7 mistakes when working out in the gym: Understand to succeed with bodybuilding

by Johnny Jacks

Mistakes when exercising is an inevitable thing. However, mistakes that if avoided in the first place, your training will be much more favorable.

When you start working out in the gym, you will be faced with a series of new machines, tools and equipment that even with prior research, it is difficult to practice properly. It’s completely normal to make mistakes when hitting the gym. Of course, you will get better every time you fall.

However, unnecessary mistakes will still appear and greatly affect your training efficiency. Therefore, in order not to cause psychological and physical effects later, it is absolutely necessary to know in advance and avoid making these mistakes.

Too much cardio

Brooke Erickson, a fitness expert, said: “The most serious gym mistake is overdoing cardio to lose weight.” When wanting to lose weight, most exercisers will choose bicycles or treadmills to burn off excess calories.

mistakes when doing gym

Abuse of cardio is absolutely not recommended

This is nothing is wrong. However, that’s not all you really need. In fact, lifting weights is the key to reshaping the body you want.

Brooke adds: “I’ve noticed that most women are reluctant to lift weights because they’re afraid they’ll look masculine.” Women remember that you don’t have enough testosterone to build muscle mass.

Unless you train very hard and invest a lot of time, your training will simply tone muscles and burn calories.

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Afraid to communicate

Many newbies often spend a few days just learning how to use machines and tools without consulting the people around them. Remember that in the gym there are always dedicated people to guide you to exercise.

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Thanks to that, beginners will avoid unnecessary mistakes. So, instead of guessing, learning from an experienced person will save you a lot of time.

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Practice wrong posture

Kathleen Tesori, a fitness model, points out: “People often do heavy lifting and forget that the most important thing is correct posture. Lifting too much weight is one of the biggest time-waster mistakes in the gym.”

practice wrong posture

Practicing the wrong posture will cause unnecessary damage

Practicing the wrong technique will have a bad effect on the practitioner, the most serious is injury, over time will cause muscle misalignment. At this point, your body will get used to those wrong movements. If you want to try lifting heavy weights, don’t hesitate to ask someone else to help you.

Alex Silver-Fagan, a famous bodybuilder, said: “Don’t think about ‘weightlifting’ if you haven’t done the movement fluently and fully ROM (range of motion), with a level of movement. for the present.” A moderate weight but correct technique is better than lifting too much weight and causing injury.

There is no specific exercise program

When the warm-up is over, many people often practice in a very arbitrary and impromptu manner. This is really an unnecessary mistake when working out in the gym. Planning is essential if you want your workout to be effective.

Whether your goal is to gain muscle, lose fat or exercise, your process must follow a well-structured program.

IFBB pro star Craig Capurso once said: “Some newbies have no direction, others create their own training program without following any formal instructions.”

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Don’t give your body a break

Fitness model Lawrence Ballenger said: “One of the biggest gym mistakes is that you don’t give your body time to relax. Sometimes you need a break to make training less stressful.”

A little tip for you is that after about 2 months of training, try arranging a week of rest to let your body recover. This is a secret to “gymer” to get back in the spirit and tell yourself that you will come back stronger than ever.

Rigid practice

In fact, some people have a very good and structured workout plan. However, they followed the plan mechanically year after year.

NutraBio athlete Zane Hadzick advises: “Don’t become a machine that only knows how to program. I know everyone likes a fixed schedule. However, if you don’t change and challenge yourself every day, you will definitely falter.”

You should only exercise moderately

If you don’t change and challenge yourself every day, you will definitely slow down

Because when repeating exercises for a long time, the body knows what you are about to do, and the brain will produce an adaptive mechanism, thereby preventing the muscles from developing. Practitioners should change the order of exercises or increase the weight a little so that the body does not have time to adapt.

Follow the crowd

Many bodybuilders, whether new or old, are “lost” in the middle of the gym. This means that you are very easily influenced by others, seeing everyone doing whatever they do, even mimicking the weight of the weight.

That is not advisable because everyone has a different body and body, so don’t imitate anyone and practice standing up, with correct technique. Mistakes in the gym are something that no one wants.

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