Anti-aging Skin Care with Yogurt

by Johnny Jacks

If you’re a fan of natural beauty methods, then yogurt is likely already on your radar. This ingredient is renowned for its skin-brightening and smoothing properties. However, when it comes to using a product for beauty purposes, we often need more than just that, such as anti-aging benefits. So, does yogurt help with anti-aging?

The components found in yogurt

It’s no coincidence that beauty enthusiasts often turn to yogurt for skincare. Like other natural ingredients, all the beauty benefits stem from the components within them. So, does yogurt contain any elements that help combat aging skin?

Lactic acid

Lactic acid is known as a gentle exfoliant derived from the fermentation of lactose – a type of carbohydrate found in milk. Lactic acid belongs to the Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) family, water-soluble organic compounds. It’s also a common ingredient in many skincare products today.

Lactic acid has a remarkable effect on cell regeneration, removing accumulated dead cells on the epidermis, helping the skin become firmer and thicker. Therefore, after applying a yogurt mask, your skin appears smoother, wrinkles fade away, and it becomes more radiant and supple. Moreover, lactic acid in yogurt also helps the skin look brighter and smoother. This is because AHA acts to treat conditions from moderate to severe hyperpigmentation, thereby fading freckles and dark patches.


Derived from milk, yogurt is rich in calcium. This mineral brings significant benefits to the skin, supporting the production of new skin cells, preventing wrinkles, sagging, and signs of aging. Calcium also plays a special role in maintaining natural moisture. This mineral helps the skin produce a protective covering of sebum, moisturizing dry skin. Using yogurt for beauty also helps reduce the risk of skin cancer. Because calcium in yogurt has the ability to create a protective barrier for the skin, limiting the impact of UV rays on each skin cell.

Vitamin B

Yogurt is abundant in both vitamin B2 and vitamin B12. Both types of vitamin B are beneficial for the skin, especially in preventing aging and improving the signs of aging skin. Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) can help improve skin tone, make the skin more radiant, balance natural oil levels, and especially eliminate acne. Meanwhile, vitamin B12 enhances the brightness of dull skin. This type of vitamin B also helps fade dark spots and uneven skin tone.


Zinc is also one of the key components that contribute to the excellent anti-aging properties of yogurt. Firstly, zinc must be mentioned for its ability to protect the skin from the sun’s rays. Using yogurt for beauty, signs of aging such as dullness, discoloration, sagging, wrinkles, and fine lines are significantly improved. Because zinc in yogurt helps improve the process of reducing collagen and elastin levels in the skin, reducing pigmentation, and promoting the healing process of the skin.

Each component in yogurt plays a specific role in skin care. Their combination has created a formula for brightening, smoothing, and thoroughly anti-aging skin. So, returning to the opening question of the article, does yogurt help with anti-aging? The answer is yes!

Which types of anti-aging yogurt should you choose?

When selecting a method to combat skin aging, opt for unsweetened yogurt. This type of yogurt preserves the naturalness and inherent nutrients of milk, ensuring a gentle and wholesome experience for your skin.

If unsweetened yogurt is not available, can it be substituted with sweetened yogurt?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. You cannot use sweetened yogurt for skincare. This is because this type of yogurt has added sugar. Meanwhile, this ingredient is not compatible with many skin types, especially sensitive skin. Using sweetened yogurt for anti-aging skincare not only fails to deliver results but may also cause irritation to the skin.

Yogurt contains many nutrients that help the skin fight aging.

Yogurt contains many nutrients that help the skin fight aging.

Ways to Combat Skin Aging with Yogurt

You can mix plain yogurt with various ingredients to create anti-aging yogurt masks. However, for the best results and maximum effectiveness, apply the mask formulas recommended below by us:

1. Plain Yogurt Mask

The steps for combating skin aging with a plain yogurt mask are as follows:

  1. Prepare a container of plain yogurt, which can be stored in the refrigerator.
  2. Apply a layer of yogurt to your face, neck, and hands after thoroughly cleansing.
  3. Gently massage the skin after applying yogurt and leave it on for an additional 7 – 10 minutes.
  4. Cleanse the skin after the specified time and continue with moisturizing steps.

If you’re short on time, using a plain yogurt mask is the quickest natural anti-aging solution. The components in plain yogurt will help improve your skin early on.

2. Yogurt and Cucumber Mask

The steps for combating skin aging with a yogurt and cucumber mask are as follows:

  1. Cleanse 1 cucumber thoroughly, then grind it into a paste and extract the juice.
  2. Mix the cucumber juice with unsweetened yogurt at a ratio of 1:2, ensuring the mixture remains thick.
  3. Apply the mixture evenly to your entire face, neck, and arms, and gently massage.
  4. Leave the mixture on for 10 – 15 minutes, then rinse with cool water and continue with your skincare routine.

The abundant water content in cucumber helps moisturize the skin, maintaining its inherent smoothness. Cucumber is also known for its acne-fighting, brightening, and firming properties. Apply this formula regularly each week, and you will soon notice positive changes in your skin.

3. Yogurt and Honey Mask

The steps for combating skin aging with a yogurt and honey mask are as follows:

  1. Mix plain yogurt and honey in a 1:1 ratio, ensuring the mixture remains thick.
  2. After cleansing the skin, gently apply the mask mixture evenly onto the skin.
  3. Pat the skin lightly for the first 2-3 minutes, then leave the mask on for an additional 7-10 minutes.
  4. Cleanse the mixture off the skin with water, use a soft towel to pat dry, and apply moisturizer.

Honey has been used for beauty purposes since ancient times. Therefore, you can be confident in its effectiveness and safety. In addition to moisturizing properties, honey is rich in antioxidants with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Yogurt and Wheat Flour Mask

The steps for combating skin aging with a yogurt and wheat flour mask are as follows:

  1. Create a thick mixture from yogurt and wheat flour at a ratio of 2:1.
  2. Apply the mixture evenly to cleansed, oil-free, and exfoliated skin.
  3. Leave the mixture on the skin for 7-10 minutes, then perform relaxation activities.
  4. Cleanse the mask off with water and follow up with moisturizer.

Wheat flour contains a range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Using wheat flour for beauty, your skin can receive vitamins B1, B9, B3 to stimulate new cell regeneration, and restore the epidermis. Vitamin E in wheat flour also helps fade dark spots, treat acne, and brighten the skin.

5. Yogurt and Egg White Mask

The steps for combating skin aging with a yogurt and egg white mask are as follows:

  1. Create a thick mixture from 1 part egg white and an equal amount of yogurt.
  2. Wash your face with warm water combined with exfoliation to open up pores.
  3. Apply the mixture evenly to the entire face, neck, and arms, making sure not to skip any areas.
  4. After about 7-10 minutes, rinse off with cool water and continue with moisturizing steps.

Combining egg white with yogurt in a mask increases its moisturizing ability and reduces wrinkles caused by aging. With this formula, you can add 1 teaspoon of honey if desired.

6. Yogurt and Turmeric Mask

The steps for combating skin aging with a yogurt and turmeric mask are as follows:

  1. Mix a sufficient amount of turmeric powder with yogurt, preferably at a ratio of 1:2.
  2. Use a spatula to apply the mixture evenly on the face and neck after cleansing these areas.
  3. For deeper nutrient absorption, gently massage the skin for the first 1-2 minutes.
  4. After leaving the mask on for 10-15 minutes, you can cleanse it off with water and apply moisturizer.

When it comes to natural anti-aging ingredients, overlooking turmeric is a significant oversight. In addition to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is rich in antioxidants, especially vitamin E. Using a yogurt and turmeric mask helps effectively reverse the signs of aging on the skin.

7. Yogurt and Strawberry Mask

The steps for combating skin aging with a yogurt and strawberry mask are as follows:

  1. Cleanse a sufficient amount of strawberries, remove the stems, and blend them into a smooth paste.
  2. Create a mixture of strawberries with plain yogurt while ensuring a smooth consistency.
  3. Apply the mask mixture evenly to the face, neck, and both arms.
  4. After 10-15 minutes of skin conditioning, cleanse again with water and apply moisturizer.

According to research, the amount of antioxidants in strawberries is ten times higher than tomatoes, and they contain more vitamin C than oranges. Furthermore, this fruit is rich in vitamins A, B1, and B2. These qualities make strawberries an excellent ingredient for enhancing skin radiance.

Tips for Anti-aging with Yogurt

Choosing the right yogurt-based anti-aging formula for your skin is just the beginning. The effectiveness depends on how you execute it. Keep the following tips in mind to ensure your skin improvement process yields sweet results:

  • Stick to one anti-aging yogurt formula consistently.
  • Perform the routine 2-3 times a week, ensuring not to skip any weeks.
  • Skin compatibility with the mask is crucial. If you experience itching or irritation, try switching to a different formula.
  • Combine with cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen habits for positive impact.

Most importantly, maintain a balanced lifestyle because nutrition, exercise, and sleep can all accelerate aging. Increase intake of green vegetables and fresh fruits, utilize beauty care products for anti-aging support, allocate time for exercise, and prioritize early bedtime. These habits collectively contribute to gradual skin improvement over time.

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What other benefits does yogurt have?

In addition to its anti-aging properties for the skin, yogurt also brings a host of other health benefits:

  • Whitening teeth: Yogurt contains sugar but does not harm tooth enamel. Lactic acid even has positive effects in protecting gums and teeth from damage.
  • Reducing allergy symptoms: Probiotics in yogurt can reduce the body’s reaction to allergens.
  • Providing energy for exercise: Carbohydrates in yogurt can provide energy during exercise or replenish lost energy. Potassium and sodium can also help replace electrolytes.
  • Preventing common colds: One of the benefits of yogurt is its immune-boosting effect.
  • Reducing the risk of yeast infections: The active culture compounds in yogurt can help balance pH levels and prevent yeast infections.
  • Preventing osteoporosis: Yogurt, in general, is an excellent source for building strong bones because it contains calcium. Look for yogurt with added vitamin D for better bone health.
  • Building muscle: Yogurt is a complete protein source, meaning it contains all essential amino acids needed to build muscle and other tissues in the body.
  • Weight loss: Yogurt is an excellent energy source for exercise. Moreover, yogurt contains a reasonable amount of protein, which helps you feel fuller longer. These effects contribute to weight loss.

So, does yogurt help fight skin aging? – The answer is yes. In addition to anti-aging benefits, yogurt also offers a host of great benefits for the skin and body. Yogurt is also gentler and safer for the skin compared to other ingredients. Therefore, you can apply yogurt-based anti-aging formulas 2-3 times a week to maintain a healthy, youthful appearance for your skin.

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