250+ Best English Names Starting with ‘I’ for Boys and Girls

by Johnny Jacks

Did you know that a unique and catchy English name can also become an attractive and impressive point to the person you’re interacting with? If you’re searching for an English name to give to your child or for educational and professional purposes, we have compiled a list of over 250 impressive English names starting with the letter “I” for both males and females. We invite you to read this article!

110 Amazing English Names Starting with ‘I’ for Females

The English names for females starting with the letter I are incredibly diverse and carry various meanings. We are revealing the top 110+ best English names for females right below

Number Name Meaning
1 Ian Merciful God
2 Ice Independence
3 Icy Ice
4 Ida Prosperity and joy
5 Ide Prosperity and happiness
6 Ika Gentle and feminine
7 Ina Shining and powerful
8 Iva Evergreen vine
9 Ivi Evergreen
10 Ivy Evergreen vine or mountain climber
11 Iara Cautious
12 Ilex Another form of Alex
13 Ilsa Promise of God
14 Ilse Oath of God
15 Ilya Noble
16 Imme Protection or universe
17 Immy Final departure or petite
18 Inda Land of India
19 Indi Born in India
20 Inga Beautiful, peaceful, and prosperous
21 Iona Born on an island, purple, amethyst, dove, gem
22 Ione Purple, amethyst, or a flower
23 Iria Rainbow, peace, or brilliance
24 Irie Joyful and happy
25 Iris Rainbow colors, flower, or peace
26 Irma Wind or warrior
27 Isha Power or another name of the goddess Durga
28 Isla Island
29 Issy Pledged to God
30 Iuma Music archive
31 Ivea Similar to Ivy
32 Ivee Jehovah is gracious
33 Ivey Mountain climber or evergreen
34 Ivia Similar to Ivy
35 Ivie Evergreen or coral
36 Ivye Importance
37 Iyla Moon
38 Ibbet Beauty
39 Ibota Happiness
40 Idana Combination of Ida and Anna
41 Idane Wealthy
42 Iddes Beauty
43 Ideal Perfect
44 Idena Happiness and wealth
45 Ideny Happiness
46 Idina Meaningful from Scotland
47 Idona Industrious
48 Idone Diligent
49 Idony Love
50 Idune Sunshine
51 Ielin Radiance
52 Ikida Sun
53 Ileen Light
54 Ilena Light
55 Ilene Light
56 Illya Tree of paradise in mythology
57 Imana Faith
58 Imayn Trust
59 Inaya Beauty and concern
60 Indee Land of India
61 India River
62 Indie Similar to Indee
63 Indio Beauty
64 Indya Originating from India
65 Inola Blackbird
66 Irene Peace
67 Irina Peace
68 Irissa Rainbow
69 Irisa Friend from the sea
70 Iryne Peace
71 Isata Elegance
72 Isbel Oath of God
73 Isold Fair
74 Isoud Lovely
75 Issie Star
76 Ivana God’s gift
77 Iveri Similar to Ivory
78 Ivett Yew wood
79 Ivise Graceful girl
80 Iviss Graceful girl
81 Ivony God’s gift
82 Ivori White
83 Ivory Purity
84 Ivvon Promise of God
85 Ivyse Graceful girl
86 Ivyss Graceful girl
87 Iwila Rising
88 Iyana Princess
89 Iyane Admiration
90 Iyanu Miracle
91 Iysha Prosperity
92 Izela Princess
93 Idella Happiness and diligence
94 Idelle Generosity
95 Idetta Diligence
96 Idette Wealthy
97 Idonea Suitable
99 Ilaria Witty
100 Ilasha Kind-hearted
101 Ileena Little bird
102 Iliana Sunbeam
103 Ilyana Tolerant
104 Imania Faith
105 Imanni Faith
106 Imayne Faith
107 Immine Beauty
108 Imogen Maiden
109 Inaret Lovely
110 Ingrid Fair
111 Irvina Friend from the sea
112 Isabel Oath of God
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90 Meaningful English Names for Males Starting with the Letter I

Not Just for Females, English Names Starting with I for Males Are Also Highly Sought After. Each Name Embodies a Unique Personality. We Present Some Examples as Follows:

No. Name Meaning
1 Ian God’s gift
2 Ida Name of a king
3 Ifa Peace
4 Ike Brings laughter
5 Ina Sun
6 Ine Name of a king
7 Ipa Courage
8 Ira Wind
9 Ish Universe
10 Ivo Yew tree
11 Ivy Type of plant
12 Iain God’s gift
13 Ibba Elegant
14 Ibbi Strong
15 Icca God’s gift
16 Idal Yew tree
17 Iden Wealthy
18 Ider Power
19 Ilex Variation of Alex
20 Ilio Sun
21 Illa Type of plant
22 Imma Universe
23 Imon Truth
24 Inee Similar to Imon
25 Inga Meadow
26 Ioco Supreme
27 Iola Violet flower
28 Ippa Gift
29 Iram Supreme being
30 Iris Eyes
31 Irma Wind
32 Isac Brings laughter
33 Isom Village on ice river
34 Ison Child of the sun
35 Ivan God’s gift
36 Ivar Yew tree
37 Iven Yew tree
38 Iver Yew tree
39 Ives Archer
40 Ivey Mountain climber
41 Ivin Large
42 Ivon Yew tree
43 Izin Promise
44 Icori God’s gift
45 Iella Hero
46 Ilger Hero
47 Imani Truth
48 Immin Power
49 Ingin Pleasure
50 Ingui Traveler
51 Inguo Similar to Ingui
52 Inigo Fiery
53 Ionas Fire
54 Ioseb Fire
55 Ipela God’s gift
56 Irene Peace
57 Irfan Gratefulness
58 Irgen Wisdom
59 Irina Peace
60 Irsan King
61 Irven Bright
62 Irvin Beauty
63 Irvyn Friend from the sea
64 Irvyn Lover of the sea
65 Irwyn Lover of the sea
66 Isaac Brings laughter
67 Isack Brings laughter
68 Ishai Gift
69 Isham Iron
70 Ishan Sun
71 Ishom Village on the ice river
72 Isral Name of a city
73 Iudic Gift
74 Iunet Courageous
75 Ivaan Merciful Lord
76 Ivory Diligence
77 Izhan Wealthy
78 Idnert Polite
79 Illica Polite
80 Ilusha Like Illusion
81 Imanol God provides
82 Imbert Poet
83 Immine Excellent
84 Indigo From India
85 Isabel Devoted to the divine
86 Izaiah God is salvation
87 Ignacio Fire
88 Illango Prince
89 Infinity Time
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20 English Names Starting with ‘I’ for Both Male and Female

Are you looking for an English name starting with the letter ‘I’ that can be used for both boys and girls? Don’t worry, we have some unique name suggestions for you right here. Let’s take a look!

No. Name Meaning
1 Israel Patience
2 Imani Faith
3 Ivory Ivory color
4 Ira Vigilance
5 Indigo Deep blue color
6 Idris Intelligent
7 Isa Strong
8 Indiana Originating from India
9 Iman Faith
10 Izzy God’s promise
11 Isha Protector
12 Ina Family
13 Isadore Gift
14 Izzie God’s promise
15 Innis Island
16 Ingmar Son of Ing
17 Ishana Prosperous
18 Iggy Fiery
19 Ivon Yew tree
20 Ishara Prosperous

50 Famous-Inspired English Names Starting with ‘I’

Are you interested in naming your baby after a famous individual such as a singer, actor, athlete, etc.? Here are some examples of famous names starting with the letter ‘I’ to inspire you.

No. Name Profession
1 Isaac Newton Scientist
2 Ice Cube Singer
3 Idris Elba Actor
4 Ian Somerhalder Actor
5 Isla Fisher Actor
6 Ian McKellen Actor
7 Ice-T Singer
8 Idina Menzel Singer and Actor
9 Isabela Moner Actor
10 Isaac Asimov Writer
11 Isabella Rossellini Actor
12 Ingrid Bergman Actor
13 Iggy Azalea Singer
14 Issa Rae Actor
15 IU Singer
16 Isaac Hayes Singer
17 Irrfan Khan Actor
18 Italia Ricci Actor
19 Iker Casillas Athlete (Footballer)
20 Imogen Poots Actor
21 Irina Shayk Actor and Model
22 Isabel May Actor
23 Ian McShane Actor
24 Iman Abdulmajid Model
25 Indira Varma Actor
26 Iain Glen Actor
27 Inbar Lavi Actor
28 Ian Holm Actor
29 Ioan Gruffudd Actor
30 Isabel Allende Writer
31 Ileana D’Cruz Actor
32 Iman Shumpert Basketball Player
33 Isco Footballer
34 Iliza Shlesinger Actor
35 Iris Apatow Actor
36 Im Yoon-ah Singer
37 Isaiah Washington Actor
38 Ivan Rakitić Footballer
39 Iman Vellani Actor
40 Isabelle Fuhrman Actor
41 Ivan Perisic Footballer
42 Inna Singer
43 Imelda Staunton Actor
44 Ione Skye Actor
45 Inanna Sarkis Actor
46 Irene Ryan Actor
47 Ime Udoka Basketball Player
48 Indiana Evans Actor
49 Izzy Stradlin Musician
50 Isabella Gomez Actor
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Above are the top 250+ popular and most widely used English names starting with the letter I. Hopefully, you have chosen a name that reflects your personality and suits you best. Don’t miss out on other useful articles on our website. Thank you for reading!

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