An impressive guide to introducing yourself in English for grade 1

by Johnny Jacks
Is your child in 1st grade and learning to introduce themselves in English for the first time? Whether it’s for a face-to-face conversation or a written introduction, this article on how to introduce oneself in 1st-grade English will provide your child with the necessary skills and knowledge. After reading this, your child will feel confident when talking about themselves to their friends. Parents, let’s explore this together with your children!

Structure of a Self-Introduction in 1st Grade English

A 1st grader can start with a brief self-introduction that covers these key points:

  1. Begin with a friendly hello.
  2. Introduce your name and nickname (if any).
  3. Mention your age.
  4. Talk about your school and mention your grade.
  5. Share a bit about where you live.
  6. Mention your personal interests.
  7. Optionally, your child can talk about their family and future dreams if they feel comfortable doing so.

Now, let’s delve into what your child should say for each of these points and how they should say it. We will provide your child with appropriate sentence patterns, vocabulary, and some sample exercises to make practicing easy.

Useful Vocabulary and Sentence Patterns for 1st Graders to Introduce Themselves in English

With the vocabulary and basic sentence patterns provided below, your child will gain the confidence to talk about themselves fluently in English.

Sample Sentences for Self-Introduction in English for 1st Graders

Start with a Greeting:

  • “Hello, everyone!”
  • “Hi there, friends!”

Introduce Your Name and Age:

  • “My name is [Name]. I’m [Age] years old.”
  • “I go by [Nickname], and I’m [Age] years old.”

Talk About School:

  • “I go to [School Name], and I’m in [Grade].”
  • “I’m a student at [School Name], and I’m in [Grade].”

Share About Where You Live:

  • “I live in [Place/City].”
  • “My home is in [Place/City].”

Mention Personal Interests:

  • “I like [Interest/Hobby].”
  • “My favorite thing to do is [Interest/Hobby].”

Feel free to encourage your child to practice using these sentences and patterns to become more confident in introducing themselves in English.

A polite and respectful greeting

Casual, friendly, social greetings



Hi there

Hello + Name: Hello someone


(ex: Hello Mary: Hi Mary, Hello everyone)

Hi + name: Hello someone


(ex: Hi Mary)

How are you?

Hey ! Hi, hello

Good morning

Good afternoon

Good evening

It’s nice to meet you

Good to see you

Pleasure to meet you: Nice to meet you

Following the greeting, your child can proceed to introduce themselves.

For instance: “Let me introduce myself.”

Sample Sentences for Name Introduction

When introducing themselves in 1st-grade English, children should begin with a sentence introducing their name. Below are sample sentences to help your child confidently introduce their name.

Sample sentence introduction name

For example

My name is…

My name is Nam:

I’m…: I am

I’m Lucy:

My full name is…

My full name is Linda Secrect

My nick name is…

My nick name is Angel

…is my name

Nam is my name

They call me…

They call me Tony

Sample age introduction sentence

Sample sentences about age

Meaning, Example

I’m + age


Or I’m + age + years old

I’m 6 (= I am six): I’m 6 years old


I’m six years old

I just turned six

I’m only 6 years old


  • “years old” is not required to be included in the sentence.

  • Avoid saying: I’m six years (WRONG)

Sample introductory sentence for education

I’m in 1st grade: I’m in 1st grade

I’m in 1A class: I’m in class 1A

Sample sentence to introduce the place of residence

Sample sentences

For example

I come from + City name + city

I come from London city

I come from + country name

I come from Busan Korea

I live in….

I live in HCM city

I was born in…

I was born in New York city

Sample sentences to introduce personal interests

Sample sentences

For example

I like + noun: I like…

I like + V-ing

I like football

I like playing football

I love + noun

I love + V-ing

I love books

I love reading books

My hobbies are….

My hobbies are playing games and reading books: My hobbies are playing games and reading books

I also enjoy…

I also enjoy singing

My favorite color is..

My favorite color is pink

My favorite subject is…

My favorite subject is English

My favorite sport is…

My favorite sport is badminton

Vocabulary to introduce yourself in English for grade 1

Hobby Vocabulary

  • Fishing: Fishing

  • Painting: Painting

  • Listening to music: Listening to music

  • Watching TV: Watching Movies

  • Dancing: Dancing (dance)

  • Cycling: Cycling

  • Swimming: Swimming

  • Flying a kite: Flying a kite

  • Playing games: Play games

  • Reading books: Read books

  • Playing football: Play football

  • Playing badminton: Play badminton

  • Singing: Singing

  • Playing chess: Play chess

Vocabulary about colors

  • Blue

  • Purple

  • Green

  • Yellow

  • Red

  • White

  • Orange

  • Pink

  • Brown

  • Black

  • Gray

  • Rainbow: Rainbow color

Vocabulary about subject

  • English

  • Literature

  • History

  • Maths: Math

  • Music

  • Art: Fine Arts

  • Science

  • Geography

Vocabulary about numbers

  • One: Number 1

  • Two: Number 2

  • Three: Number 3

  • Four: Number 4

  • Five: Number 5

  • Six: Number 6

  • Seven: Number 7

  • Eight: Number 8

  • Nine: Number 9

  • Ten: Number 10

  • Eleven: Number 11

  • Twelve: Number 12

  • Thirteen: No. 13

  • Fourteen: Number 14

  • Fifteen: No. 15

  • Sixteen: No. 16

  • Seventeen: Number 17

  • Eighteen: Number 18

  • Nineteen: Number 19

  • Twenty: Number 20

Vocabulary about food

  • Chicken

  • Hotdog: Sausage

  • Fried egg

  • Cake: Cakes

  • Fish

  • Cheese

  • Pizza

  • Orange juice

  • Apple

  • Popcorn

  • Ice cream

  • Lollipop

Moreover, parents can explore additional English vocabulary suitable for their children across various topics here: “Master 300+ English Words for Children on Various Topics.”

Simple Grade 1 English Self-Introduction Template

With each of the provided samples below, your child can use them for self-introductions. Parents can assist their children in filling in the personal information in each blank to create a complete introduction.

Sample 1:

Hello, my name is ________. (insert name)

I am ________ years old. (insert age)

I am from ________(city). (insert place of residence)

I go to ________ primary school. (insert school name) -> I go to school…

My favorite color is ________. (fill in color)

My favorite food is ________. (insert food name)

Form 2:

My name is _______. (insert name)

I am _______ years old. (insert age)

I study in _______ class. (insert class name)

My school’s name is _______. (insert field name)

I live in _______. (insert place of residence)

My father’s name is _______. (insert father’s name)

My mother’s name is _______. (insert mother’s name)

My hobbies are _______. (insert a few preferences)

I love myself.

Model 3

Hi, my name’s _______. (add name)

I am from _______. (add nationality)

I live in _______ city. (add live city name)

I’m _______ years old. (add age)

My birthday is on _______. (add date of birth)

I’m a student at _______. (add field name)

My favorite subject is _______. (add name of favorite subject)

My favorite sport is _______. (add name of favorite sport)

My favorite food is _______. (add name of favorite food)

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