400+ Best English Names Starting with ‘B’ for Boys and Girls

by Johnny Jacks

English names starting with the letter ‘B’ are always sought after by parents when naming their babies. These names carry different meanings related to personality traits and future aspirations. However, choosing a name that represents a person is not an easy task. Check out our amazing collection of 400+ name suggestions below!

150+ English Names Starting with ‘B’ for Boys

With the art of word arrangement, English names starting with ‘B’ for boys often bring forth very positive meanings. Those who possess these names usually have great personalities and lead happy and peaceful lives. Here are 150+ meaningful name suggestions for you:

Number Name Meaning
1 Baileigh Elegant, sophisticated
2 Bailey Elegant, wealthy
3 Baillie Leadership qualities
4 Baily Strong, masculine
5 Baker Generous, kind-hearted
6 Balley Attentive, careful
7 Balthazar Lucky, blessed
8 Benjamin Polite, well-mannered
9 Banks Wealthy, successful
10 Baran Rain (romantic, poetic)
11 Barbara Blessed
12 Barnaby Wealthy, noble
13 Baron Elegant, refined
14 Barrett Strong, energetic
15 Barron Beloved
16 Barry Super cool
17 Bartek Noble son
18 Bartosz Blessed
19 Basil Cute, friendly
20 Bastian Strong
21 Baxter Mature, steady
22 Baylee Alluring
23 Bayley Radiant, crowd-pleaser
24 Baylor Quiet, gentle
25 Bear World ruler
26 Beau Adorable little boy
27 Beaux Handsome
28 Beck Well-behaved, gentle
29 Becky Strong
30 Beckett Deeply introspective young man
31 Beckham Cute and courageous
32 Bejamin Lucky young man
33 Belinda Handsome, attractive
34 Bellamy Handsome, super cool
35 Ben Son of wealth, wealthy
36 Benaiah Brave, intelligent
37 Benedict Kind-hearted, enthusiastic
38 Benhamin Son of wealth, prince
39 Benicio Merciful, generous
40 Benito Creative, free-spirited
41 Benjamen Prince
42 Benjamin Prince, lovely
43 Benjamine Beloved
44 Benjamon Prince, lovely
45 Benn Healthy, full of life
46 Bennett Lucky, blessed
47 Benny Lucky, wealthy
48 Benson Friendly, cheerful
49 Bentlee Strong, robust
50 Bentley Enthusiastic, passionate
51 Benton Great man
52 Bernard Brave and courageous like a bear
53 Bernardo Strong, courageous
54 Bernice Always victorious, with a high spirit
55 Bernie Brave
56 Bertie Generous, modern
57 Bevan Joyful, fortunate
58 Bevis Handsome young man
59 Bilaal Present-day, open-minded
60 Bilal Authority
61 Bill Successful, often achieves what he desires
62 Billy Strong and courageous
63 Bishop Enthusiastic, cheerful
64 Bjorn Joyful, flexible
65 Blade Strong, robust
66 Blaine Cool and strong
67 Blair Multi-talented, hardworking, creative
68 Blaise Attentive, strong, and loyal
69 Blake Cheerful, lively
70 Blaze Bright, radiant
71 Blessing Happiness, joy, good fortune
72 Bo Plump, cute, healthy
73 Boaz Enthusiastic, influential
74 Bob Glorious, shining
75 Bobby Glorious, shining
76 Bode Handsome, kind-hearted
77 Boden Fame, power
78 Boris Brave warrior
79 Bodhi Reliable, trustworthy
80 Bodie Sheltered, relying on
81 Boniface Lucky
82 Boone Brings blessings
83 Boden Power
84 Borys Brave soldier
85 Boston Outstanding person
86 Bowen Courageous and bold
87 Bowie Multi-talented, intelligent
88 Boy Boy (the ideal man)
89 Boyd Early success
90 Brad Friendly, powerful
91 Braden Creative, cheerful
92 Bradlee Gentle, unpretentious
93 Bradley Enthusiastic, eager
94 Bradly Enthusiastic, passionate
95 Bradon Energetic, cheerful
96 Brady Cheerful, noble
97 Braeden Handsome child
98 Braiden Creative, cheerful
99 Bramwell Highly favored individual
100 Brandan Cheerful, friendly
101 Branden Handsome, stylish
102 Brandon Cheerful, friendly
103 Brandyn Prince, king
104 Branson Pure, honest
105 Brantlee Good man
106 Brantley Bright torch
107 Braxton Strong, dependable
108 Braxtyn Strong, reliable
109 Brayan Noble man
110 Brayden Creative, cheerful
111 Braydon Creative, cheerful
112 Braylen Brave, resilient
113 Braylin Funny, cheerful
114 Braylon Creative, humorous
115 Brayson Cheerful, lively
116 Brecken Always shining
117 Brenda Prince, king
118 Brendan Noble family
119 Brenden Noble family
120 Brendon Powerful
121 Brennan Powerful
122 Brent Imaginative, creative
123 Brentley Healthy
124 Brenton Full of vitality
125 Bret Generous
126 Brett Good-natured, generous
127 Brexton Generous, lavish
128 Brian Powerful
129 Briar Noble, high-born
130 Brice Noble
131 Bridger Strong, mature
132 Bridget Strong
133 Briggs Creative
134 Brighton Always shining
135 Brixton Always shining
136 Brock Strong, physically fit
137 Broden Always strong, resilient
138 Broderick Strong
139 Brodey Steadfast, radiant
140 Brodie Small mountain (strong, farsighted)
141 Brody Friendly, open-minded
142 Bronson Son of a dark-skinned man
143 Bronx Son of a dark-skinned man
144 Brooks Patient
145 Bruce Hero, warrior
146 Bruno Warlike, protector
147 Bryan Powerful
148 Bryant Determined
149 Bryce Powerful
150 Brycen Resolute
151 Bryn Multi-talented, creative
152 Brynn Multi-talented, creative
153 Brysen Enthusiastic, generous
154 Bryson Cheerful, enthusiastic
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120+ English Names Starting with the Letter ‘B’ for Girls

We’ve already seen plenty of amazing names for boys, haven’t we? But what about girls? Surely, everyone wants to find a name that is gentle yet carries a positive and unique meaning. Let’s take a look at over 120 English names starting with the letter ‘B’ for girls below:

Number Name Meaning
1 Baby Adorable
2 Bai Cute, lovely
3 Bailee Charming
4 Bailey Lovely, gentle
5 Bailie Playful, cute
6 Bao Noble, elegant
7 Barbara Independent
8 Barney Friendly, enthusiastic
9 Baron Powerful
10 Bathany Lucky, dynamic
11 Bayleigh Elegant, refined
12 Baylor Noble, elegant
13 Bea Friendly, open-minded
14 Beata Gentle, friendly
15 Beatrice Bringer of happiness
16 Beatrix Cheerful, friendly
17 Beca Cute, friendly
18 Becca Cute, gentle
19 Beckett Friendly, gentle
20 Becki Beautiful, likable
21 Beckie Beautiful, cute
22 Becky Appealing, pretty
23 Belinda Playful, lively
24 Bella Beautiful
25 Belle Beautiful
26 Bellezza Friendly, joyful
27 Bennett Charming
28 Berenice Graceful
29 Berfin Enchanting, mystical
30 Berkley Energetic
31 Bernadette Confident, dynamic
32 Bernice Energetic, passionate
33 Bertha Passionate, spirited
34 Bess Powerful, influential
35 Bessie Noble, graceful
36 Beth Always lucky
37 Bethan Girl of good fortune
38 Bethaney Lucky, happy
39 Bethanie Joyful, modern
40 Bethany Optimistic, life-loving
41 Bethel Serious, sensible
42 Betsy Elegant, mature
43 Bette Attractive
44 Bettina Elegant, refined
45 Betty Creative, whimsical
46 Beverley Creative, energetic
47 Beyonce Golden light of hope
48 Bianca Powerful, alluring
49 Bibi Extraordinary
50 Billie Adorable, kind-hearted
51 Bisma Innocent
52 Blaine Strong, independent
53 Blaise Joyful, open-minded
54 Blake Precious stone
55 Blakelee Cute, lovable
56 Blakelynn Lovely girl
57 Blanka Girl with orange hair
58 Blessyn Happy, optimistic
59 Bliss Joy, happiness
60 Blossom Cherry blossom (beautiful, gentle)
61 Blue Color blue (graceful, dreamy, hopeful)
62 Bluebell Bluebell flower (beautiful)
63 Blythe Powerful, responsible
64 Blythe Powerful
65 Bo Stylish, energetic
66 Bobbi Trendy, active
67 Bobbie Fragile, delicate
68 Bonita Gentle, elegant
69 Bonnie Lucky, generous
70 Bonny Fortunate, blessed
71 Boo A star (always shining and attractive)
72 Bracken Kind, friendly
73 Braelynn Kind, adorable
74 Brandi Adorable, generous
75 Brayleigh Fiery, passionate
76 Breanna Tall, graceful
77 Bree Creative, cheerful
78 Brenda Attractive, confident
79 Brenna Always shining
80 Brexley Powerful
81 Bria Noble, elegant
82 Briana Graceful, polite
83 Brianna Tall, graceful
84 Bridget Elegant, graceful
85 Bridgette Tall, graceful
86 Bridie Sweet, innocent
87 Brie Sweet
88 Briella Sexy, mysterious
89 Brielle Beautiful, captivating
90 Briley Eye-catching
91 Brilynn Captivating
92 Brinley Sexy, alluring
93 Briona Attractive, enticing
94 Briony Beautiful, gentle
95 Brisa Powerful
96 Briseis Elegant lady
97 Britany Noble, elegant
98 Britney Polite, refined
99 Brittany Always shining
100 Brittney Precious gem (meaning always shining, captivating, and valuable)
101 Brodie Always shining
102 Brogan Confident, loving life
103 Bronagh Delicate
104 Bronte Noble, sublime
105 Bronwen Warm, kind-hearted
106 Bronwyn Warm, kind-hearted
107 Brook Strong, resilient
108 Brooke Always cheerful
109 Brooklyn Trendy, fashionable
110 Bryanna Captivating, mysterious
111 Bryce Captivating
112 Brydie Always shining
113 Bryleigh Always shining
114 Brynlee Eye-catching
115 Brynley Happy, friendly
116 Brynnlee Enthusiastic, kind-hearted
117 Brynnley Passionate, dedicated
118 Bryony Loyal
119 Brystol Modern, carefree
120 Buddy Cute puppy, adorable
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20+ English Names Starting with ‘B’ for Both Males and Females

Nowadays, it has become a trend to choose suitable names that can be used for both males and females, which saves us a lot of brainstorming. Below, Goodheathplan.com has compiled 20 English names starting with ‘B’ that are great for both genders, especially with profound meanings. Take a look and get inspired!”

Number Name Meaning
1 Brooks Different, outstanding
2 Brooklyn Different, outstanding
3 Bentley Strong
4 Barrett Enthusiastic, passionate
5 Blakely Enthusiastic, dedicated to every task
6 Brady Happy, generous
7 Brooke Powerful
8 Blair Friendly
9 Briar Simple
10 Bellamy Worthy of respect
11 Beau Powerful
12 Blake Precious gemstone
13 Beckett Creative, spirited
14 Bailey Elegant, sophisticated
15 Bryce Enthusiastic, kind-hearted
16 Brantley Sword, shining torch
17 Bradley Powerful
18 Brooklynn Friendly, easygoing
19 Brynn Always shining, magnetic
20 Brinley Cute, adorable

100+ Famous English Names Starting with ‘B’

Choosing an English name can be made easier by referring to a list of famous foreign names. Not only does this provide more options, but these names are also associated with beautiful, accomplished individuals who lead successful lives. If you aspire to be like them, here are 100 famous English names starting with ‘B’ for your reference:

Number Name Profession
1 Barack Obama Politician, Lawyer
2 Bill Gates Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
3 Beyoncé Singer, Actress
4 Brad Pitt Actor, Film Producer
5 Bruce Springsteen Musician, Singer-Songwriter
6 Ben Affleck Actor, Film Director
7 Britney Spears Singer, Songwriter
8 Bradley Cooper Actor
9 Bob Marley Musician, Singer-Songwriter
10 Blake Lively Actress, Model
11 Bruno Mars Singer, Songwriter
12 Bob Dylan Singer-Songwriter
13 Betty White Actress, Comedian
14 Benedict Cumberbatch Actor
15 Brie Larson Actress
16 Barbara Walters Journalist, TV Personality
17 Bruce Lee Martial Artist, Actor
18 Billie Eilish Singer, Songwriter
19 Bruce Willis Actor, Producer
20 Bradley Wiggins Cyclist
21 Ben Stiller Actor, Comedian
22 Benicio Del Toro Actor
23 Bernard Shaw Playwright, Critic
24 Billy Joel Musician, Singer-Songwriter
25 Bryan Cranston Actor
26 Bernie Sanders Politician
27 Bono Musician, Singer-Songwriter
28 Ben Kingsley Actor
29 Barbara Streisand Singer, Actress
30 Blake Shelton Singer, Songwriter
31 Brit Marling Actress, Screenwriter
32 Betty Friedan Writer, Feminist Activist
33 Benazir Bhutto Politician
34 Bo Burnham Comedian, Musician
35 Billy Crystal Comedian, Actor
36 Billy Bob Thornton Actor, Filmmaker
37 Bella Hadid Model
38 Brett Favre Football Player
39 Buster Keaton Actor, Comedian
40 Bill Russell Basketball Player, Coach
41 Bruce Forsyth TV Presenter, Entertainer
42 Bruce Campbell Actor
43 Buster Posey Baseball Player
44 Brendan Fraser Actor
45 Björk Singer, Songwriter
46 Ben Harper Musician, Singer-Songwriter
47 Barbara Palvin Model
48 Bob Hope Com
49 Bruce Jenner Athlete, TV Personality
50 Bill Hader Actor, Comedian
51 Billy Ray Cyrus Singer, Songwriter
52 Brooke Shields Actress, Model
53 Brad Bird Film Director, Animator
54 Buddy Holly Musician, Singer-Songwriter
55 Brandon Flowers Musician, Singer-Songwriter
56 Bradley Whitford Actor
57 Bernadette Peters Actress, Singer
58 B.B. King Musician, Singer
59 Brigitte Bardot Actress, Model, Activist
60 Billie Jean King Tennis Player
61 Brian May Musician, Astrophysicist
62 Bethany Hamilton Surfer, Motivational Speaker
63 Billy Zane Actor
64 Bryce Dallas Howard Actress, Filmmaker
65 Benjamin Netanyahu Politician
66 Bette Midler Singer, Actress
67 Bruno Tonioli Dancer, TV Personality
68 Brooke Burke TV Personality, Model
69 Brian Johnson Musician, Singer
70 Ben Stein Writer, Actor
71 Brad Paisley Singer, Songwriter
72 Brian Wilson Musician, Songwriter
73 Billy Corgan Musician, Singer-Songwriter
74 Bernard Hopkins Boxer
75 Brett Young Singer, Songwriter
76 Bryce Harper Baseball Player
77 Buddy Guy Musician, Singer
78 Benjamin Bratt Actor
79 Betty Thomas Actress, Director
80 Billy Dee Williams Actor
81 Bobby Flay Chef, TV Personality
82 Brad Paisley Singer, Songwriter
83 Burton Cummings Musician, Singer-Songwriter
84 Bill Walton Basketball Player, Analyst
85 Boz Scaggs Musician, Singer
86 Billy Crudup Actor
87 Bridget Moynahan Actress
88 Ben Foster Actor
89 Brett Ratner Film Director, Producer
90 Buddy Ebsen Actor, Dancer
91 Brian Dennehy Actor
92 Brian McKnight Singer, Songwriter
93 Brittany Snow Actress, Producer
94 Bronson Pinchot Actor
95 Brendan Gleeson Actor
96 Brett Michaels Musician, Singer
97 Bill Nye Scientist, TV Presenter
98 Bruce Greenwood Actor
99 Brandon Lee Actor, Martial Artist
100 Brian Austin Green Actor
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There are numerous suggestions for English names starting with ‘B’ for both boys and girls. Each name carries its own meaning, reflecting the aspirations for our future lives. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider and select a beautiful name for ourselves.

We hope that the list of over 400 English names starting with ‘B’ we have just shared will be helpful to you. If you have any doubts or questions related to the English language, please feel free to leave a comment below. Monkey is delighted to provide answers. We appreciate your interest in this article!

There are plenty of suggestions for English names starting with the letter ‘B’ for both boys and girls. Each name holds its own unique meaning, embodying the hopes and aspirations for our future lives. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully consider and choose a beautiful name for ourselves.

We hope that the list of over 400 English names beginning with the letter ‘B’ that we have just shared will be beneficial to you. If you have any concerns or inquiries related to the English language, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Goodhealthplan.com is more than happy to provide answers. We appreciate your interest in this article!

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