley English
52 Mateo Spanish Gift of God
53 Muna Arabic Desire, wish
54 Murray Scottish Seafarer, sailor
55 Mathayus Greek Strength of God
56 Marty Old English Warlike, martial
57 Mylen Slavic Beloved
58 Musa Hebrew Freedom
59 Munichi German Monk
60 Mila Slavic Diligent
61 Marrion Latin Masculine man
62 Matteo Hebrew Gift of God
63 Mahan Persian Moon’s child
64 Mihaan Gujarati Marvelous cloud
65 Maher Gaelic Great, majestic
66 Maharsh Hindu Great saint
67 Micha Russian Like God
68 Mahdi Arabic
69 Mikko Hebrew Who is like God
70 Majestic Latin The greatest
71 Mael Celtic Prince
72 Minnu Telugu Wide and bright sky
73 Miqdad Islamic Respect
74 Miguelangel Spanish Who is like God
75 Majed Arabic Noble
76 Maksim Roman The greatest
77 Mohd Arabic Believer in God
78 Mike English Who is like God
79 Mikail Arabic Name of an angel
80 Monserrat Spanish Majestic mountain
81 Mercedes Latin Merciful
82 Michael Hebrew Who is like God
83 Malik Hindu King
84 Mallard French Strong, brave
85 Malhar Indian Rain God
86 Mohit Pali Enchanting, fascinating
87 Malkiel Hebrew God is my king
88 Magnus Latin Powerful
89 Maite Basque Love
90 Mansa Akan Emperor
91 Mansh Hebrew Savior
92 Manzi Italian Helmsman
93 Malik Hindu King
94 Maomao Chinese Kitten
95 Mufaro African Happiness, joy
96 Muktar Arabic Chosen one
97 Mattias Hebrew Gift of God
98 Mateja Hebrew Gift of God
99 Murad Arabic Desire, wish
100 Masob English Merchant
101 Marcus Latin Based on the name of the god of war, Mars
102 Maximus Latin Greatest, the greatest
103 Michael Hebrew Who is like God?
104 Martin Latin Boy from Mars
105 Mool Handsome lad
106 Marvin Welsh Intelligent, skilled
107 Magnus Latin One with a great heart
108 Marc Latin Strong, smart
109 Mortimer English Great warrior
110 Mario Italian Intelligent, resolute
111 Mark Latin Son of Mars
112 Manfred German Bringer of peace, joy, and happiness for everyone
113 Matthew Hebrew Gift of God
114 Marty Latin Ready, willing
115 Maynard English Brave, strong
116 Michael Hebrew Skilled leader
117 Maximilian Latin The greatest leader
118 Marcus Latin Brave, future maker
119 Millicent German Diligent lad
120 Maximus Latin Intelligent lad, the greatest
121 Mervyn Welsh Master of the great sea
122 Meredith Welsh One who possesses excellent leadership qualities
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Great English Names Starting with ‘M’ for Girls

If you are blessed with a baby girl, we also have over 100+ options for you to choose a wonderful and meaningful second name for your daughter.

No. Name Origin Meaning
1 Mia Italian, Spanish Mine
2 Madison English Daughter of Matthew
3 Madelyn French Woman from Magdala
4 Maya Pali Magic
5 Mavise French Songbird
6 Melanie Greek Melancholy
7 Mackenzie Gaelic Child of the wise leader
8 Madeline English Tall tower
9 Maria Latin Sea of bitterness
10 Mary Hebrew Beloved
11 Margaret Greek Pearl
12 Melody Greek Song
13 Morgan Welsh Sea protector
14 Molly Hebrew Star of the sea
15 Mariah Latin God is my teacher
16 Makayla Hebrew Who is like God
17 Marley English Pleasant meadow by the sea
18 Michelle French Who is like God
19 Malia Hawaiian Of the sea
20 Maggie English Pearl
21 McKenna Scottish
22 Melissa Greek Honey bee
23 Miriam Hebrew Sister of Moses
24 Maysun Arabic Beautiful face
25 Mariana Spanish Grace, drop of the sea
26 Myla Soldier, compassionate
27 Maci French Weapon
28 Makenna Irish Happiness
29 Madilyn English Woman from Magdala
30 Miranda Latin Admirable
31 Millie Industrious
32 Maeve Irish, Gaelic Enthusiastic
33 Margot French Pearl
34 Mayu Japanese Genuine, generous
35 Miracle Latin Miracle
36 Magnolia Magnolia flower
37 Mikayla Hebrew Who is like God
38 Maliyah Hawaiian Peaceful
39 McKinley Gaelic Fair ruler
40 Mabel Latin Lovable
41 Madelynn Hebrew Woman from Magdala
42 Mira Admirable, peace
43 Malaysia Pali Land of mountains
44 Maryam Noble, beloved
45 Macie Irish, English Gift of God
46 Marlee English Meadow
47 Maia Greek Mother
48 Melany Greek Dark
49 Meredith Welsh Great lord
50 Megan Welsh Pearl
51 Myra Feminine form of “Myron”
52 Matilda German Mighty in battle
53 Maisie Scottish Pearl
54 Marilyn Famous person Marilyn Monroe
55 Macy French Strong weapon
56 Mab Scottish, Irish Joy
57 Mariam Star of the sea
58 Madilynn Latin From Magdala
59 Milani Latin
60 Medb Celtic Mythical queen
61 Melina Greek Sweet honey
62 Monica Latin Truth
63 Maren Latin Of the sea
64 Marie Latin Star of the sea
65 Mae English Pearl
66 Madalyn Hebrew Woman from Magdala
67 Mara Hebrew Strength
68 Marissa Latin Mermaid
69 Monroe Scottish From the hill
70 Milana Czech, Slavic Favored
71 Malaya Philippines
72 Mina German Love
73 Marina Latin Of the sea
74 Mikaela French, Hebrew Who is like God
75 Meadow English Grassland
76 Milan Slavic Beloved
77 Marianna Spanish Drop of the sea
78 Martha Greek Lady, mistress
79 Maleah Hawaiian Calm waters
80 Mercy English Hidden mercy
81 Mavis French Songbird
82 Madalynn Woman from Magdala
83 Milena Slavic Graceful
84 Maxine Latin Greatest
85 Meilani English Heavenly flower
86 Malani Hawaiian Serene
87 Miley Famous singer Miley Cyrus
88 Maliah Hawaiian Child’s wish
89 Melania After former First Lady
90 Mylah English Compassionate
91 Maaja Arabic Splendid
92 Maarva Arabic White gemstone
93 Muniya Arabic Wish
94 Mowanza American Little wolf
95 Mugisa African Blessing
96 Muiel Gaelic Ocean
97 Myles Hebrew Who is like God
98 Myma Irish One who is greatly loved
99 Mythri Indian Friendship
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22 Famous English Names Starting with the Letter M

No. Name Origin Meaning
1 Michael Jackson English Who is like God
2 Madonna Italian My lady
3 Marilyn Monroe English Combination of Mary and Lynn
4 Mark Zuckerberg English Derived from Marcus, meaning “warlike”
5 Michelle Obama English Feminine form of Michael, meaning “who is like God”
6 Morgan Freeman Welsh Great circle
7 Meryl Streep English Bright sea
8 Martin Luther King Jr. English Derived from Mars, the Roman god of war
9 Mariah Carey English Variant of Mary, meaning “beloved”
10 Muhammad Ali Arabic Praiseworthy, noble
11 Matt Damon English Variant of Matthew, meaning “gift of God”
12 Meghan Markle English Combination of Margaret and Lynn
13 Miley Cyrus English Smiley
14 Matthew McConaughey English Derived from the Hebrew name Matityahu, meaning “gift of God”
15 Mel Gibson English Son of Gilbert
16 Marlon Brando English Variant of Marland, meaning “falcon land”
17 Mahatma Gandhi Sanskrit Great soul
18 Maya Angelou English Derived from the name of the Maya civilization
19 Michelle Pfeiffer English Feminine form of Michael, meaning “who is like God”
20 Meryl Davis English Combination of Mary and Lynn
21 Michael Phelps English Who is like God
22 Morgan Stanley English Great circle

Above is a compilation of 200+ English names starting with the letter M for both boys and girls. Feel free to browse and choose meaningful names for your family and friends.

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